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Entertainment Roundup: What Happened in October

Happy Halloween! October is known for being a spooky month, and this month’s celebrity entertainment stories were nothing short of thrilling, shocking, and scary! Without further ado, here are the biggest headline-making stories from the month of October!

Keeping Up With Lamar

Source: AP file photo/Chris Carlson

October was a rough month for Lamar Odom. The former Lakers player slipped into unconsciousness earlier this month while staying at the Nevada Love Ranch. Odom was rushed to the hospital, where his ex (although, still technically his wife), Khloe Kardashian, and her family stayed by his bedside. According to multiple sources, Odom later opened his eyes and spoke to Kardashian after suffering an estimated twelve strokes. While he focuses on getting well, one thing the NBA star won’t have to worry about is finalizing his divorce with the realty queen. While the two remain exes, both parties agreed to withdraw their divorce filings this month, so that Odom could keep his sights set on healing. Wishing them all the best!

Live From New York, It’s Tracy Morgan

Source: Steve Mack/Getty Images

Speaking of getting well, Tracy Morgan seems to have done just that! The comedian hosted the late-night comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live, on October 17th. From his 30 Rock reunion during the monologue, the Family Feud sketch, and finding out where Jackie Chan is, the SNL alum made a triumphant return to the show. After suffering from a deadly car crash last year, many wondered when the funny-man would make his true return to the public eye. After a short appearance at the 2015 Emmys, what better way to really make a comeback than to host the show he once called home for many years? Morgan did an incredible job with his hosting duties, leaving us all wanting more. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Welcome back, Tracy!

Hollywood Hunger Games

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When does Jennifer Lawrence not own our hearts? The Academy Award-winning actress always manages to make us laugh with her awkward, yet relatable commentary. However, this month, the Hunger Games star wrote an op-ed piece on the gender wage-gap in Hollywood. And she did it only how J.Law can. The letter was hilarious, yet poignant as she went through the ways Tinsel Town has let her, and other actress down in terms of equal treatment from their male counterparts. She made a point to call out members of Sony, as well as Hollywood in general for making women feel they were pushy if they demanded equal pay. She wrote, “I didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled.’ At the time, that seemed like a fine idea, until I saw the payroll on the Internet and realized every man I was working with definitely didn’t worry about being ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled.'” Many members of Hollywood took to her side and raved about the piece, including her costar, Bradley Cooper, and #HeForShe creator and actress, Emma Watson.

American Music Awards

Source: Ocean Drive Magazine

The American Music Award nominations were announced this month, and boy are we excited! The festivities take place on November 22 on ABC, hosted by none other than Jennifer Lopez. While we can’t wait to see what the hostess will bring to the show, we’re even more excited to see these nominees participate in the evening. Taylor Swift is nominated for a staggering six awards, while Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Sam Smith are all nominees for the evening as well. Take a look at the full list here!

What To Expect When Chrissy’s Expecting

Source: Merritt/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen surprised us all by announcing her pregnancy on her talk show, FABLife after hubby, John Legend shared the news via Twitter and Instagram. The very funny model and host has since taken to Twitter to discuss all things baby, although she may have decided that wasn’t the best idea. Everyone on Twitter seems to have an opinion on her expectant bump, and the mom-to-be wasted no time in shutting everyone down tweeting, “No more preg tweeting for me, lesson learned!! Back to food and reality TV and hay things.” While we can’t wait to learn all about the little one, there are a few celebs expecting their first and second children, including Rose Byrne, Kelly Clarkson, and Kim Kardashian. Congrats to all!

There we go! Those are this month’s most-buzzed-about stories in Hollywood. For more stories like this, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook!

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