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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 7 ‘Human for a Day’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on CBS. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

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Welcome back, friends! Last week we saw Supergirl defeat Red Tornado at what appeared to be the cost of her powers. This week we get to find out what that really looks like for Kara Danvers. As always there will be spoilers in this post so if you are against that sort of thing, stop here. Spoilers beyond!

This week’s episode opens up with our heroine getting put through all sorts of medical paces. The Alura program in Kara’s special fortress room explains her power loss. The nuts and bolts of it is that she drained all her Kryptonian cells of the energy they get from the yellow sun. Once they recharge she should be fine and that shouldn’t take too long. In the meantime, Kara just needs to lean on the people she trusts. Kara is worried, however, that it has been more than a couple of days and she’s still essentially human.

As mostly-human Kara prepares to leave for work Henshaw stops her and asks how she is doing. He also tells Alex that he needs her help with an unruly guest, aka an alien. Once Henshaw is gone Alex tells Kara that she is very suspicious of Henshaw and that she can’t trust him.

At work Kara is not having a great day. It seems that she has contracted her first cold and she’s pretty miserable. She explains to a worried Winn that she blew out her powers during her fight with Red Tornado. She’s sniffly and miserable and Cat is instantly aware of this, demanding to know who is spreading germs in the office. Cat makes a big deal of how important she is and how she can’t get sick and when she discovers that it is Kara who is sick, she sends Kara home.

Back that DEO there is an alien who is trying to blast his way out of his glass enclosure. He has a jewel in his forehead and kind of looks like a demented and bald Treasure Troll. He calls himself Jemm and claims to be the conqueror of 12 worlds as well as a general tough guy. Henshaw is not impressed, though to be fair nothing impresses Henshaw. He tells Jemm Without The Holograms that he isn’t concerned about the alien using psychic powers because the cell has something called neural shielding. This agitates Jemm who threatens to grind Henshaw’s loved ones to dust, and for a moment we see emotion flicker on Henshaw’s face because Henshaw has no more loved ones left to hurt.

Leaving CatCo, Kara runs into James. He tells her that he and Lucy are getting a place together (he’s on his way to check out a rental) and Kara very poorly pretends to be happy for him. She also then sneezes which clues James into her cold and he accurately guesses that her use of the power that he calls “solar flame” blew her powers out for a while. While he is trying to be reassuring and telling her that the world can handle it without Supergirl for a day there is an earthquake. James has to save Kara from being hit by a car, though she breaks her arm in the process. James makes her a sling out of his shirt.

The DEO also is impacted by the earthquake. While Henshaw and Alex are preparing to clean Jemm’s cage they are struck and they lose power. This power loss allows Jemm to escape into the facility, though they are able to initiate lockdown. Alex calls Kara and tells her to tell her to call just as soon as her powers return.

In the office, Cat tells anyone who wants to go home to be with their families that they can go home. However, Cat also takes photos of anyone who does go home, but still insists that anyone who is there needs to get the network back online. Cat has to have her network online. The IT guy gives them a four-hour estimate, but Winn is able to do it in just a few minutes time. The network being back up allows James and Kara to see Max Lord on television slamming Supergirl for not being there. This prompts Kara and James to go see him to get him to stop saying such things and thus spreading panic.

Preparing to deal with Jemm, Henshaw and Alex seek out Alura for advice, but when she starts to say that only Kara can help them Henshaw shuts her off. He has some “psychic disruptors” that he can use to stop Jemm, but he leaves Alex behind saying that he needs someone who he can trust in the control room. Jemm promptly takes out the two men Henshaw has with him and Henshaw vanishes.

Out on the streets, James and Kara see Lord. Kara tells him that people need hope, not fear, and that she thinks he needs to stop saying things about Supergirl. Lord counters that he is simply doing what Cat is doing with Supergirl: branding things. He is specifically handing out blankets and water and such to people with his own name on them. He also tells her that he thinks Supergirl has lost her powers permanently, which shakes Kara a bit. They are then called away by a woman in distress that her father is having a heart attack. Lord tells the woman that he is her best bet.

Back at the DEO Henshaw shows up in the main room and tells Alex that they have a problem: Jemm was able to read the mind of the main security guy so now he can open any cell in the facility. Henshaw says he is taking the last neural inhibitor and going after Jemm, leaving Alex to maintain the fort.

On the street the man who has collapsed is in bad shape. He has lacerated a vein, but without an x-ray they can’t find which one. Kara tries as hard as she can to use her x-ray vision, but her powers are just not there. Max has just given up and left.

Alex tells another agent that she doesn’t trust Henshaw. She decides to take action against Jemm without Henshaw.

Winn struggles to get the live feed working in Cat’s office. This results in her threatening and lecturing him, but he finally does get it to work so she sends him to go find someone to do her makeup. She’s going to do a broadcast.

Back on the street Kara is very upset that she can’t help the man. James tries to comfort a crying Kara, who is hurting that she’s had the best weeks of her life taken away. James tries to be comforting, but is also starting to wonder if Max is right about her powers. He does tell her that not even Superman can save everyone and that a hero never stops trying just the same. And then of course there is a hold-up in progress and Kara decides to go be a hero, even without her powers.

Alex’s plan to go with the other agent to get the neural inhibitors and go after Jemm fails when the bad guy manages to start working on Donovan before he can get it on. He tells Alex to run even as he points his gun at her.

Supergirl walks into a store as it is being held-up and tells the crook that they don’t want to hurt anyone. Cat, who is now live on the air, calls for the people to rise to the occaision and be better in the face of their crisis. She treats Supergirl as the rallying cry while Supergirl is talking the robber out of the crime. She tells the criminal that she believes people are better than this and as she is doing so, James takes a photograph of the robber handing over his gun.

Back at the DEO Alex is working her way through the halls but is grabbed by Henshaw. She tells him that Donovan is dead, but gets a call from him. It’s really Jemm, but Henshaw knows this. Jemm plans to free the prisoners, which we knew. Henshaw starts to leave to go after him, but Alex pulls her gun on him. She makes him handcuff himself to a wall after telling him that she doesn’t trust him. She also calls Jemm and tells him to come to the control room.

In the office James and Kara talk about the photo he took of her. Kara asks James what the first photo he took was and he pulls a photo out of his father. It was right before he left for the Gulf War and he never came home. James said that he never put the camera down after that and that when you take a picture you are really permanently capturing the truth of the moment. He then prints out the photo he took of her and tells her that the photo will help her remember that she doesn’t need her powers to be a hero. She hugs him, but Winn sees it. He also has Superman’s DEO file. He has found out that she might get her powers back if she has an adrenaline rush, but he’s pretty upset with Kara now. Kara goes after him and Winn tells her, reminds her really, that James has a girlfriend. He also tells her that she’s not going to have a normal life once her powers are back and is generally pretty negative. It’s cut off by a pair of explosions that Kara hears and realizes is the gas line. Winn calls the people upstairs and Kara starts to figure out how to get them down.

Jemm has come looking for Alex now and she has a gun trained on him. He demands that she show herself, but she shoots him and sets off some explosions. This leads Jemm to try to get her with the jewel in his forehead, but she manages to shoot it out. The alien keeps coming and manages to knock her down, but then a scaffold falls in front of him and he is tackled. It’s Henshaw who tells Alex that he isn’t the enemy.

James decides to scale the elevator shaft to help the folks upstairs. Kara doesn’t like it, but he does it anyway. James forces open the doors and evacuates people until he is the last one left but another blast hits the building, causing him to fall. James catches himself on the elevator cables, but the cable isn’t holding and James can’t get the ladder. He’s about to go falling to his death when Kara gets her power back. She flies to his rescue and then she goes out to save the city. She starts with a falling school bus and then puts out a fire in a high-rise, and flies over Max Lord, who is annoyed.

Alex calls Kara and leaves her a message that they’re all okay. She then goes into a closed room with Henshaw and he tells her that he isn’t Hank Henshaw. He tells her that Henshaw is dead, died at the same time as her father. It seems that they were tracking a lost alien and Henshaw found him in Peru. Alex’s dad tried to stop Henshaw from killing the alien because the alien was a refugee like Kara, a sole survivor from a lost world. Papa Danvers died trying to stop Henshaw and died a hero. Alex figures out that Henshaw is the alien. The alien explains that he is a shapeshifter who took on Henshaw’s identity. He wants to reform the DEO and that he promised Papa Danvers that he would take care of his daughter as though she were his own. He then tells Alex that he is J’onn J’onzz, the sole survivor of Mars.

Kara invites Winn to come over, but he refuses and says that while he is never disappointed in Supergirl he is disappointed in Kara. Dude is mega overreacting to a hug, but then again Winn is kind of creepy.

Later, Supergirl shows up outside Cat’s window. Cat wants to know why Supergirl abandoned them and Supergirl explains that they don’t always need her. Cat inspiried both the people and Supergirl. And then she flies away. Only to be attacked by three people, including Astra.

So now we know why Henshaw’s eyes glow! How do you guys feel about the appearance of Martian Manhunter? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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One Comment on “Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 7 ‘Human for a Day’”

  1. Dylan December 8, 2015 at 8:26 pm #

    I was squee-ing so much at the reveal that Henshaw was actually J’onn. I do wish they’d stop using good guys (Vartox, Jemm) as bad guys just because they’re aliens. Plenty of evil aliens in the DCU as is.

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