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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 12 ‘Crazy for You’

The Flash is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in The FlashBack.

It’s Wednesday, Flash Fans, and that means recap time! If you missed actually watching last night’s episode you missed a great one so try to catch it online. This week we get more details about  Firestorm, see Harry Potter Piper again, and endure the casting of Malese Jow as Linda Park while they hope no one noticed that Linda Park was played by someone else (who is older) in the pilot. Personal pet peeve, y’all. Fortunately Malese Jow is adorbs so all is forgiven.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

The episode opens up as it often does, with Barry being pretty awesome and rescuing people from danger, this time a car accident. Barry is also extra awesome this time as this is the fastest run for Barry ever. He’s been working out. With the good citizens of Central City safe again Barry heads out for movie night with Joe. Cisco tries to unburden his mind and talk to Caitlin about what Harry Potter Piper Rathaway told him in the last episode regarding Ronnie. Unfortunately Caitlin doesn’t really have any desire to hear it. Rathaway is a manipulative jerk who could just be lying, but more than that Caitlin has decided that she’s ready to move on from Ronnie. (This makes me sad, but it does give me a smidge more hope that maybe we’ll get a Villain!Caitlin, aka Killer Frost, at some point.)

Now it’s time for our metahuman of the week! This week the writers dig deep and give us another female baddie, Lashawn “Shawna” Baez, better known to comics fans as Peek-a-Boo. Peek-a-Boo’s special skill is teleportation which she uses for a totally reasonable purpose: she uses it to break her boyfriend, Clay Parker, out of prison. Sure, she’s a bad guy, but that seems pretty legit. Of course this prison break means we get to see Barry on the case in his day job. I always love it when Barry does science, but this time I love it more. Because Barry is inside the prison investigating he actually gets to very briefly see his father face to face, no glass between them. Turns out Joe made that happened. Barry has the best dads. In fact if they ever wanted to create a web series of adorable I’d totally watch Barry and his Two Dads.

While the escape is investigated, Baez and her man are back at their hideout trying to figure out what their future holds. Baez is smart and wants to leave town right now (which makes me like her even more) but her boyfriend really wants to pay off his debts to Marcus Stockheimer and wants Baez to use her powers to make that happen. I feel like if she gets caught, Baez should blame her boyfriend. Just putting that out there.

Back at the lab, Cisco figures out that Baez, not Parker, is the metahuman they are hunting (though they do want to get Parker back to jail as well.) Cisco then goes to visit Harry Potter Piper down in the tank so he can get more information out of him which is a really bad idea because Rathaway really is a manipulative jerk. He plays his sad little song to manipulate Cisco and because Cisco is a super softie it works. Cisco lets him out, with conditions so that Rathaway can’t get too far. Rathaway does give Cisco some information. He shows Cisco a bomb shadow (a projection of a body shape that resulted from the particle accelerator’s explosion.) According to Rathaway that shadow belonged to Martin Stein (remember him? SPYDADDY.) This is very interesting information, but the best part of this scene is that Rathaway goes cliche and tries to escape and Cisco gets to be physical and technological as he stops him.

We haven’t seen much of Iris yet so we get that now as Barry goes to get coffee with Iris. In classic Iris fashion she’s really absorbed in her own life and issues, whining to Barry about how her editor is still forcing her to write Flash stories and she just wants to be a real journalist, darn it! Ugh. I know they are trying to show Iris as being a strong, tough woman making it with grit and gumption but Candice Patton just isn’t selling it. It doesn’t help that Barry is trying to sort out how to help Iris get those headlines. Oh and he’s still mega in love with her. Yep. Next.

Since they still need to find Baez and Parker, Barry and Joe talk to Henry about that guy Parker owes money to, Marcus. They’ve got Henry playing prison informant which is really, really dangerous. This gives Barry something more to worry about and how does one deal with worry? Socializing. This time Barry goes out with Caitlin and y’all? It’s adorable. It’s so awesome. Barry, please date Caitlin. Please. The flirting is awesome and is cut short because Parker and Baez roll up to rob the place. We learn a pretty solid lesson here: teleportation proves a challenge for the speedster. So are guns when the metahuman has a partner, but Barry manages to snag a bullet out of the air just before it can strike him in the back. Whew.

Barry tries to help Iris with work, but Eddie is already doing it and I still can’t stand that pairing so blech. Since Barry isn’t needed or wanted (I’m starting to feel like Iris is heartless and that doesn’t settle well with me) he goes out to a karaoke bar with Caitlin! They’re working, totally, yep because Baez and Parker used to hang out there. So they’re working by drinking and chatting. Barry is complaining about Iris, Caitlin is tipsy and it’s adorable and she’s flirting with him and I love it. She also drunkenly convinces Barry to sing karaoke and we get a rather cliche meeting between Barry and this new version of Linda Park played by Malese Jow and not Olivia Cheng who played her in the backdoor pilot.

Meanwhile back at the lab, Cisco and Rathaway are going over security footage and we find out what happened to Ronnie. When the accelerator exploded Ronnie was merged with Dr. Stein with the resulting explosive dark matter wave. Yes, folks, Ronnie didn’t die. Spydaddy didn’t die. They became one person. Are you blown away by this? Cisco is and Rathaway knocks him out and escapes.

Back to the villains, Baez and Parker try to pay Marcus, but he’s more of a bad guy than they are. He takes the money and tries to kill Parker. Baez isn’t having that, but then the police show up. Parker ends up shot, but Baez gets him out of there and they escape the cops again. We then get back to the lab where Cisco has a lot to tell the team. First, he let Harry Potter Piper escape. Second, he tells Caitlin that it was he who sealed Ronnie inside the accelerator at Ronnie’s request. Caitlin is oddly okay with that because it is something that Ronnie would do. No one seems that upset with the escape of Rathaway, but that sort of makes sense as they have that pesky teleporter to catch and that won’t be easy. Of course, their heroing is temporarily interrupted by Henry getting stabbed so Barry needs to go see his dad. Henry is okay, folks (and thank goodness because I’d cry) and he’s pleased that his intel helped. Barry is pretty upset with both of his fathers, but Henry tries to make it right and explain that he was just trying to be helpful. John Wesley Shipp for the win, every time.

So now it’s time to start wrapping things up this week. Using the intel from Henry, Flash breaks out a thug named Julius who worked with Marcus and knows about the next heist. With Julius deposited right outside the gate where the guards will get him Flash speeds off to get Baez and Parker during the crime. Baez has decided to take on some weapons this time, using a baton to fight with Flash so Parker can make a run for it while the metahumans duke it out in a tunnel. A quick offing of the lights puts a stop to Baez’s nifty powers and they are caught. Cisco gets to make amends, sort of, for letting out Rathaway by using science to rig Baez’ cell so she can’t escape by teleportation. Hooray!

Barry tells Caitlin that he’s done pining for Iris, but then he also goes and drops off information to Iris while as the Flash anyway. That seems counter intuitive and it could prove to be an issue because I feel like Iris may have just snapped a photo that could reveal the Flash’s real identity. Then Barry goes to take Linda out on a date before finishing up his awesome day by going to see Henry in prison. This is pretty much the moment I’ve been waiting for: Henry figures out that Barry is the Flash. Barry doesn’t own up to it, but Henry is so proud. I love watching the emotions on John Wesley Shipp’s face. I loved him as Flash back in the day and he is even better as his dad. Of course that pride is tempered with concern, because Henry is an awesome dad. Love.

With the episode over it’s time for our stinger and while Wells isn’t creeping around this episode we do get a throwback to some of his creepier times: there’s a problem in the sewer system so workers go to check. The word “Grodd” is scratched onto the walls.  AND THEN THE GIANT GORILLA ATTACKS!

This was such a great episode. I’m excited for next week!

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