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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 18 ‘Worlds Finest’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on CBS. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: CBS

Image Credit: CBS

It’s finally time for the Supergirl and Flash crossover event! There will be a lot of spoilers for this episode, so if you haven’t watched yet, now’s a good time to get a snack and come back later. If you just can’t wait, read on!

We open with Siobhan screaming on a doctor’s table at the DEO. While a doctor examines Siobhan, Kara’s talking with Winn about how hard it is to win back the city. People still haven’t gotten over Supergirl’s evil turn. Kara says that she even helped a family assemble some IKEA furniture. That’s how dedicated she is.

The doctor finishes her tests, revealing that Siobhan isn’t an alien. It also means that they have no answers for her sonic scream. Not having answers doesn’t sit well with Siobhan and she’s annoyed no one can help her. Winn tries to be a good boyfriend and calm Siobhan down, but as he speaks Siobhan has some sort of brain attack. It doesn’t last very long, but it disturbs Siobhan and she makes a quick exit. As she’s leaving, Siobhan sees Lucy talking to an imprisoned Livewire. Topic of conversation? Killing Cat and Supergirl.

At CatCo, Cat has a box of fancy cupcakes. She and Kara look at them longingly while Cat uses the cupcakes as metaphor for Kara’s situation with James. Cat knows that Kara’s interested in James. Cat’s also aware that James is interested in Kara. Instead of suggesting that Kara go directly after James, though, Cat suggests not going after him. Kara should just be herself and it’ll draw James in.

Walking down the street having left the DEO, Siobhan has another brain attack. This one’s far worse and she ends up turning around and going to CatCo as though she’s in a trance. Once there, Siobhan goes full scream on Kara, knocking her unconscious and out a window. It doesn’t look good for Kara, but then a red streak appears and catches her. It’s the Flash! The speedster runs her out from the city to safety. Supergirl has no idea who the Flash is (nor the Flash any idea who Supergirl is) which leads our speedster friend to figure out that, oops, he’s on the wrong earth.

In secret Supergirl headquarters at CatCo, Flash (who has revealed his real name, Barry Allen) does some research to see what’s going on. This earth has Central City but no STAR Labs or any of the counterparts of his world. Winn and James show up and Kara has to fill the boys in. Winn’s excited that the multiverse is real. Barry’s stunned about aliens. James doesn’t seem to get it so Barry explains the multiverse (and says the evil version sucks, by the way).  Barry demonstrates his speed to them by getting ice cream. It impresses Kara. James isn’t sure how he feels. Actually, scratch that—James is visibly jealous and after Kara and Barry leave, Winn calls James out for it.

Of course Kara being rescued by an unknown hero doesn’t go unnoticed. Cat pounces on the Flash story, getting the best line of the night when she makes a jab about how the assembled group (Winn, James, Kara, and Barry) look like the cast of a CW show. Cat wants to pursue the hero story and orders James to get a photo, then orders Kara into silence about her experience. Additionally, Cat wants to name the new hero “The Blur.” Barry suggests “The Flash,” but is shot down by Cat before she tells the guys to leave. With the boys dismissed, Cat tells Kara that James is visibly jealous and to keep it up.

Looking a little rattled, Siobhan visits her aunt in a magic shop. Turns out that her aunt knows what’s going on because their family has been cursed for centuries by a banshee. To rid herself of the curse, Siobhan will have to kill the source of her anger at the cost of her soul. Siobhan is down for this, but must figure out how to get rid of Supergirl to get to Kara. Siobhan decides to team up with Livewire and stages a jailbreak.

When Lucy calls Kara to tell her that Livewire is loose, Kara freaks out and alerts Cat. Kara wants Cat to leave town but boss lady says no and states she believes in Supergirl. Kara goes to get help from Barry and the pair head to the DEO.

As the heroes prepare their team up, Livewire goes to her lair and meets Siobhan. Livewire’s unimpressed at first, but then Siobhan demonstrates her powers. Siobhan also explains her plan: kill Cat and Kara by getting rid of Supergirl. Interested in this proposal, Livewire suggests a makeover for Siobhan.

Using science (by tracking electricity usage), Barry tracks down Livewire. It’s time to go after the villain, but Supergirl mostly plans to punch her way out. Barry needs a better plan though. They don’t come up with one and the pair take off to battle. Our heroes get to the lair and initially find Livewire. Flash tries to disarm her with his own electricity, but it fails. Supergirl tries to help Flash out, but Silver Banshee makes her debut. The newly-minted villain breaks out her scream causing Supergirl great distress. She then has to use her ice breath, while the Flash creates his wind tunnel to disable Silver Banshee. Our heroes take the moment they are given and escape.

Back at CatCo, Barry and Kara chat on the balcony. Kara apologizes for her lack of plan and opens up about her bad experience with the red Kryptonite. Barry tells her to slow down in regards to trying to regain the public’s trust. He tells her to do good work and they will forgive her in time.

Inside James is looking for Kara. So is Cat, but before much can come of it, Livewire and Silver Banshee show up. Cat knows immediately that Silver Banshee is Siobhan. Livewire zaps James as he tries to help Cat and Winn tries to talk Siobhan down but his efforts fail. Silver Banshee screams at Winn, knocking him away so the evil duo can kidnap Cat. At the DEO, Barry makes earbuds he and Kara can wear to protect themselves against Silver Banshee. As he finishes up, Livewire appears on-screen. She and Silver Banshee have Cat at National City Park and their plan is to kill Cat if Supergirl doesn’t show up.

At the park the bad girls are having fun tormenting people. Cat begs Livewire for her life, not for shallow reasons, but for the sake of her sons. Despite her plea, Livewire shows no remorse. Our heroes show up in the nick of time. Silver Banshee screams, but fails to stop Supergirl because of the ear buds. This leaves Livewire to fight Flash while Supergirl battles Silver Banshee after freeing Cat. Livewire gets the best of Flash and with him down, is ready to take down Supergirl. A helicopter distracts her and Livewire decides to bring it down. Supergirl puts herself in the line of Livewire’s fire, taking the volts, saving the helicopter and people, but collapsing to the ground. Before Livewire can finish off our hero, the people of National City surround Supergirl. They’re willing to protect her with their lives because she risked hers to save them. Of course, Livewire isn’t sentimental and is about to start picking off citizens. Fortunately, the fire department shows up and stops Livewire with the fire hose. Supergirl has earned the love and trust of the people again.

With the villains taken care of it’s time to wrap things up. Cat knew Barry was the Flash the whole time. Barry equipped the police with a way to jail metahumans. To get him home though, Kara has to race him to the top of their speeds, then throw Barry. Before he leaves Barry gives Kara some advice about James (he tells her to go for it) and then they hug.

Later, James comes over to Kara’s place. It’s awkward as Kara tries to tell James how she feels so she skips to action instead. Kara kisses James, but he doesn’t react. He just turns and walks away. Kara is confused, but then we see everyone else is behaving the same way.  The whole city is under Non’s control. Myriad is active.

So what’s up with Myriad? Let me know in the comments below!

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