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How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Decorating your home doesn’t always mean having to burn a hole in your wallet! With so many resources made available today through décor magazines, the internet and extensive television programming (thank goodness for HGTV!), homeowners are easily inspired and motivated to freshening up their homes in new and creative ways.

With the holidays here, we’re all looking for ways to save our money for the upcoming festivities and still make our homes pop as a warm and welcoming sanctuary. Through cost-effective decorating ideas with the help of Pinterest, homeowners can make small changes to their casa this season and still have an oasis that feels richly refreshed.

{Image Credit: Pinterest/Liz Marie}

Power pillows:

Energize a dull sofa or bedspread with powerful and bright pillows. A vibrant and eye-popping throw pillow can breathe life into a room’s décor and noticeably alter the mood if complemented with light furnishings and neutral or pastel accents. When considering throw pillows as an accent, keep in mind the number of pillows, the placement and size, along with the type of fabric.

DIY wall art:

You don’t need to be artsy to master this next tip—you just need to be crafty and creative. Whether it’s photocopied art from a design you like, family photos, or even scribbles from your toddler or lost mittens, wall art looks classy when it floats in a frame on the wall. If you hope to be daring and venture out of your comfort zone to find your inner Picasso, creating abstract art to beautify your home adds a warm and fashionable touch.

Stellar shelving:

Besides applying wallpaper to the back of a shelf to create a subtle pop and vitality to a room, floating shelves are great additions to creating a minimalist sort of feel throughout the home. With a variety of creative ways to build and design, there’s a style fit for every idea and budget.

Fun faux headboards:

Want to make a bold statement in the bedroom, but are on a budget? Fake a headboard. Regarded as an easy and fun paint project or another creative method to utilize whatever you have lying around the house, homeowners can make their own headboards in the simplest and easiest ways. From shelving to shutters, to wall art and mirrors and more, there’s no stopping how you can present your personality in a fun approach.

Fabulous feature walls:

An easy way to add a bit of drama to your room on a budget would be to create a feature wall with an accent paint color. Ideal for highlighting focal points like wall art, a fireplace, or even a fancy shelving unit, a fabulous feature wall attracts the eye’s attention without overwhelming the space.

{Image Credit: Pinterest/Northstory}

Re-purpose furniture:

Don’t give up just yet on your old and raggedy furniture. Re-purposing furniture is not only practical and wise for those on a budget, but it’s the ultimate way to preserve and recycle. Alright, so we can’t all be Martha Stewart, but re-purposing is a great way to hold on to an antique and pop vivacity back into it. While there are plenty of repurpose boutiques that clean up your archaic home gems, there’s nothing better than taking your vision for an item and making it a reality.

Mirrors help to amplify your space:

Mirrors are the perfect way to lighten up a room reflecting both natural and artificial light, and expand it with depth and sparkle. If you create a focal point in any room and angle the mirror towards it, not only are you giving the illusion of a wider space, but you’re brightening up the usual shadows. The classic interior decorator’s trick for a smaller space is to use one over-sized mirror so that the space feels larger than it actually is.

Colorful lamp shades:

Nothing makes a room look more modern and chic than a fancy and decorative lampshade. Considered by most an afterthought in décor, lampshades add a great bit of color and flair to complement a room. When decorating, try to limit the colors to one per room with other shades in neutral or white.

Pop of color:

Painting in the most unexpected and simple places of a home can do wonders for a room! Perk up and set the mood of a dull living space with vibrant shades like yellow, green or blue that are often appreciated for its stylistic versatility and modernity. One of the best ways to use color when transforming a room is to play up its architectural features like doorways, wainscot, crown molding, and windows.

Light up your life:

Allowing natural light to flow freely into your home will do immediate wonders to a space. Not only does it open up the interior, but also help to make the room look naturally larger. Obviously, natural light cannot help alone if a room is small, so the addition of artificial lighting through lamps, skylights, and solar tubes can instantly connect a room, creating depth with color and focused attention.

{Image Credit: Pinterest/One Kings Lane}

What are some of your tips for cost-effective home decorating? Share with us in the comments below.

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4 Comments on “How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget”

  1. Bailey Dunn December 15, 2015 at 12:21 am #

    I’ve applied most of the things you’ve mentioned in your article, especially the lighting and color composition for every room. However, I don’t like my rooms a tad too bright. Do you have any suggestions for using blinds (roman, venetian, etc.)? Thanks!

    • Tania Hussain December 17, 2015 at 4:07 pm #

      Hi Bailey! Honeycomb or pleated blinds (insulating blinds) will definitely knock the light out while conserving energy. Wood or woven blinds are great too, as they soften the light significantly. But if you want it to be more subtle and kick your style up a notch, a combo of drapes and blinds—whether Venetian or Roman works too! The only tip would be to find drapes with a light blocking fabric. Hope that helps!


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