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Flashpoint: What to Expect in Season Three of ‘The Flash’

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Hello again, Flash fans! It’s almost time for season three to kick off and I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to see where we go this season. However, our favorite speedster, Barry did something really crazy at the end of season two and when the show returns October 4, we will be left dealing with the world of Flashpoint.

To help get us all on the same page in time for the premiere, here’s a brief guide to what happens when Barry does the thing that he’s not supposed to do and what we might be able to expect for season three.

What the heck is Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book crossover story arc published by DC Comics, owners of the Flash. Flashpoint specifically upends the DC Universe, changing continuity and leading directly to a whole new DC world, chronicled in The New 52. Long story short, in the world of Flashpoint, everything is different. Barry’s mom, Nora, is alive; Henry never went to jail; Captain Cold is a hero, there is no Superman, and Barry isn’t the Flash. He doesn’t even have powers. To put it very simply, everything is a mess.

So what does Flashpoint have to do with the show?

At the end of season two, Barry went back to the fateful night his mother was murdered and stopped the tragedy from happening. This single act does the same thing to the television universe that the comic book arc did to the DC Universe — it removed the moment that ultimately defines who Barry Allen is, setting his course to become the Flash, and replaces it with nothing. Barry just kicked off a timeline where he has an intact and happy childhood, an event that will ripple out to those he loves. Without his father going to prison, young Barry likely never goes to live with the Wests. He might not become a CSI. He may never become ‘The Flash.’

That’s just great. Does this mean we are rebooting the show?

If the teaser trailers for season three are any proof, yes, Barry’s bad life choices are going to have a major impact on the show. Things are going to open up very differently, but that doesn’t mean we are getting a whole new show. One of the best qualities Barry Allen has is his willingness to fix things he breaks. Barry owns his errors and that will be the saving grace for this season. Once Barry starts to realize that he’s made a huge error, our Scarlet Speedster is going to be looking for a way to right the wrongs — or at least restore some sense of balance to the universe. It won’t be a full reboot, but will likely be a brief reset.

Will we be spending the whole season dealing with Flashpoint?

I don’t have any specific spoilers, and I do think Barry’s actions will have long-reaching effects, but I don’t think the entirety of season three will be devoted to Flashpoint. Like in the comics, the show runs stories in smaller arcs to tell a larger tale over the course of the season. A basic synopsis of the first episode hints that we will see this coming into question right away. Barry will start to have fallout from his decisions and will have to choose what world he wants to live in. That choice will set the tone for this season and will pave the way for new challenges.

Can anything good come from Flashpoint?

Absolutely! We get to see one of my favorite bad guys, Reverse Flash, again. Kevin Smith is directing an episode later in the season entitled “Killer Frost,” which hints that we might be getting to see Earth 2 Caitlin again — or be getting a Killer Frost of our very own. We will also get to see Wally as Kid Flash and considering how important Wally is in comics, it wouldn’t surprise me that he sticks around once Barry tries to fix the world. I’m also hopeful that we’ll also get to see more growth to our hero as he learns his actions have major consequence. Barry is now a seasoned hero. It will be interesting to see where he grows from here.

Do you have any theories on what Flashpoint will bring to the show? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the season three premiere on Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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