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7 Delicious Mango Recipes That Will Bring the Tropics to You This Summer

In the magical just-before-our-eyes way that these things happen, mango has turned into the fruit of the summer. Fall has pumpkin spice, Winter has peppermint, spring has…well spring is still looking for someone steady, but summer now has mango. It went from that fruit that you saw in the corner of the produce section that you didn’t exactly know how to use to popping up in more and more places and more and more recipes.

Mango is now getting the pumpkin spice treatment fruit-of-the-season treatment — it’s being put into every food product, for better or for worse. The good news here is that mango is a very versatile fruit and works well in both sweet and savory dishes, in addition to drinks. So this is one food deserving of it’s newfound fame. Here are some of my favorite ways to eat mango:

Blueberry Mango Smoothies {via two peas and their pod}
Summer is the ultimate time of the year to enjoy a smoothie. Not that we can’t enjoy them year round but they are especially great for a cold breakfast on these super hot days. The only downside that I typically find with smoothies is they often have super long ingredient lists. But this one breaks the mold! It’s simply blueberry, mango, yogurt, and milk. Super creamy with a tart flavor from the blueberries, a bit of sweetness from the mango, and ends up looking a gorgeous shade of purple. There’s nothing not to like about this smoothie.

Image Credit: sean bonus

Mango Salsa {via cookie and kate}
Aside from just eating it plain, this is probably my favorite way to eat mango. Fresh fruit in salsa is a little unexpected, which I think adds to how delicious it is, because it acts as a contrasting surprise to the tomatoes. The intensity of the mango flavor goes great mixed in with red onion, tomato, jalapeno, lime juice, and cilantro here. Now, this salsa is great enjoy the traditional way (with chips!) but it’s really great when used as a taco topping and sends them to the next level. If either of those vehicles don’t work for you, I have discovered that this salsa is spectacular eaten right out of the bowl with a spoon.

Black Bean Quinoa Mango Salad {via vanilla & bean}
Quinoa salad is a really fantastic summer lunch or dinner. It’s healthy, can be mixed with a ton of different flavors, and can be eaten hot or cold so it’s easy to transport if need be. Despite the long ingredient list for this one, it’s actually quite simple to make. Essentially this recipe is a bunch of opening containers into a bowl, mixing everything together, then eating. It’s even quicker to make if you already have the quinoa cooked. The sweetness of the mango here contrasts nicely with the smokiness of the vinaigrette and then the lime really brings everything together to finish.

Mango Coconut Bars {via marcela valladolid}
Is there a dessert that screams summer more than mango & coconut? Especially toasted coconut? These bars are similar to the very popular lemon bars — they just use mango in place of lemon — plus they addition of toasted coconut as a topping. I’ve found that people who don’t even think they like mango really like these bars, which is probably because the creaminess of the filling makes them pretty irresistible. The toasted coconut gives them that extra summer flare and flavor, but it’s not necessary, so don’t be afraid to remove it if you aren’t a big coconut fan.

Jalapeno Mango Margaritas {via how sweet eats}
A jalapeno-mango margarita is the ultimate sweet-spicy drink. A jalapeno margarita or a mango one on their own is delicious enough, but combining the two is really out of this world. For this recipe you are infusing the vodka with sliced jalapeno peppers overnight to get that spice and the sweetness comes from a mango simple syrup. It takes a little bit more time to put together than your typical pour & serve drink, but they are really worth it. Make sure you have some left over sliced jalapeno peppers and diced mangoes to put inside the drink because it really makes the presentation look special.

Image Credit: jessica merchant

Mango Sorbet {via all recipes}
Fruit sorbets are a really fantastic way to highlight the flavor of whatever fruit you choose without just eating the fruit as is. If you have an ice cream maker this mango sorbet is extremely easy to make, and it’s one of my personal favorites. You aren’t doing much more than pureeing the fruit, adding sweetener and turning on the machine. You could even eat it right after churning if you like soft serve sorbet. For something so delicious and impressive (everybody always thinks that ice cream, gelato, and sorbets are very difficult to make; serve this at your next party to be showered with compliments), it comes together in a matter of minutes.

Mango Brulee {via steamy kitchen via dine & dish}
This is a really stunning and bare bones way to enjoy mango. All you need for this is the fruit itself, a few spices, and sugar for the top. Unlike a traditional creme brulee, you don’t even need a kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar — everything is done under the broiler in your oven. What happens in there is nothing short of magic. The natural sugars in the fruit combine with the sugar and spices you are placing on top to caramelize and create a little nice crust, while the fruit beneath it stays juicy and warm. A truly decadent dessert, one that goes fantastic with vanilla ice cream on the side.

What’s your favorite way to eat a mango?

Featured image is from rob nguyen.

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    Mango is for sure the best fruit ever!


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