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Cady is a staff writer here at The Hudsucker. She is an English major and Writing minor at Grand Valley State University. Her dream is to be a novelist or to work for a publishing company. She enjoys reading, traveling, and watching Boy Meets World, The Voice and Back to the Future. Follow her on Twitter as @cadyelizabeth9

Bad Boys/Bad Girls: Why Are We So Drawn to Their Drama?

It seems like every other day we hear a news story about a young celebrity doing something reckless, inappropriate, or illegal. Recently, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are the latest in a long line of celebrity bad boys and bad girls who have captivated the world with their outrageous behavior.

Miley Cyrus has been pursuing a more scandalous lifestyle to distance herself from the Disney persona she held onto for so long. Her 2013 VMA performance will forever live in infamy and she continues to post numerous shocking photos of herself on Instagram. While it appears that she wants to shed her Hannah Montana image and be seen as more mature, it might be said that the 21-year old is going too far.

Justin Bieber, having risen to fame via YouTube, has been at the center of several legal issues and continues to rebel against the good-boy imagine he had at the start of his career. From his recent arrests to public intoxication, Justin Bieber has been in the news almost constantly.

Image Credit - Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Image Credit – Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Other former child celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan have had their fair share of drama in recent years. Amanda Byes, having gained her fame on Nickelodeon as a child, famously had a meltdown on Twitter last year, though it appears she is getting her life back together. Lindsay Lohan had numerous legal issues like misdemeanor charges and probation violations and a few stints in rehab, though she has recently been getting back into acting.

So why is it that we even care? With new allegations and racy stunts popping up constantly, it seems like the world would eventually become bored of the drama of privileged celebrity bad boys and bad girls. But, the drama continues to be news and some people even follow the stories like an unfolding soap opera.

Maybe we’re so drawn to their drama because we’ve been conditioned by the bombardment of paparazzi photos to see the lives of celebrities — both on screen or stage and off — as fair game. Hollywood always has been and always will be a beacon of entertainment. Celebrities live their lives in the spotlight and therefore basically everything they do is documented in gossip magazines and on the internet. A young celebrity goes out with friends, and suddenly their photos from a night of debauchery are making headlines.

If the drama is presented to us, we’ll probably pay attention. Maybe we think it’s interesting to see what celebrities are like when they’re not performing. Because of the constant news cycle, there is always a new story, and once we hear about it, we want to see how the drama plays out.

Maybe we’re fascinated by the drama because we are allowed a peek inside the personal lives of privileged, glamorous young celebrities. Perhaps we want to live vicariously through them as they have more money and fame than we can imagine. With their unlimited access to luxuries and entourages of people who just want to be near them, it’s no wonder that sometimes, the drama just seems to keep piling up.

Image Credit – Theo Wargo/Getty Images

As bad as it may sound, maybe we’re drawn to the drama of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber because their very public snafus make us feel better about our own lives. Sure, we may not have the unlimited funds and connections that they have, but we also don’t have the entire world watching us mess up. We don’t have the highly publicized drama they have. Maybe that’s a fair trade off. Whatever our drama may be, it will most likely never be the source of worldwide entertainment. Our mistakes get to be made in the privacy of our own lives.

It’s inevitable that celebrity drama will continue to captivate us, for whatever reason it is that we’re so interested. Whether or not we think they deserve a break from all of the criticism they receive for the mistakes they make in their young, glamorous lives, it’s safe to say that if a celebrity bad boy or bad girl is at the center of drama, the world is watching.

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