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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 20 ‘Better Angels’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on CBS. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: CBS

Image Credit: CBS

Last night was the season finale for Supergirl. While we don’t yet have official word that the series is coming back for a second round, the episode deftly tied up loose ends and set us up with a lot to look forward to. This recap is going to contain pretty much all the spoilers for the finale, so read on only if you’re ready.

The episode opens up where we left off last week. Kara and a Myriad-controlled (and evil Kryptonian super-suited) Alex are fighting to the death. Alex has some wicked skills with that Kryptonian death sword. Fortunately, Kara is also pretty agile and somehow manages to only be scratched by it. The fight is intense, and Alex is definitely getting the upper hand until Mama Danvers shows up with J’onn in tow. The Martian protects Mama Danvers’ mind while she speaks to Alex. The calm and steady of words of her mother is somehow enough for Alex to overcome Non’s mind control. Alex snaps out of Myriad, sparing Kara’s life.

With Kara alive and mostly well, it’s showtime. Kara is going to use Cat’s old station to broadcast her symbol along with a speech about hope. Lord explains that Myriad messes with the way the mind works, but that somehow the emotion of hope can override it. Alex also explains to J’onn that under Myriad she could see and hear, but couldn’t control herself until she heard her mother mention her father. It was then that Alex felt hope and snapped out of it. Kara delivers an impassioned speech. As she speaks, we watch as people are moved by it, first the people immediately around her, and then others. Winn is the first person we see snap out of it once he sees Supergirl’s symbol and hears her speech. Then James wakes up. Then Lucy. Then, one at a time and then en masse, everyone else in National City wakes up. Fellow Supergirl fans, this is a beautiful speech and a beautiful scene. It’s totally okay to cry.

Also crying, though not tears of joy? Non. Myriad has failed and he’s pretty upset. Indigo, twisted as she is, preys on this and tells Non that they should kill the humans and leave Kara there alone. Non smirks approvingly.

At CatCo, Kara is so happy things are normal again. Winn and James apologize to her as well as thank her for saving them. Kara has a sad moment remembering the coworker she couldn’t save, but James stops her from being too sad by wanting to talk about their pre-Myriad kiss. Winn excuses himself, but before James can tell Kara how he feels, Cat shows up and it’s time to get to work. Also working are the folks at the DEO. Lucy is dealing with cleanup and an injured J’onn when her father, General Lane, shows up. Superman is still unconscious and General Lane wants to restrain J’onn. Lucy calls him out for his awful behavior and choices, then points out that all he is doing is pushing her away the same way he pushed away Lois. Alex is trying to clean up things as well, but appears to have a headache. Kara steps in to help her and as Kara helps, Mama Danvers has some questions. Mama wants to know why Alex and J’onn really visited her so Alex tells the truth. The sisters reveal that their father is still alive and, once Non and Indigo are dealt with, they’re going to find him.

Lord takes that moment to roll in with bad news. Lord has discovered that while no one is being mind controlled, the Myriad signal has been amplified. It’s causing headaches and will continue to amplify until it literally causes everyone’s heads to explode. That, Lord, explains, is the plan: if Non can’t control them he is going to kill them all and they don’t have a lot of time. How little time? Four hours. Lord is going to work on finding the source of the signal and Supergirl will deal with it. It’s not that easy, though. Lord points out to Kara that she may not be able to handle this alone. She could win, but it also might be a suicide mission. Kara quickly comes to accept that she will save the planet, but die in the process. While they wait for information on the source of Myriad, Kara goes back to CatCo sad and resigned. Kara, fearing the end of her own life, takes some time to express her feelings to the people important to her. She thanks Winn for being an amazing friend before going to see Cat. Kara tells Cat how much she means to her, but Cat is, well, Cat about it and shoos her off to get a juice. Kara then goes to see James. Her talk with James isn’t what one would expect, though. Kara sort of pre-breaks up with him. She tells him that he means so much to her and that she wants him to be happy. James is confused, but can’t stop Kara from leaving.

At the DEO, Kara goes to see J’onn.  It seems that James called Lucy to alert them all that Kara is saying goodbye and that alarms J’onn. Kara tells him that she knows she can save them, but it may cost her her life and she wanted to say what needed to be said. Kara didn’t get the chance to do that on Krypton. She assures J’onn that she isn’t giving up. She is just at peace. Kara kisses J’onn on the forehead.

Lord finds the source of Myriad’s signal. Turns out it’s coming from Fort Rozz. The government cordoned the crash site off as a nuclear test site which left Non a safe space to work his evil. With the location now known Supergirl is ready to go, but J’onn doesn’t want her to go alone. Lucy forces her father to release J’onn and our alien heroes are ready to go as a team. Kara doesn’t say goodbye to Alex. She can’t. Once J’onn and Kara arrive at Fort Rozz, Non and Indigo show up immediately and give them bad news. Fort Rozz itself is powering the signal. And now? Time to fight. While J’onn and Kara fight the bad guys, the Myriad signal gets stronger. Everyone starts experiencing excruciating pain, every second bringing them closer to death. Time is running out and things aren’t going well. Indigo stabs J’onn while Non and Kara are locked in a laser-eyes battle. Just when all seems lost, though, J’onn rises and literally tears Indigo in two. For her part, Kara taps into her inner rage and burns out Non. As she lies dying, though, Indigo explains that Kara won’t be able start Fort Rozz to fly it away. They’re still doomed.

Doomed is not a word in Supergirl’s vocabulary. She gets Alex on comms and tells her sister the truth. The only way for Myriad to go off planet is for Kara to fly it to space herself. Alex tries to talk her out of it, but Kara tells her no. Kara wants her to tell their father that she kept wearing the glasses and that she’s had a good life and that she wants Alex to have a good life. Kara loves her sister Alex loves her right back. Alex doesn’t want Kara to sacrifice herself, but it’s too late. Kara pushes Fort Rozz into flight and lifts it into space. She frees it from Earth atmosphere and then orbit before losing momentum. Kara floats for a moment, seeing Earth before passing out and starting to drift. All seems lost, and then we see a spacecraft approach. And then? Kara wakes up at the DEO. Alex piloted Kara’s pod into space and saved her. Kara saved the world and Alex saved Kara. General Lane tells Supergirl that the president is appreciative, but also that the president is pardoning J’onn. J’onn also gets his job as DEO director back, and he is gracious. He includes Lucy in the new DEO.

Now for more little details. Lord and Lane are being shady about that Kyptonian power source. Clark messages Kara to tell her that she is stronger than he is, which we already knew. Cat shows up at Kara’s desk with a box to clear her desk. Kara thinks she is being fired, but instead of to the elevator Cat takes Kara to an empty office. Kara is promoted! Cat finally acknowledges all of Kara’s hard and perfect work. Once Kara hires Cat a new assistant, Kara can more or less decide her own next step. Cat believes Kara can change the world. Cat also calls Kara by the correct name for the first time.

At Kara’s apartment, it’s time to celebrate. They’ve left a place at the table for Jeremiah, once he is found. James gets Kara alone to give her a photo he has taken of Supergirl. However, it’s not Supergirl. It’s of Kara, just being Kara. It’s a sweet gesture and then James kisses her. FINALLY! I guess they are not broken up now. Hooray! They are called away for Kara to open the champagne, and the assembled group toast to family. The celebration is cut short, however, by a light in the sky. J’onn and Supergirl go investigate to discover a pod from Kyrpton. Supergirl opens the hatch and looks at the occupant in shock.

And that is where our season ends. Who is in the pod? Is Indigo really dead? What will James and Kara’s first date be? Will we get a second season? So many questions! Speculate with me in the comments if you’d like. See you next season!

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