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Corey is a contributing writer at The Hudsucker. Born in a suburb of Atlanta, he graduated with a degree in Accounting and French Linguistics from Berry College in 2009. Corey now lives and works in the Greater Atlanta Area as a TPF Programmer for the airline industry. Corey’s ever expanding list of hobbies range from spontaneous travel, super-hot pepper gardening, and home renovation, to his most recent as a moustache enthusiast. If a project ends with 10 fingers, Corey deems it a success.

How To Increase Value to Your Home on a Budget

As home owners it’s our sworn duty to protect our investment. But what about treating it like a real investment? I’m talking about growth. Like many others, I’m terrified of being upside down on my home, and although we can’t control market prices, we can always make small changes to boost our individual property value. And the best part is that it’s possible to do on a budget.

When you ask anyone about what they’re looking for in a prime piece of real estate, I’m sure the answer is going to be kitchens, bathrooms, and extra bedrooms. And they’re right! Here’s a list of some of the top remodeling projects that are worth your hard-earned cash. The only problem—they can still be an exorbitant cost.

In my short stint as a home owner, here’s my own personal take:


Regardless of your project, paying someone is only going to add to the bottom line. We can’t all be professional carpenters (trust me I’m not) but we can always give it our best. My motto is “I might as well try it myself the first time. Because if worst comes to worst; I was going to hire someone to begin with”.

Paint by Numbers

I’m a paint fanatic, the only problem is that you can paint all day and it won’t intrinsically increase the value of your home. However, the right colors can make your home shine for what it is. So that’s why, no matter what project I’m undertaking, a coat of paint is my go-to action.

Curb Appeal

Keeping the outside clean and presentable is just as important as any other aspect of your house. Like I said above, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders and even serve to bring it into this decade. Regardless, if you’ve just painted or it’s on your short list, other small projects can go a long way. We recently changed out the shrubbery leading up to our front door and managed to do so for a grand total of $80.


Space: The Final FrontierCondoLaundry1

I lived in downtown Atlanta for two years before I purchased my little slice of suburbia, but those two years taught me a very valuable lesson—Space is priceless! I lived in a 1,000 sq. ft. unit with two other people. It certainly taught us a lesson in superfluous spending but even our essentials (food, laundry items, and brooms) were having a hard time fitting. Our kitchen didn’t have a pantry and our laundry closet only had one shelf. After a few sketch-ups and measurements, I ran to Home Depot and began work on a new shelf system.

Wire it up

I’m an IT guy and I’ve always wanted a home that was wired with Ethernet cable. I bought the crème de la crème Cat 6e shielded cable and started running it to the main bedrooms and offices. This is when I realized that my old home was never properly wired with coax cable either so I set off to do it right. The best part of this project is that I’m now able to run all my wires to one central location in the basement resulting in better the signal quality by reducing unnecessary splits between rooms. Is this adding true economic value? Maybe only for those who know what they’re looking at, but for that small cross-section of the public, absolutely.

Keep it Clean

My biggest claim to fame so far has been our laundry room. I wasn’t set to spend a lot of money but we had some extra paint left over from my office and thought the laundry room was ripe for a make-over. I was able to stretch our budget to the limit by building my own stands for the washer and dryer (I used left over 4×4’s from our old fence as the legs), as well as refinishing the cabinet doors. The doors were a fun but tedious project but in the end, they only took a bit of sanding, some new trim wood to bring them up to 2014 standards and new hardware. Considering what we spent, I think the room sends a real WOW factor to any prospective buyers.


Perceived Value is ultimately the name of the game in home value and resale. There’s no point in putting floral patterns if you’re trying to sell to a young professional and I’m positive my mother doesn’t care for my ultra-modern ceiling fans. However, if your projects can update your home to reflect your own personality all the while being clean and relatively neutral, your prospective buyers may have no problem with your higher price tag.

What do you think? What are some of your greatest DIY’s and accomplishments in the home?

All images courtesy of Corey Treaster

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