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Artist Spotlight: Castro

castro diamond dreams

Music is the tie that binds people from all over the world together. Family ties bind you together with people who shape your world. When you mix music with family, the results are a bond that is unmistakable and unbreakable. Case in point: Castro.

Castro is a folk-pop trio comprised of singing siblings Jason Castro, Michael Castro and Jackie Castro. The musical gene runs deep within their family. The spotlight first shone on the Castro clan back in 2008 when the eldest Jason was a finalist on Season 7 of American Idol. After placing in the Top 4, he released albums and toured the globe as a solo artist. Following in their brother’s footsteps, Michael auditioned for Idol in Seasons 8 and 9 and built up a strong following online through his popular YouTube covers, originals and vlogs, while Jackie did the same with her own YouTube channel. In 2015, the Dallas born-and-raised siblings returned to their family roots and joined forces to form a band that integrates their similarities and differences to create a distinct sound that is theirs, together, which their first song “Rock and Roll” fully embraces.

castro diamond dreams ep

Image: Fervent Records

Signed to Fervent Records in March, Castro’s debut EP Diamond Dreams will be released on September 2nd. The record was produced by Charlie Peacock (whose previous credits include The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, Ben Rector, and American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen) and recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Committed to writing all of their songs together, the three twenty-something singer-songwriters have collaborated to compile a harmonious collection of work that infuses and unifies their individual vocal styles and eclectic musical tastes. The 7-track EP affords time for each singer (soothing Jason, soulful Michael, and sweet Jackie) to take turns singing lead while allowing for plenty of moments for their voices to blend beautifully together. Touching on themes such as dreaming big, finding happiness, and loving someone unrequitedly. Diamond Dreams is sure to have a song for every listener. As Jason states, that is Castro’s ultimate mission as makers of music: “Music has the power to transform a day, and the power to define a time. That’s our goal: to be that for somebody. To be the song.”

Castro’s upbeat first single, the titular “Diamond Dreams,” has been a mainstay on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 since its release at the end of June (with over 190,000 plays and counting). The soaring love ballad “Automatic” is the band’s newly-released second single.

I was first introduced to the Castro siblings through Jason’s run on American Idol Season 7. As I followed his solo career as a pop singer and then as a contemporary Christian musician, I also became introduced to his equally talented siblings Michael and Jackie, who were crushing it as independent artists in the digital age. What I love most about Castro is how close-knit the brothers and their baby sister are (as evident from their charming vlog series). When I was in Los Angeles for the American Idol series finale back in April, I had the pleasure of seeing Castro’s West Coast debut at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. During the show, they performed their originals along with a rousing rendition of Adele’s “Hello,” and Jason reprised his version of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” which was his signature moment during his stint on Idol. With their charming personalities and incredible live vocals, the Castro family certainly made a lasting impression on the California coast, and soon-to-be, the rest of the world!

Castro is supporting Delta Rae during shows in Boulder, Indianapolis and Cleveland in August and will be joining Green River Ordinance‘s Country As Folk tour this fall. Visit Castro’s website for all of the tour dates.

Castro’s Diamond Dreams EP is available for pre-order on their official webstore, iTunes and other retailers. Follow Castro on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates.

Featured image courtesy of Missing Piece Group.

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