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6 Valentine’s Day Desserts You Should Make

Valentine’s Day. While this holiday is normally associated with love, romance, and doing all the things for your partner that you should be doing all year round (oops?), for me tomorrow is just an excuse to make food red, pink, and chocolate all over. While savory food can definitely be played with, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to really get creative with dessert. Here are 6 of my favorite recipes to make for Valentine’s Day:

Image Credit: Ree Drummond

Lofthouse-Style Cookies {via two peas and their pod}
These might be my all time favorite dessert to make for tomorrow. Lofthouse cookies are so addicting-ly fluffy and sweet that they are delicious everyday, but there is something about these and Valentine’s Day that just works so well. I think it’s because the light pink frosting and sprinkles complements the light and cakey-ness of this cookie, so they look very cute once decorated. If you have heart shaped cookie cutters and can cut these into hearts: even better, but it’s totally not necessary.

Brazilian-Style Truffles {via giada de laurentiis}
Second only to Christmas, I’d say that Valentine’s Day is the holiday most warranted of some good candy making. Particularly—good truffle making. Sure, you could buy them but when they aren’t difficult to make and don’t require any fancy equipment why do that? Truffles seem like they are really complicated to make (how scared did you get when you saw this recipe title?) but are one of those brilliant desserts that only appear to be a hassle and are actually easy to make. I love this recipe from Giada De Laurentiis, it’s kind of a cross between fudge and a more traditional truffle. Roll these in pink and red sprinkles for extra Valentine’s flair.

Red Velvet Sheet Cake {via the pioneer woman}
Okay, so for a holiday that mainly focuses on couples, I understand that seeing a recipe that notoriously feeds a crowd seems out of place. For some reason, though, I always find that I end up baking for Valentine’s Day parties or parties that aren’t exactly Valentine’s Day themed but happen around this date, thus requiring red or pink theme desserts to match. I figured you might find yourself in a similar situation, and if you do, please make this sheet cake. I follow this recipe exactly, except I don’t add the raspberries as decorations because I’ve found they usually end up left on the side of the plate. Leaving the frosted cake naked works great but I’d also suggest sprinkles!

Red Velvet Lava Cakes {via bridget edwards for imperil sugar}
Regular chocolate lava cakes (or chocolate molten cakes or chocolate fondants) (how did this simple cake get so many names?) would work just fine for Valentine’s Day but when the opportunity to red velvet-ify something appears we should probably take it. And I don’t think it can get more Valentine’s Day than a red velvet lava cake. Similar to truffles, lava cakes seem very intimidating to make but they really aren’t at all, and they look very impressive. This recipe uses heart shaped ramekins for the cakes which is perfectly adorable but with all the baking stuff I own (too much) I don’t even have them and I’m guessing you probably don’t either. Any small oven-safe glass dishes can be used for these cakes.

Image Credit: bridget edwards

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake {via cook’s illustrated via gimme some oven}
To me, Valentine’s Day is a day to indulge in desserts and to make something that you wouldn’t make on any other baking day. Flourless chocolate cake isn’t normally one of the first dessert ideas that come to mind for everyday baking so it’s a great one to make for tomorrow. Due to the lack of flour, it’s extremely decadent, sinful and just so damn good. You’ll see that this recipe is for mini flourless cakes which I like to make in mini muffins tins so they are pop-able (they don’t have flour, so they are healthy, and it’s totally fine) (just kidding about the healthy part, but it’s still totally fine). You can also double this recipe and make it in a 9 inch circle pan for a full size cake. I skip the whip cream topping on these as well—don’t think it needs it—but love using a sprinkle of powered sugar on top instead.

Tiramisu {via allrecipes}
Not the traditional dessert associated with Valentine’s Day but tiramisu has always been associated with romance in my head. The coffee, rum, and creamy flavors make the perfect end to a meal and, while it sounds like a super heavy dessert that would sit in your stomach, I never find that it does. This recipe takes a bit of work (but not so much that you should be deterred from making it) and probably will require a trip to the store (you don’t keep ladyfingers on hand, do you?) so it’s an ideal bake for a special holiday like tomorrow.

There are so many possible Valentine’s Day desserts, or desserts you can simply dye red or cut into heart shapes and make Valentine appropriate, that I’m sure I left out some favorites. Which favorites of yours did I miss?

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3 Comments on “6 Valentine’s Day Desserts You Should Make”

  1. justinaluther February 13, 2015 at 12:17 pm #

    These all sound amazing!

  2. Bat-El February 13, 2015 at 12:22 pm #

    You make me so hungry for sweets!

  3. inhershoesrk February 16, 2015 at 9:27 am #

    These all sound delish!

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