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Diner Guide: Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’ve ever been inside an authentic diner, you immediately feel it take you back to a certain place of comfort and nostalgia. Synonymous with apple pie and old-fashioned milk shakes, diners are a real American tradition with a classic vintage touch. Similar to the long open road, today there are thousands of longstanding establishments carrying forth the fashionable foodie category’s rich traditions of affordable comfort food and soulful intimacy.

While there are millions of greasy spoons across the country with delicious fare and an atmosphere inciting nostalgia, we share some of the most acclaimed diners in and around Indianapolis, Indiana. As the state celebrates its bicentennial this year, we know there will be a lot of partying for those traveling to or within the state—and partying means hangovers that require quality greasy food, indulging your core.

Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

Address: 132 N. East St., Indianapolis, IN

With a mission to provide a taste of love in every bite, Maxine’s is a city favorite among Hoosiers. Whether dining alone or with friends, at Maxine’s you’re family. From its signature dish of chicken and waffles topped with peach butter to grits and a genuine catfish dinner, the menu of Southern soul food is a culmination of recipes packed with fresh ingredients at an affordable price and generous servings. Close to Mass Avenue, this diner is a true delight in the city of Indy with an incredibly welcoming environment.

Four Seasons

Address: 1935 Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis, IN

In what many call the best breakfast joint in Indy, Four Seasons boasts huge portions for patrons with a vast menu of delicious delights for all taste buds. One of the favorites among customers is the “Gyro Plate,” complete with huge chunks of meat! With acclaimed and prompt service, the restaurant has the polished look and feel of an old school diner and never leaves your cup empty. Though in the working class area of the city with a rough reputation, it’s still a silver lining for many in and around the area. With congenial staff and delicious fare, it’s worth a try if you’re out partying and need a greasy spoon to comfort you.

Oasis Diner

Address: 405 W. Main St., Plainfield, IN

In what might be the coolest thing ever, Oasis Diner is an original 1954 Mountain View Diner from Signac, New Jersey that was relocated, restored and reopened in Plainfield, Indiana on the Historic National Road. In every facet, it is the epitome of old school diners! Keeping true to freshness as it was done originally in the 1950s (they even bake their own bread!), Oasis has worked hard to keep authentic recipes from the Mountain View on the menu.  If you’re looking for a sweet fix after a night of partying, Oasis’ milkshakes are a must, as is the Atlantic City—a thick cut brioche toast stuffed with cinnamon cream cheese and sliced strawberries.

Mother’s Table

Address: 1301 S High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN

Making you feel like you’re at home, this family style atmosphere with meals prepared from scratch is a gem tucked away from the lights of the city. Featuring a large menu of foods ranging from breakfast to dinner, customers love this dive that opens at the crack of dawn. With a beautiful presentation on every plate and a lot of food for your buck, Mother’s Table is more than just a pancake house—even though their signature pancakes (and apple pancake!) are delicious and perhaps the fluffiest thing, next to a cloud.


The Steer-In

Address: 5130 E. 10th St., Indianapolis, IN

As previously seen on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the historic Steer-In prepares that kind of stick-to-your-bones fare. Touted as a must-try by Guy Fieri, this casual and laid back greasy spoon is chic and trendy, with incredible service and food. With several original recipes and desserts, try the beef and noodles (they are a favorite with customers!) and save room for the coconut cream pie, which has been on site for decades and earned quite the reputation with taste testers.


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Do you live in Indianapolis or visit often? What are some of your favorite greasy spoons in and around the city? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: FattBoi_Kutz&Stylez/Instagram

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