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10 Movies To Look Out For This Winter

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

Here in Michigan (the state in which I reside), we often have to deal with pretty harsh winters. Last year it was so cold that the University I attend closed because it was too dangerous to be outside waiting for the buses for as long as it would take them to come. On average, it takes six minutes for a bus to arrive at an on campus bus stop. As I write this, it is late December. It is raining and forty degrees, so it seems the polar vortex has given us a break, which is nice because there are some interesting movies coming out this winter that we should all be able to head out and watch.

So far this has been a very easy winter. I will be able to go see more movies than I normally do because of that; and because of that, I have been paying more attention to the coming attractions. I’m sure they won’t all be winners, but I am also sure many of them will be. I hope you will metaphorically join me and see a bunch of movies this winter, especially if you are not the type of person who sees a lot of films. I highly encourage you to see a lot this season. Film is one of my favorite things in the world, so watch more of it. Here are ten films I am looking forward to this winter:

American Sniper

Release Date: December 25 | Official Website

This movie looks like it’s trying to do what Platoon tried to do. That is, take a very unpopular war (Vietnam in the case of Platoon, and the most recent middle east staged operations in the case of American Sniper) and create a story the creates portraits of the people fighting such that we can empathize with our troops. It’s directed by Clint Eastwood who did Gran Torino, which was met with acclaim. I did not like it as much as most, but I’m still willing to give American Sniper a try. It’s starring Bradley Cooper, who is so hot right now. His work in Place Beyond The Pines as a cop was really good, and I don’t doubt that he’s tapping into the same place with this performance. The trailer looks good too. Like looks pretty. Which is enough for me.

Inherent Vice

Release Date: December 12 | Official Website

Paul Thomas Anderson. I don’t think I should have to write more, but I will, because PTA is so good. The Master was good. There Will Be Blood was really good. I’m also a fan of Joaquin Phoenix after seeing his brilliant performance in life/I’m Still Here. The movie is looks quirky and irreverent. Phoenix is kind of hard to look at in the trailer, being a burnt out hippie in all. Which I like. I don’t always need my male leads to be the most handsome man on the planet. This movie should be some of the things that American Hustle wasn’t for some people. For me, it looks like more of a conceit that I love. So I will see it and probably love it.

Big Eyes

Release Date: December 25 | Official Website

I have to say that for the past few years I’ve been sick of Tim Burton. But if I were to be more informational with that statement what I mean is that I’m sick of Tim Burton movies with Johnny Depp. I think I might just be sick of Johnny Depp. But this is a different type of Tim Burton. This is the Tim Burton I want to see. This looks like Big Fish, Tim Burton”. Big Fish is still one of my favorite movies of all time, and seeing a Tim Burton movie with that sensibility more than the more marketable, and way overdone and tired, Nightmare Before Christmas sensibility makes me very happy. Also this movie has Amy Adams who I love, and Christoph Waltz who I really love.


Release Date: December 5 | Official Website

I have to say that I’m not a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, but I have not really seen a lot of her movies that I can think of. Wild looks like an Oscar bait movie and it probably is. It looks like it was made to be somewhere between art house and mainstream. I generally like Oscar bait movies, because they push the envelope just enough to be noticed, but (generally) not enough to be too pretentious to watch. I think for the most part I am interested in this movie because it is about a strong, flawed, interesting woman, and movies like that are few and far between. Maybe if this movie does well we will get to have even just a few more interesting female characters in mainstream cinema. Also, the potential number of beautiful landscape shots is so high, I have to see this movie.

Into the Woods

Release Date: December 25 | Official Website

If I had a dollar for every re-telling of a classic fairy tale in film form, I could make my own. Twice. To be honest, you will probably like this film more than me. Here’s the thing with Into the Woods. I love Disney. I love ensemble cast movies. I like fairy tale re-imaginings. I think this movie will be good, and I know it will make a ton of money. I don’t even really know why I want to see it though. I guess I’m just interested in what Disney is up to now that doesn’t involve super heroes.

The Gambler

Release Date: December 25 | Official Website

The trailer of this film leads me to believe that this is more than just a Vegas movie starring our favorite member of the funky bunch. I don’t know how deep the movie is going to be, but I have a feeling that it will be surprising. I also have a huge crush on every character I have ever seen Brie Larson play, and just for that I will see the movie. On IMDb John Goodman is really low on the list of people cast, but he’s super prominent in the trailers that I have seen. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I really like John Goodman as well. This movie has a lot of potential I think, which is why I want to see it. I think it will blow me away and not just be a loud action flick that forgot it’s not summer anymore.

A Most Violent Year

Release Date: December 31 | Official Website

Every once in a while I like to see a movie that has a budget, but no actors I know. It feels more self contained, more of a piece of art. That is what A Most Violent Year looks like. The trailer is beautiful and the fact that there are no A list stars attached to this film suggests that the actors that are in this film were chosen for a very specific reason. That excites me. Obviously this is not a movie for the kids, but I think that watching this after Into the Woods will make a nice balanced movie-going weekend.

Still Alice

Release Date: January 16, 2015 | IMDb

The premise of this film is heartbreaking. I have an unofficial rule that if my heart isn’t broken by a movie in a theater at least a few times a year, then I’m not really living. There’s something really powerful about choking back tears surrounded by a bunch of strangers in a dark room. Julianne Moore is on fire right now. She has been in a lot of movies recently and every time I see her, I love what she is doing. Therefore, I am very excited to see her as the lead in a movie. I smell some Oscar bait here too, and so I’m attracted. Also, maybe Kristen Stewart will surprise me with a good performance.

Jupiter Ascending

Release Date: February 6, 2015 | Official Website

A sci-fi movie starring Channing Tatum with elf ears? I’m there! Mr. Tatum is an interesting actor. I think he’s kind of in the same house as Ryan Gosling in that he’s a man’s man and a lady killer in a very balanced way. He’s hot (I guess…) and talented at actually acting. The Wachowski siblings made a great movie in The Matrix and then a bad two movies in its sequel, but I know they have talent so I hope they re-instill my faith in them with this film. This doesn’t scream Oscar bait at all. It screams fun in the winter time. The story doesn’t seem too inventive or complex, but it looks like it’ll be fun. Plus Sean Bean is in it which means that I get to spend the movie waiting for his character to die, as he seems to do in a lot of movies.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Release Date: February 13, 2015 | Official Website

I don’t really like James Bond movies. I find them rather boring and predictable. Kingsman looks like it’s the fun version of James Bond with kids, which I don’t at all mind. It looks like it could have been based off of some young adult novel (but is actually based off a comic book). Like with Into the Woods, it looks like this movie will be a good chaser to some of the other more difficult movies I have on this list. There really is nothing wrong with liking heady movies and fun movies both. I have heard good things about this movie from reviews and so I am choosing to believe them.

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What movies are you looking forward to this winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Comments on “10 Movies To Look Out For This Winter”

  1. Gillian December 28, 2014 at 6:16 pm #

    Thanks for the info. I’m gonna watch some movies!

  2. labulledelucas March 17, 2015 at 2:51 am #

    WILD and STILL ALICE are on my ” movies to watch ” list !
    Julianne Moore is on my top 5 favorite talented actresses… After Meryl Streep ! hehe
    I am curious to watch FIFTY SHADES OF GREY .. even the cold critics and the many bad comments ! … A suivre !

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