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The Hudsucker is an online magazine made up of unique and dedicated writers with fresh voices from across the country and overseas. Our team of writers are passionate and driven, bringing forth their personalities in each article. Since its inception in 2012, The Hudsucker has continuously proven how writing is our strongest fingerprint. By creating a smart and ambitious environment for readers, the digital magazine focusing on popular culture aims to be relatable through experiences and passions.

Get to Know the Faces Behind The Hudsucker


As we celebrate another milestone and turn three years old today, ever wonder who the faces are behind The Hudsucker? From editors, to staff writers and contributors, get to know the team by reading questionnaires filled out by them. You never know what you might just find out about.

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Tania Hussain

Tania oversees and manages a large dedicated team of writers passionate about creating their own fingerprint in the world of writing. Nicknamed T-Bone and currently studying at Ball State University, this Hoosier at heart loves the Indianapolis Colts and Steak ‘n Shake! What would she sing at karaoke? {Follow Tania on Twitter: @westlifebunny.}

Managing Editor
Katherine Hernandez

Katherine is the online magazine’s primary supervisor who manages staff, helps with pitches, and helps determine what should be published. The Washington native loves The Royal Tenenbaums and looks up to Robert Downey Jr. Where does she see herself in 10 years? {Follow Katherine on Twitter: @thethingiskat.}

Creative Director
Elizabeth Rosalyn The

Elizabeth helps develop and generate ideas in creative ways to express what our digital magazine embodies, and manages The Hudsucker on our social networks. This smart, savvy young woman adores reading and writing, so what advice does this Vancouverite have for other writers? {Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @ElizabethThe.}

Senior Editor
Ashleigh Stokrp

Ashleigh has not only helped with establishing The Hudsucker with smart content, but serves as the graphic designer with a focus on appearance and layout of our magazine’s published works. This Californian with plenty of nicknames loves tacos and baseball, but what movie title best describes her life? {Follow Ashleigh on Twitter: @anakedlight.}

Andrew Rogers

Andrew constantly assists and ensures that the end result of any work published on the site matches the overall style and tone of The Hudsucker, while helping to improve flow. The Toronto native covered American Idol this past year with perfect predictions, but what is his biggest strength? {Follow Andrew on Twitter: @sublymonal.}

Editorial Coordinator
Nicole Drum

Nicole is our editorial coordinator who helps manage the magazine’s calendar, ensuring daily content in a timely fashion. The Midwest native can’t live without her flip-flops and loves the St. Louis Cardinals. If she was stuck on a deserted island, who would she take with her? {Follow Nicole on Twitter:@lifeinpolaroid.}

Staff Writers

Bo Dietrick

Bo loves the Boston Red Sox and lacrosse, as well as traveling and getting to know others. What’s the most outrageous thing this young Indianapolis native has done? {Follow Bo on Twitter: @bo_tweetrick.}

Cathie Dillard

Cathie loves authentic sourdough bread and her least favorite word in the English language is “bully.” The avid Disney fan loves music, meeting people, and traveling around the states for concerts. What was her most life-changing moment? {Follow Cathie on Twitter: @beginyourstory.}

 Janna Jeffrey

Janna loves cheddar cheese, hockey and looks up to her mother. This year, she covered Orphan Black and interviewed some of the show’s stars, so what is this Torontonian’s craziest goals and dreams? {Follow Janna on Twitter: @kissoffools.}

Meg Quinn

Meg‘s biggest strength is that she is not only hilarious, but an incredibly passionate individual. The Jersey inhabitant who just so happens to be an avid runner, loves potatoes and eating at Chipotle, as well as reality television. If she had to sing one song at karaoke what would it be? {Follow Meg on Twitter: @MsMegQuinn.}

DeShawn Blankenship

DeShawn lives in the Kansas City area with his fiancee and his army of felines called the Legion of Basement Cats. When he’s not listening to Three Doors Down, this passionate writer can be found cheering on the Miami Heat. What was the funniest thing that happened to him? {Follow DeShawn on Twitter: @DABlankenship.}

Claire Tierney

Hailing from Southern California and educated in Massachusetts, Claire is an adamant feminist who studied English and Communications at Clark University. Though she watches too much TV and reads too many news blogs, she loves to write and honing her craft through creative writing. So, who does she look up to? {Follow Claire on Twitter: shivilrusbluntz.}


 Kathleen Horgan

Known lovingly as “Bean,” Kathleen’s biggest strength is the ability to make friends wherever she goes, and loves music and traveling. But if she was stranded on a desert island, who would this congenial Georgian take with her? {Follow Kathleen on Twitter: @KathleenHorgan.}

Stephanie Mau

Stephanie is a friendly Vancouverite and an intrepid Instagram photographer. When she’s not working at a bookstore, the funny and kind writer is catching up on every television show ever created. What is this pasta lover’s favorite word? {Follow Steph on Twitter: @poehlerized.}

Andrea Lozano

Andrea is one of our only writers who lives off the North American content. This funny and friendly Bolivian is a cinephile who loves Seinfeld, and absolutely adores pizza so much that it’s even her nickname. So what movie title best describes her life? {Follow Andrea on Twitter: @pizzzaa.}

Desi Rottman

Desi is as fearless and tough as it gets. This Michigan native has a weakness for cookie dough and loves any season but winter. Known as a traveler and music guru, how does she describe herself in a single sentence? Follow Desi on Twitter: @desilove.

Chris Hill 

Chris is a Georgia State University graduate who works at the non-profit organization Soccer in the Streets as a Competitions Director. When he’s not working, he’s indulging in cupcakes, spending time with his beautiful wife, and looks up to those who take risks for the ones they love. What’s been his most life-changing moment? {Follow Chris on Twitter: @ARadioVoice. }

Alex Keobke

Alex is a bold and mature writer, who aspires to become a marriage counselor one of these days. As a graduate of Simon Fraser University, this Vancouver native loves 90s television, the Seattle Seahawks and meeting new people. If he was a superhero, what would be his super power? {Follow Alex on Twitter: @akeobke.}

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