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Meg is a staff writer for The Hudsucker. After going through high school thinking she “didn’t like to write,” she found her love for it her freshman year at college and it’s only deepened since then. Upon graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Communication in 2013, she began working in online marketing for the hospitality industry. She currently splits her time between NYC, where she works, and NJ, where she lives—but hopes that one day she’ll be able to live & work in the same state (that’s the dream).

7 iPhone Apps for the Foodie

For those of us whose lives tend to revolve around food, it’s natural to want to get our hands on anything related to it. From reading cookbooks as though they are novels, to watching hours of Anthony Bourdain on our TVs, there is no such thing as over saturation on food for foodies—we want all the food all the time! Many times the easiest way to get this is via the thing that we have with us virtually all the time: our phone, and more specifically apps on our phones. There are plenty out there, but here are my 7 favorites, from one foodie to another…

Dirty Dozen App

Dirty Dozen
Have you heard of the Dirty Dozen & the Clean Fifteen? The Dirty Dozen is a list of 12 foods that are most likely to contain a substantial amount of pesticides. The Clean Fifteen is a list of 15 foods that are least likely to be contaminated with them. If you’re kind of freaked out at the prospect of pesticides in what you eat but just don’t have the budget to go organic all the time (like myself), you can use these lists to help guide you to the foods that are okay to be bought non-organic, and to the foods that you should try to buy organic when possible. Could you memorize these lists and do all your shopping without this app? Sure. But if you’re trying to do mental math, take into account sales, and trying not to clog up the room in the produce section doesn’t having it at your finger tips sound appealing?

If, when deciding on a place to eat, the “gallery” tab is the first place you look on a restaurants website then the Foodspotting app is exactly what you need. This app searches for restaurants based on your location and then, instead of just telling you the menu, it shows you pictures that diners have uploaded to the site. You will get to see pictures of specific dishes and be able to make your decision based on more than just wanting a certain type of cuisine. I love it because the pictures are coming from customers, not the restaurants, so you get to see what the actual dish looks like—not what the dish looks like after it’s been prepared knowing it was going to be photographed and then styled by a food stylist.

When I started getting really interested in food, I became a big proponent of knowing exactly what you are eating whenever it’s possible. Meaning, if it comes in a box or has some sort of packaging, it’s important to take a look at the ingredient list and nutritional information to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. This app is technically a weight loss app but you don’t have to use it that way, I like to use it to do what I just described—knowing what I’m eating. Use the scanning functionally to scan the bar codes of any food and the app will give you the full nutrition story. You can then save these foods to the app so you can track what you’re eating, or for future reference if you need to know the nutritional information of a food and it’s not in front of you anymore.

Afterlight App

Grocery List
If you’re classifying yourself as a foodie, you’re probably going grocery shopping and you’re probably going often. In order to make sure you have everything you need to cook and bake at home, a list is needed, because we can’t rely on our busy brains to remember every item. This app is exactly what the name suggests—a place to keep your grocery lists and nothing more. But this is why it’s great! It’s not bogged down with extra features that you’ll never use, or worried about syncing your “grocery list” across multiple platforms where you have all your recipes saved, it’s just a place for you to create a list, give it a title, add the items you need, and then check them off as you place them in the cart. It’s exactly what we used to do with a pen and paper before we started walking around with mini computers in our hands.

This has nothing to do with food on the surface as it’s a photo editing app but if you’re into food chances are you’re into sharing pictures of what your eating or making on Instagram. While Instagram itself has made lots of changes from it’s original version and taken notes from photo apps like this one to add more features, Afterlight is useful if you really love to take a few extra moments to edit your photo. With this app you can edit your photo in virtually anyway you can imagine (it’s essentially a user friendly, iPhone version of Photoshop for people with no photography background) then just save it to your camera roll or export it straight to Instagram. Pretty food for everyone!

Food Network on TV App

It’s the day before you’re going grocery shopping. It’s getting close to breakfast, or lunch, or dinner time and you’re pacing back and forth between your fridge and pantry hoping that in those few steps inspiration strikes you and suddenly you know what to cook with the random ingredients left in your house. You can keep waiting for divine intervention as the clock winds down OR you can use this app for instant intervention. All you have to do is just enter the ingredients that you do have into the app and it’ll come back with loads of recipes using those ingredients after searching many different websites full of recipes. Like Google but strictly for your pantry, it really is a lifesaver.

Food Network On TV
I’m very picky about downloading app versions of websites because most of the time I find them a less user friendly version of the mobile site and, therefore, pointless. But this is one that is worth it. It is Food Network’s website in app form but it’s designed in a way that makes it worth using over the mobile site way worth it. It has convenient tabs at the bottom for the most likely reasons you’d be using the app, including a tab for recipes all the way on the right, which lets you search the site for anything very quickly. If you use Food Network as a resource for recipes and recipe ideas, this app will be great for you.

Fellow Foodies, what are your favorite apps?

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