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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Cookie Day

It’s National Cookie Day! Out of all the food holidays that we’ve suddenly started paying attention to (thanks Internet!), this one might be one might be the finest of them all. First — cookies are so versatile that no matter your food tastes or allergies there is a cookie out there you’ll love, I’m certain of it. Second — the timing of this day falls right in line with the beginning of the holiday season where cookies are surrounding all of us at every turn. There are hundreds of thousands of cookie and holiday cookie recipes out there but, after my very extensive research and taste testing, I’ve determined that these cookie recipes are ones that you’ll not only want to make right now, but over and over again for the foreseeable future.

Image Credit: deb pearlmen

Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies {via not without salt via smitten kitchen}
These are my current favorite chocolate chip cookies, I make them about as regularly as possible and have yet to tire of ’em. If you are a big baker chances are you find yourself constantly searching for the “next best recipe” which is how I usually am with chocolate chip cookies but these put that search on hold (at least for a little bit). They have the perfect dough to chocolate ratio, a nice caramel-y sugar sweetness, and the salt on the top just pulls everything together by pulling out the flavors. They’re made even better by a short ingredient list and no need for refrigeration of the dough, which means you can probably make them right now.

Brookie {via mel’s kitchen cafe}
Have you brookie-d yet? As in, have you made a sweet that is half brownie, half chocolate chip cookie, and full magic? I’d suggest making these as soon as you finish reading this if you haven’t yet. What could be bad about combining brownies and chocolate chip cookies? Literally and figuratively nothing, except if you were planning on eating anything but these cookies on the day you make them you’re in trouble. And then when you’re done with that, you’ll want to make another batch. And another. And another…and we all know how this familiar story ends, right?

Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies {via martha stewart}
Molasses cookies are a traditional Christmas cookie, but even still I don’t think they are paid their fair due. Molasses itself is an underrated sweetener, one that not only adds the sweetness needed but has it’s own flavor to contribute as well. That’s what makes molasses cookies special, and combined with the warming spices in these, they’ll be a surefire hit at your holiday table this Christmas. Bonus points are awarded for these remaining soft and chewy in a sea of holiday cookies that tend to get a little snappy on us, especially in the days following their actual bake-day.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies {via cook’s illustrated via brown eyed baker}
Perfect timing for the holiday season; chocolate crinkle cookies are a classic Christmas cookie for good reason. The first time I ever made these cookies I ended up making another batch within 24 hours because they were gone so fast and I just wasn’t ready to let them go. Chocolate cookies can be hard to get right (somehow they often aren’t chocolate-y enough or are too dry) but I’ve found these to be foolproof. Super fudg-y, chocolate-y, and by covering them in granulated sugar before the powdered sugar you ensure that you get that characteristic crinkle on the outside.

Image Credit: michelle letrich

Soft-Baked Funfetti Sugar Cookies {via sally’s baking addiction}
Oh hello best sugar cookie I’ve ever made, how are you on this nice Friday morning? I’m so hesitant to use the word “best” to describe anything (because, who’s to say?) but sincerely — these are the best ones I’ve made. Just like chocolate cookies, sugar cookies can be hard to get right. They’re very easy to over bake (and thus make hard), can end up tasteless, or can be so cloying-sweet with no depth of flavor. These carefully evade all those normal sugar cookie pitfalls. They are soft, just sweet enough, and impossibly addictive. Since we’re in the holiday season, these cookies are a fantastic way to use the holiday colored sprinkles that you have sitting in your cabinet.

Super Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies {via joy the baker}
These cookies are like little orange pillows. As in, they are heaven in cookie form. Adding pumpkin to baked goods is a good way to make them moist and cake-like — these cookies take full advantage of that. Don’t be too put off by the combination of chocolate and pumpkin, they compliment each other very well here. I’ve never made them without the chocolate but I don’t see why you couldn’t just leave it out if you really are wary about it, or you just aren’t in a chocolate mood. These cookies really are more like little cakes, or muffin tops, in a cookie shape and size, but I’m not complaining if you don’t.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies {via two peas and their pod}
Sandwich cookies should be more popular, shouldn’t they? Are they not made all that often because of the extra steps involved — steps which really are simply making a frosting and smashing it between two cookies? If you make the frosting while the cookies are in the oven then it’s really not adding any extra time to the process at all. You’d actually be giving yourself something to do other than staring at the oven anxiously awaiting the cookies to bake (just me?). Either way, these are the ultimate sandwich cookie — peanut butter & oatmeal is a classic combination, and both the cookie and the frosting taste just as delicious on their own as they do together.

What are your favorite cookie recipes? 

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