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5 of the Best Beauty Vloggers to Glam up Your Holidays

{Image Credit: Shutterstock}

{Image Credit: Shutterstock}

With the holidays here, we might find ourselves short on time for that beauty makeover at the salon or department store. This is why technology has become a convenient haven for the on-the-go girl! But with millions of videos on YouTube, sifting through what you need can lead to major distractions—like those adorable cat videos! Or video of cats with babies! Who are we kidding? It’s a deep, dark rabbit hole of cats and babies.

Though trying to find what we need most can be difficult, especially if we’ve been watching those cutesy videos for hours—it really doesn’t have to be! With a diverse vault of makeup artists and beauty gurus whose number one mission is to help master your beauty routine, we’ve narrowed down the search and rounded up five of the best beauty vloggers to help achieve the look you desire this winter, so you can save time and look fabulous at every holiday party this season!

From statement lips to soft or intense looks, there’s a tutorial for every makeup lover! And with the help of these gorgeous ladies who make it super easy and fun, it’s like having your own personal makeup artist at home.

Nikkie Tutorials: Soft Holiday Glam

Um, can we totally be Nikkie’s best friend? With an incredibly congenial attitude and the comedic stylings of the awesome girl next door, Nikkie makes makeup and all that contouring business less intimidating. In her “Soft Holiday Glam” tutorial, she helps you achieve an ethereal sort of holiday glow with a pop of “sparkly, purple-y, champagne-y, glamour-y, amazing-y” for the eyes and a “berry” pretty statement lip. This look doesn’t just accentuate the natural beauty of your features, but it’s sweetheart charm will have you being the true belle of the ball at every festive party too!

Nikkie TutorialsTwitter / Facebook / Instagram

Andrea’s Choice: Casual Holiday Makeup & Hair

With more than 3.5 million followers and growing, Andrea’s makeup tutorials are the perfect addition to your holiday regime. We all have those holiday parties that are kind of casual with lots of family and—oh, your grandparents are over. If your grandparents are anything like mine or Andrea’s, less is always more. So what’s the best look to pull off? Something subtle, of course! In under five astonishing minutes, Andrea helps you to achieve a look that is classy and still festive. While holiday sparkle can be fun, a matte look can be just as striking and Andrea shows you how in the simplest way.

Andrea’s Choice | Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Jordan Bone: Christmas/NYE Glitter Eyes and Red Lips

Disclosing to viewers of her struggles as a tetraplegic this past summer, Jordan Bone bravely shared to more than 4.9 million viewers how she overcomes these obstacles everyday. “If something is standing in your way, maybe it means trying a different way. Explore your options. The obvious route might not be for you,” Bone says. By sharing her story in hopes to inspire others, her makeup tutorials are nothing short of amazing and reach a beauty beyond the physicality of this remarkable young woman. Helping women feel good about themselves through makeup, Bone’s easy holiday makeup tutorial is perfect, especially since glitter and a hot red lip is a memorable way to celebrate the holiday season!

Jordan Bone | Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Michelle Phan: Mistletoe Kiss

Ideal for that kiss under the mistletoe or that smooch come midnight on New Year’s Eve, Michelle Phan’s festive lip presents a rich and luscious pout for the holidays. As one of the most popular beauty queens on YouTube, Phan is practically a household name with more than 8 million followers on her YouTube channel, and a combined 1 billion views and counting. In her three-year old tutorial, Phan proves how a statement lip is flawless for the holidays. Neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss, the matte lip creams she utilizes are super silky smooth. Blending two colors, her technique presents fuller looking lips that are perfect for snowy winter evenings. Both trendy and vivid, this is the statement lip you definitely need as it will complement every outfit at every party.

Michelle Phan | Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

It’s My Raye Raye: Holiday Party Makeup

Much to her dissension, Raye Raye is a real makeup guru! In her quick makeup tutorial for a cool holiday look, this tutorial is about five minutes and super easy to achieve. With a deep lip and a natural eye-shadow that is bound to pop at every holiday party, Raye Raye helps you glam up the season with affordable and easy-to-find makeup that you can pick up just by visiting your local Target, Ulta or Sephora. Did we also mention how flawless this look is?

It’s My Raye Raye | Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

* * * * *

 Who is your favorite beauty vlogger? Share with us in the comments below.

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