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American Idol XIV: The Top 8 Girls Sing Motown

The judges are ready for the girls to bring it. [Credit: FOX Entertainment]

After the guys gave a good show last night with results that I (mostly) approved of, I had high hopes that the girls’ performances and results would not disappoint. Keith Urban pointed out early in last night’s broadcast that the Motown songbook was more suited for the girls, a lot of whom have soulful or R&B influences, and I think he was correct, in theory. But let’s see how they fared once they took the stage:

First called: Tyanna Jones – “Rockin’ Robin” (Michael Jackson) – I’m glad Tyanna’s uptempo, happy-go-lucky style has translated so far to the audience. I’m just hoping she doesn’t pull a Majesty from last season and flounder on a few off-beat song choices, but so far she seems to have a knack for picking them and her rendition of this song, which has traditional been butcher on reality shows, put all those fears to rest. She sound good, she had fun with it and her personality shone through. That’s all I can ask for. Rating: B+

Second called: Loren Lott – “I Wanna Be Where You Are” (Michael Jackson) – I don’t know if it’s Loren’s tone or if it’s actually the case that she’s sharp all the way through, but both this performance and last week’s had that grating quality that makes me think the potential she showed in her rendition of “Skyfall” was just a one-off move. I think the song choice wasn’t the greatest and despite seeming relaxed up there, she maybe should have been a little more worried about the notes. Rating: C-

Third called: Maddie Walker – “I’ll Be There” (The Jackson 5) – Maddie’s performance last week was solid enough to earn her a spot in the Top 16 and her performance this week might just be enough to propel her to the Top 12. After the judges put her through to the semi-finals, I was sceptical, but she’s since shown some restraint, some good song choices and some decent vocals. This performance drew me in and while it seemed to veer off course a little when it picked up, it was still pretty decent. Rating: B-

Fourth called: Joey Cook – “Shop Around” (The Miracles) – Oh Joey, quirky Joey. Harry took the words out of my mouth again when he said to her that she might need to tone down the character of her voice when she performances. The spin she put on this song was decent, but not as impressive as last week’s Keith Urban tune. I think part of it was her own awkwardness and anxiety about making it through, but she’s going to need to learn to reign that in and really focus on the song if she wants to keep her eyes on the prize. Rating: B-

Fifth called: Sarina Joi-Crowe – “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” (The Miracles) – I definitely let out a triumphant whoop when Sarina made it. She is, like the judges said, by far the most talented singer of the bunch and so likeable too. This performance showed a different side of her still compared to her last one. It was almost ethereal and some of the notes and rasp she gave the verses had me shaking my head with disbelief at how talented she is. I really hope America appreciates her the way I do, because I really think she’s got Candice Glover levels of talent and could go all the way. Rating: A-

Adanna Duru says ‘Hello’ to the Top 8. [Credit: FOX Entertainment]

Sixth called: Adanna Duru – “Hello” (Lionel Ritchie) – Up until this point I’ve felt like it’s a battle between Loren and Adanna for that sixth spot in the Top 12 on the girls side and I think Adanna delivered a fatal blow to Loren after her lackluster performance. Sure, Adanna hit a few bumps with her notes, going flat in places and sharp on one of the final glory notes, but like Keith said, the delivery of the performance itself was so captivating that I doubt the audience will pass up the opportunity to vote. Rating: B

Seventh called: Jax – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell) – Jax getting called so late was beginning to make me nervous, especially after how good she was last week and tonight she took her performance to a different place. I agree, to an extent, with the judges that the arrangement she gave us was sleepy compared to the high-octane energy of the original, but there was no question her voice still sounded good. I think, like Harry said, she needs to pick her battles in this competition and know when to put her spin on a performance to grab people’s attention. Rating: B

Eighth and last called: Alexis Gomez – “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” (The Four Tops) – All the judges said exactly what I was thinking. It was harsh for Alexis to hear while still riding the high of making the Top 16, but her notes were all over the place in this song. Part of me thinks it’s because her country twang just didn’t line up with the song and that made her uncomfortable, on top of the anxiety of waiting all night for results, but I still don’t think this second impression bodes well for her tonight. Rating: D 

Eliminated: Katherine Winston, Shannon Berthiaume, Shi Scott and Lovey James – Like the guys, I don’t think there’s any eliminations here that I’m surprised with. With four cuts on each side, the voters are going to be brutal – no second chances for those who didn’t come out to play, which makes me think Alexis and Loren are the ones heading home tonight based solely on quality of performance.

What do you think? Did America get the girls’ eliminations right? Which performances were your favourite? Let me know in the comments and poll below and if you haven’t read my article about the Top 8 guys or Kelly Clarkson’s new album, check them out. See you next week!

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