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Why You Should Take More Selfies

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Call it a visual diary or a modern day scrapbook, but selfies are here to stay. If anything, they’re the new social norm. But while there’s been negative talk and studies highlighting a correlation between snapping selfies and a depleting confidence, there are numerous introspective benefits to taking a photo of yourself if done in healthy moderation.

In a column for the Wall Street Journal, behavioral economist, Dan Ariely makes a case for the ubiquitous selfie suggesting they not only enhance moments, but they also become a celebration of shared experiences when we snap a shot with others. This summer, when you hit the theme parks or just lounge at the lake with friends, reclaim that selfie pride because a picture is worth a thousand words and you’re worth a million more.

Can build confidence and strengthen emotion

There’s no denying that selfies today denote a kind of arrogance, narcissism or self-involvement. But it’s quite the contrary as a recent study explored the connection between selfies and an increased confidence. While some will believe otherwise, taking a selfie proves you can be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Think of it like being happy with a current look. Additionally, when you take selfies you learn to capture an emotion or moment in time that you were really proud of or blessed with. Like any other photograph, a selfie can teach you to believe in yourself both emotionally and visually as you toss away insecurity and celebrate your own skin.

Share experiences and moments with others

Considered memories of your past self, selfies are the new visual diary chronicling every chapter in our life. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all! Selfies can capture a million moments at once because it puts us in the moment itself. If you love taking group selfies, you get the chance to enhance the experience with others, while coming closer to those around you. By putting us in control of the situation and moment, selfies allow us to be a part of history as opposed to asking someone to take a photo for us and fake a smile.

An effective tool in self-love 

It can be hard to love yourself when the whole world is trying its hardest to make you one of them. However, selfies are a perfect tool in helping you love yourself more. When you take a photograph of yourself, you might find parts of yourself that you don’t like and that’s alright. Whether it’s sunken eyes from sleeping late or a bit of tummy flab sticking out, selfies all about embracing your real self to help you love who you are and motivate you for a healthier being. Selfies are all about owning yourself, so when you see things you might not like about yourself, you also learn to appreciate yourself.

Puts you in control of your image

Between the media and magazines exploding off supermarket shelves and telling us how we should look, we are living in a very self-conscious world. News flash: airbrushing is not reality, but selfies are. Not only can a selfie put you at the forefront of what you define beauty as, but it can be incredibly empowering as it puts you in control of your image. When you take a photo of yourself with that front-facing camera, you give yourself power over how you want to be seen by the world, while embracing what makes you “you.” Moreover, it’s very unapologetic as you end up making the rules for a more refreshed image.

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