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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 8 ‘Hostile Takeover’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on CBS. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: CBS

Image Credit: CBS

Hello again, Supergirl fans! Last night’s episode was our mid-season finale so we’re sure to have some adventure, surprises, and unresolved things. Let’s jump right into the recap (and remember, there will be spoilers).

We pick up from where we were last week: Astra and a pair of Kryptonians show up and face off with Kara. Kara punches them, tries to get away, but quickly finds that Astra has that pesky Kryptonite blade and that she and her cronies are wearing something that protects them from it. Astra tries to convince Kara to join her team, but Kara manages to get away off the side of a building and flies off.

At the DEO, Kara tells Alex and Henshaw (I shall call him Martianshaw…) what has happened. She also wants to go after Astra, but Martianshaw and Alex tell her not to. Alex walks out with Kara and tells her go home and rest. She also discloses that they can now trust Martianshaw. I’m sure Kara is a bit confused.

In the morning, news breaks that Cat’s email has been hacked, and while no demands have been made, the hack reveals a lot of fairly embarrassing secrets. Cat wants to sue their pants off, but her lawyers tell her she shouldn’t because it can make things worse. Kara tries to convince Cat that the story will blow over soon enough and that if she doesn’t believe that she can fight it. Cat wants to schedule a meeting with the board and asks Kara to go through the emails. Interestingly enough, the people she wants in on this are James and Winn.

The Daily Planet is running the emails, naturally, and Kara tries to read them all with James. As she asks Winn to track the hack, Winn is rude to James. (Winn really annoys me. He’s creepy, stalker-ish level jealous and just screams red flag for not a healthy relationship.) In this case he’s still upset about Kara hugging James (her friend) from the other day. James and Kara are a little awkward, too, but seriously, Winn is creepy.

Over at the evil Kryptonian headquarters, this dude called “Lieutenant Non” is talking to Astra and he’s pretty upset that she didn’t kill Kara. Astra tries to smooth things over, but Non’s pretty sure that Astra isn’t doing the job because Kara is family. Astra has some sort of speech about dying before letting another world to end before she can save it, and Non says that if Astra dies, he’s killing Kara. Turns out this Non guy is Astra’s husband.

At the DEO, Kara and Alex are sparring. Kara gets the best of Alex, but it’s not enough and she continues going after Alex. This continued need and want to fight makes her sloppy with anger. Alex doesn’t like that she’s hesitating during a fight, so she asks Kara what’s going on and adds that the DEO should deal with the Kryptonians themselves. Alex doesn’t think Kara should have to fight her family and wants to know if Kara is prepared to kill if need be. Kara is quick to point out that Superman doesn’t kill, but also says that won’t work for Astra. Alex asks Kara what is going on and Kara says nothing, but we get a flashback to Krypton.

Astra goes to meet Little Kara and says that Krypton is dying. She explains that the core is unstable and that while she is trying to save it, the work of saving the world has led to doing some bad things. She explains to Kara that she has to leave, but didn’t want to go without saying goodbye. She hugs Kara and tells her that she couldn’t love her niece more if she were her own child and that’s when Alura comes in and makes Kara leave.

Back at the office, James and Kara are striking out when it comes to the emails. Cat is also talking to the board and telling them that an email hack was bound to happen, but many of the board members want her to step back from the company. In particular though, there is one board member, who says he trusts Cat and is sure she’ll step back if needed. After the meeting Cat wants Kara to keep looking. Seems that some guy named, Dirk Armstrong is going to benefit from whatever comes next and sure enough, Kara uses her super-hearing and confirms that Dirk set Cat up. This prompts James to get Lucy’s help. They can’t trust Cat’s legal team, so Lucy advises them that to keep from making things worse, they need a paper trail. While they talk at Noonan’s they see Astra hanging out outside CatCo. Astra wants Kara to talk to her without backup or the nasty Kryptonite. Kara unleashes her heat vision.

And thus the two women have a fight in the air over the city. Astra runs and Supergirl chases. They blast in and out of a skyscraper, and then Supergirl has to save people from falling debris, but uses that debris to attack Astra. They end up on the ground, with Astra over Kara. Astra tells Kara that her mother was a weak person and a liar, but Kara snaps back that the only weakness was letting Astra live. There’s more fighting and Astra ends up unconscious. Kara drags Astra to a cell at the DEO and doesn’t want to be called when she wakes up.

At the office Winn is useful for a moment and has a plan to deal with Dirk. He is going to hack the hacker, but needs James to put a bug on Dirk’s computer. Winn sets it all up by calling Dirk’s office with a report that his car is on fire. Kara checks up on things with x-ray vision, while James breaks into the office and places the bug. Of course, Dirk gets back to his office but James plays it cool. He tells Dirk that he has support if they need to do things differently because of Cat and leaves. Whew.

Astra is awake at the DEO and has a communicator, the one that she and Kara used on Krypton. Astra wants her to know everything and says that she kept the communicator as a reminder of what she was fighting for. Astra tells Kara that her mother betrayed her. Kara doesn’t believe that, but Astra presses on, asking her if it was Kara’s idea to contact her. And we get a flashback of that night: Astra says that night is the night Alura jailed her because she wouldn’t turn herself and Non in on murder charges because she was worried Krypton was dying. Kara doesn’t remember and says she doesn’t believe her, but Astra says that Earth is also in the same situation and is on the verge of ecological disaster. Astra says that she can help and she needs Kara to help her. Kara is not having it and leaves as Astra tells her that she loves her.

Kara goes straight to holographic Alura, asking if her mother used her to arrest Astra. In addition, she asks if Krypton could have been saved, but the hologram isn’t programmed to tell her that. Kara grows upset and cries, then heat-visions the hologram. She says that her mother lied to her. Alex points out that Kara doesn’t really know what happened, but Kara says what she does know: That she and Astra were given life sentences by Alura.

After she’s a bit more calm, Kara doesn’t want to talk to James and Winn. They’ve had no real luck with the emails, but James did find financial records that show Cat is supporting someone named Adam Foster in Opal City. The guys think that Adam is a boyfriend Cat pays for, but Kara talks to Cat and it turns out that Adam is her son, the product of a short-term relationship. When the guy left with the kid, Cat sued for custody but then she dropped the lawsuit because she planned to be in his life anyway. She later decided the child could be better off without her. Kara asks her if she would make a different choice if she could, but Cat says that she stopped questioning herself a long time ago. Not being there for Adam is her biggest regret, but she also doesn’t feel like she can call him and get him on her side. She is going to step down from CatCo instead of letting him being caught in the middle.

Cat has a press conference and is about to actually step down when the crew shows up with a memo that incriminates Dirk. Cat calls him into her office and shows him the email. He is upset and says his lawyers will get her for her own hack, but Cat reminds him that the email was from a company account, about company business, on a CatCo owned computer and thus they are hers. Security and police escort him out.

Now for the lamest scene, James apologizes to Winn and says that he didn’t realize that Winn likes Kara so much. James also says that he is not in Winn’s way and that he should tell her. Winn says Kara is out of his league, but James says that Kara is special for more than just being Supergirl and Winn should totally try. Way to fail at friendship, James. Friends don’t encourage creepy red flag guys to go after their friends.

Back at the DEO, Martianshaw asks Alex how Kara is doing. Kara is pretty heartbroken, but Martianshaw and Alex don’t trust that fight Astra had with Kara. They think Astra wanted to lose. Turns out that Martianshaw can’t read Astra’s mind, but they go looking for her. They tell her to fess up, but she tells them they are too late. Kryptonian soldiers with the special shielding are rolling up on Lord Tech.

At work, Kara goes to see Cat on the balcony. Cat is having a drink and that’s when Cat drops her own bomb: she has figured out that Kara is Supergirl. She makes Kara take off her glasses and then thanks her for all the help..and calls her Supergirl. Kara then gets a phone call from Alex telling her that Lord Tech is under attack. Lord is pretty crafty, though. He has come up with an anti-Kryptonian weapon. DEO goes to fight with four of the five alien bad guys, and one of them punches Martianshaw, soon figuring out he’s not human. Of course, Martianshaw destroys the shielding and gets him with a Kryptonite cannon. However, Non, fights off some human guards and goes after Alex. Kara comes for him, though and the two end up flying at each other screaming.

And that’s where we end until January. Winn is “Captain Red Flag,” I still hate James and Lucy, Cat isn’t so clueless and I’m not sure what the situation is with Astra and Non. Exciting stuff, nonetheless! Let’s talk in the comments and I’ll see you all back next year, readers!

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One Comment on “Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 8 ‘Hostile Takeover’”

  1. Dylan December 15, 2015 at 10:22 pm #

    Is there something about DC live action shows that make their heroes so bad about keeping their ID’s secret? Because Kara, Barry, and Ollie are just the /worst/ at it.

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