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A Star is Born: An Interview with Eva Bourne

Image Credit: James Branaman

Image Credit: James Branaman

Eva Bourne’s talent was born out of the loving encouragement of her eccentric parents, along with her own knack for creativity and her driven nature. To turn her dreams of becoming an actress into a reality, she made the bold move of dropping out of college in Cranbrook, B.C. and moving to Vancouver to pursue acting. Bourne booked her first role on the TV series, Psych, and since then, has guest starred on Emily Owens M.D., Motive, and Falling Skies, and had recurring roles on Caprica and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. She is best known for her portrayal of Princess Eva on ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Beyond television, Bourne has ventured into the big leagues with appearances in the films Words and Pictures and The Big Year, working alongside notable actors such as Clive OwenJuliette BinocheSteve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Rosamund Pike.

Bourne will be next seen as a series regular on Hallmark Channel’s original series, When Calls The Heart, in which she plays Clara Stanton, the widowed sister-in-law of Abigail Stanton (played by Lori Loughlin). In an exclusive interview with The Hudsucker, the rising star talks about her new television role, her time on Once Upon a Time, and her admiration for Emma Watson.

The Hudsucker: What inspired you to make the switch from Dental Assisting towards pursuing your acting dream?

Eva Bourne: Well, I don’t know if I was inspired by one particular thing. I just remember having an immense feeling of the ticking clock of life, and the one thing I knew was that I wanted to be happy. When I thought of what did that for me, it was being on stage in high school, or making ridiculous videos [or] films with my friends after classes or on the weekends. So I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t feel like I really had anything to lose. My worst case scenario was that I didn’t like it or I was no good, and then I would probably work in another medium of the arts. You never know unless you try, so I just tried.

THS: In When Calls the Heart, you portray Clara Stanton, a new character in Season 2. Who is Clara, how does she fit within the series, and what can we expect from her storyline?

EB: Clara is a lot of things, but where she is right now, or when we first are introduced to her, she is on a path that is being driven by making things right. Doing the right thing for her loved ones. Clara is connected to Abigail Stanton’s character, and they begin to build a strong bond. Well, lets just say there are lots of learning curves and new experience in store for her.

THS: Clara is connected to Abigail Stanton, who’s played by Lori Loughlin. What’s it like working with Lori?

EB: A dream. Lori is such a lovely, an intelligent soul. And she is ageless, I swear, it’s crazy. I learn so much from watching her work and collaborate with others on set.

THS: How did your rural upbringing in Creston, British Columbia aid you in preparing for your role on a series centered around a small coal-mining town?

EB: Well, I suppose there are some similarities. For instance Creston’s community is very small, and pretty well everyone knows everyone, even if you don’t know them personally you know about them. Overall I’d say they’re pretty different, so I never intentionally used my experience of Creston to help me understand what it would be like in Hope Valley, but maybe Creston would have been similar to Hope Valley in 1911.

THS: Prior to this project, you guest starred on “Once Upon a Time” as Princess Eva. What was it like working on a hugely popular television show and what did you learn during that experience?

EB: It was really fun. That show is crazy. I’ve never worked on a set of entirely green screen, so that was really cool. I grew up watching Charmed and Jawbreaker so being able to say “I tripped Rose McGowan” is hilarious to me.

Image Credit: James Branaman

THS: You’ve dabbled in film work with your roles in Words and Pictures and The Big Year. What’s the difference between working in television and working in movies?

EB: There are so many factors to the differences. I don’t think about it too much. I just focus my attention and energy on the story and what I need to contribute and do so that it can be told clearly to an audience.

THS: Which actors, actresses, and other creative types do you look up to?

EB: I love Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. I think Sophia Coppola has a beautiful and magical way of creating a story and atmosphere. I really love Jean-Luc Godard films. I think Emma Watson is incredible as an actor and a human. What she’s doing for the movement of gender equality with ‘He For She’. She has courage and intelligence that is very inspiring.

THS: What advice do you have for young people who have the desire to change or forge their own career path?

EB: Find something you love and that challenges you. Be diligent with your work and have patience. There’s room to grow and learn in making ‘mistakes’, so don’t write them off as a negative experience.

THS: What’s up ahead for you and your career in 2015?

EB: Excited to see what opportunities present themselves, but as for now I’m writing, and reading scripts, auditioning for Vancouver and L.A.

THS: In your perfect 48 hour day, what would you do?

EB: I don’t know about perfect, but I’d finally go down my ‘To Do List’ and start to check a few things off. Work out, or sweat it out in hot yoga, call my parents, hang out with friends, read a new play, listen to the greatest hits from The Beatles, watch Whiplash, Boyhood, Birdman, and Gone Girl.

* * *

Follow Eva Bourne on Twitter, @RealEvaBourne and catch her on Season 2 of “When Calls the Heart,” premiering Saturday, April 25th on Hallmark Channel. Catch up with the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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