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Boutique 1861: French Fashion and Flair for All

New items arrive daily! Dresses featured from top to bottom: Veda, Hideko Automne, Margalit and Abilly. {Image Credit: 1861 Boutique}

In recent years, online shopping has spread like wildfire with customers increasingly turning to the Internet for their retail needs. Though it is a small part of the retail market, online sales are projected to grow to $370 billion in 2017, up from 62 percent in 2012. With coupons, promo codes, emails, and not having to get out of your pajamas, it’s no surprise why online shopping has become a solid option for consumers.

While prominent retail chains are shutting down across the country, and consumers are looking for new ways to express their unique style, boutique stores are thriving and growing in numbers. One such retailer that focuses on not just the products sold to customers, but image and style at the fraction of the price is Quebec’s own, Boutique 1861.

Soundly emphasizing Parisian elegance and nestled in Montreal’s utmost cosmopolitan district, Boutique 1861 lets customers travel back in time to the fashionable glamour of yesteryear with dozens of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Victorian-inspired, owned and operated boutique by entrepreneur and fashionista, Castle Ho was built in 2012 with two locations catering consumers in Montreal. The vintage feel and femininity of the products resonated with consumers as Ho decided a year later to launch an online outlet. Opening her store to more than just the province’s own, Boutique 1861 currently ships internationally, sharing with consumers a love for classy, sophisticated, rare fashions.

The online boutique is truly a girly girl’s dream. From flirty and sexy dresses, to dainty and statement accessories, cute and need-to-have shoes—it’s luxurious style and oh-so-classy without the heavy price tag.

The goal of Boutique 1861 and evidenced by the items in their catalog has always been to help customers find the most affordable and unique items for their clients. With items priced from $50 to $250, customers can find what they wish—even their wedding dress!

Upon discovering the boutique earlier this spring, I fell in love with everything on their website. It has become my newest obsession and a website I visit more often, especially when it comes to traveling and spending my summer in style. I am a total fan of French flair and vintage wardrobes most prominent in the 50s and 60s.

My first purchase was the “Harriet,” a dress so delicate and lovely, it embodies the cool, breezy spring season. Sprinkled with flower buds and a soft cream color, this sleeveless dress is fun and flirty, and the perfect day dress. Fitting true to size, the dress is stretchable and comfortable, and the material is perfectly soft without feeling ‘fancy.’

It was a week later that I decided to purchase from the boutique again and this time opted for two dresses (because who could resist?). I ordered the “Addison” and the “Rychéle” in an indigo shade that is out of this world.

Wearing the Rychéle Indigo for my birthday. {Image Credit: Tania Hussain}

“Addison” is the epitome of French fashion, borrowing inspiration from Brigitte Bardot’s chic nonchalance in And God Created Women. This cotton plaid dress complete with a collar and belt is relaxed, a perfect length and ideal for daywear. What’s great about it is also the countrypolitan look, popularized in the 1950s. With its checkered pattern, this dress is both summery and complementary to all body types and embodies both French flair and apple-pie Americana.

The “Rychéle” is wonderfully vivid in color and so very flowy. This pleated, sleeveless dress is professional and accentuates personality. Fitted perfectly on top and highlighted with a sharp bow, it’s breezy and vibrant as it flows down. This dress is another one that is highly reminiscent of the fashion found in French films.

Something customers will definitely love when ordering from the boutique is their packaging. Darling and so thoughtful, the items are shipped with the utmost love and include personalized notes from the store’s employees, along with a very faint perfume scent that just adds to the dreaminess of the online shopping experience. Though it might not seem like a highlight to some, once you see the packaging for yourself, you’ll definitely fall in love and keep coming back to this online boutique.

With a diverse variety of styles, accessories and more, the items found in the catalog are age appropriate and such a delight to soak in. Nothing on the website looks similar to anything you’ve ever seen in a store and that’s what makes this boutique stand out so much.

Boutique 1861 is truly the perfect place to start shopping to redesign your wardrobe, and take a little bit of Paris with you along the way.

My second package with the Rychéle and Addison. Isn’t it just divine? {Image Credit: Tania Hussain}

Have you checked out Boutique 1861? What did you buy? Share with us in the comments below.

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Visit Boutique 1861 at their official website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Plus, and Pinterest. If you are in the Montreal area, drop in and visit their stylish boutique in Quebec, Canada at 3670 Boul. St-Laurent and 1861 Ste-Catherine West Montreal. Check their website for store hours.

{Dress featured in slider: “Adanna” of Boutique 1861}

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