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Desserts Guide: Goshen, Indiana

Goshen, Indiana may be a vibrant and artsy city with a bustling foodie scene of delightful restaurants, but these Hoosiers are real dessert lovers at heart. Sure, three square meals packed with innovation in gorgeous entertainment hubs are an incredible asset in charming tourists and inhabitants, but dessert and an affinity to the sweet life is where it’s at in this Midwestern community nicknamed “The Maple City.”

With autumn fast approaching and the leaves changing, there’s no better way to celebrate these last dog days of summer than by indulging in our favorite desserts in this bright and beautiful city. Between brownies and homemade ice cream, to chocolate chip cookies and gorgeous sugar cream pies, there’s no denying that we absolutely love dessert because truthfully, it’s the best part of any meal.

The Chief

Address502 W Lincoln Ave., Goshen, IN

Featured as one of the best ice cream shops in the U.S. by Thrillist and beloved by thousands in the northern city, “The Chief” is a real symbol of the American Midwest. There’s so much to love about this Goshen favorite. From its hand-painted sign to its simple red and white decor, this charming hometown love is the place to get your sweet tooth fix. With unique flavors like Blue Moon, Kahlua Crunch and Coffee Break, expect to stand in line and wait a bit for your treat but trust me because it’s incredibly worth it. The family-owned and operated parlor makes all their ice creams on their own from 12 percent milk fat and a wide selection of natural ingredients. Plus, the scoops are huge! Talk about generous and congenial.

Rachel’s Bread

Address: 212 W Washington St. # 2, Goshen, IN

Since the early 90s, Rachel’s Bread has been a staple in downtown Goshen. With the delicious fragrance of baked goods meeting you at the entrance doors — and a little further out onto the street, this French-inspired bakery connected to the Goshen Farmer’s Market is constantly thriving with fresh, imaginative cuisine. Moreover, this is not only a bakery where you can pick up the single greatest carb on the planet, but it’s also a café where you can sit back and take in this enchanting experience for itself as you listen to French music, indulge on natural and wholesome meals, or decadent pastries of chocolate, mint, creams or fresh fruit. It’s what the French call, “La vie est belle.”

Electric Brew

Address: 118 E. Washington St., Goshen, IN

Boasting a friendly atmosphere with an even friendlier customer service experience, this coffeehouse staple has been in the downtown Goshen community for a little more than two decades now and you can tell why. With a cozy atmosphere and bright space welcoming tons of natural light, Electric Brew has desserts that are to die for. Seriously. The breakfast favorite for a lot of customers is the cinnamon roll and honestly, one look and you’ll understand the appeal. Not only is it big enough to share with a friend, but it’s definitely one that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Additionally, their baked oatmeal bars are delicious and the perfect breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. Of course, they’re also known for their coffees, fiery espressos, herbal and black teas, so you’ve got yourself a new oasis to relax at during the day.

Rolling Scones

Address: 114 E. Washington St., Goshen, IN

It may have an adorable name, but it’s an even more adorable café on the north side of Goshen. Offering scrumptious artisan scones lovingly handcrafted from the best locally sourced ingredients, Rolling Scones is a down-to-earth place with a casual, chic vibe accented by a unique, mouthwatering menu. Featuring American comfort food, Puerto Rican cuisine and an English favorite, this family-owned and operated joint is best known for their delicious scones that are the perfect addition to your breakfast, brunch or party. With an innovative and rotating menu that include their light and moist scones, it can be recognized that this café located in the Old Bag Factory provides a well thought out, healthy option for those in Goshen and one you rarely see in other eateries.

Honey’s Frozen Desserts

Address: 620 W Lincoln Ave., Goshen, IN

In a world inundated with franchises at every corner, there’s one dessert hub you can definitely turn to for an authentic, at-home option. Nestled in west Goshen, Honey’s Frozen Desserts is an independent business owned and operated venture by real Hoosiers who are committed to not just healthy desserts, but one that uses the freshest milk and sweetened with natural ingredients, like honey. While they also serve fair trade coffee from Central and South America in their neat and clean café, Honey’s offer patrons a delicious and rotating menu of custard, frozen yogurt and gelato options like Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, Cookies ‘n Cream, Dreamy Dark Chocolate, California Tart, and Peanut Butter Fudge Gelato. And if those flavors have piqued your interest with hopes to try them all, you can! Honey’s lets you sample to ensure you get the best dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

Olympia Candy Kitchen

Address136 N Main St., Goshen, IN

Time machines might not exist at this moment, but Olympia Candy Kitchen definitely feels like you’re walking into a dessert parlor straight out of the 1950s. In business for more than 100 years, this family-owned establishment specializes in homemade food that will tantalize your taste buds, in addition to serving the real treat — delicious desserts, like sundaes, cakes, pies and premium hand dipped chocolates that have delighted hundreds of patrons and even U.S. presidents. Situated across Elkhart County Courthouse, this place is not one to miss at all when in Goshen or the surrounding area. They have a great atmosphere that epitomizes that hospitable Midwest feel we’ve all come to love. When at Olympia, order their adorable, “fancy sundaes.” You really won’t regret it. From the “Goshen High School” featuring vanilla ice cream topped with cherry syrup, chopped nuts, whipped cream and marshmallows, to the “Fighting Irish” of hot fudge atop mint chip ice cream, marshmallows, chopped nuts and of course, more whipped cream. What are you waiting for?

Dutch Maid Bakery

Address: 508 W. Lincoln Ave., Goshen, IN

If you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere to spend your afternoon with friends or just catching up on some reading and studying, Dutch Maid Bakery is the quintessential spot in west Goshen. Known for their melt-in-your-mouth hand-cut doughnuts, rolls and danishes, this bakery creates all their products on-site with the finest ingredients for every occasion. Serving specialty pastries including éclairs, cannoli, turnovers and pie, the Dutch Maid also offers amazing lunch and dinner options made of fresh ingredients straight from Clay Bottom Farms with soups, salads and sandwiches until 9:00 p.m. Moreover, as if the bakery wasn’t charming enough with its decadent desserts and full coffee bar, relax on their sofas by the fireplace and enjoy free Wi-Fi access with your baked treat — like a light and fluffy whoopie pie, an Amish tradition that does not disappoint.


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Do you live in Goshen or visit often? What are some of your favorite cafés and dessert spots in and around the city? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: Juan C/Instagram

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