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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 6 ‘Changing’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Last night’s episode was as much about the people in Kara’s life as it was about Kara (and Supergirl) herself. Don’t worry though, SuperFans! We still got to see our favorite heroine take down the bad guy. Read on for just how she did it, complete with spoilers, beyond this point.

The episode opens up at a weather research station in a remote location. Easter egg alert, folks, check out the name of the facility. It’s Thorul, which is an anagram of Luthor. Anyway, at this research facility scientists have found the corpse of a wolf that was frozen in the permafrost for thousands of years. This doesn’t sound like it would be a huge research find, but this isn’t an ordinary frozen wolf. This wolf’s body is warm when it shouldn’t be and when one of the scientists cuts the wolf open and puts his hand into the incision bad things happen. And by bad things I mean something pulls him deeper into the corpse.

Over in much warmer National City “Mike” is back to being Mon-El again. He’s out with Kara at the alien bar and it’s really the place to hang out as Alex, J’onn and M’gann are all there, too. Mon-El is reluctant to train with Kara even though he still can’t control his powers, but agrees to the training if Kara will drink this crazy potent alien booze. Kara does, thus locking Mon-El into training with her, but Kara also gets drunk. It’s adorable, especially Kara trying to not slur her words to Alex. Speaking of Alex, she talks a bit with Maggie about coming out, but everything is cut short when J’onn and Alex get the call from work about a strange distress call coming from that weather research station.

The DEO, specifically J’onn and Alex, arrive at the station and find the bodies of the researches literally sucked dry. They look like sunken, creepy petrified corpses. Everyone is dead except for one scientist. That survivor happens to be the dude who put his hand in the wolf corpse. J’onn and Alex bring him back to the DEO to check him out. The next day, Alex wants the scientist, whose name is Rudy, to stay there for observation. However, Rudy doesn’t want to do that. He is really passionate about trying to find a solution for climate change and wants to get back to work. As Rudy leaves, though, he coughs up some freaky slug thing that crawls into his ear. This cannot be good.

Making good on his promise to train, Mon-El and Kara are sparring. Kara is quite clearly in charge and doing a lot better than Mon-El when Alex interrupts. She wants to speak with Kara alone so the sisters go for a walk. On the walk, Alex awkwardly comes out to Kara. For her part Kara is supportive, but has questions. Unfortunately when Kara asks Alex questions about Maggie Alex does what she does and suddenly leaves upset.

Back at the research facility of creepy things Rudy is running tests on himself and noting that whatever this thing that crawled into his ear is appears to feeding on his red blood cells. As Rudy is examining things his boss shows up. The boss does not support Rudy’s climate change work and tries to fire Rudy, but that doesn’t work. Rudy, who now refers to himself as we, attacks the boss. As this is going on Winn is at the DEO and he pulls up a video from the research facility that shows Rudy attacking the other scientists. It also shows him draining their energy which alerts the DEO that there is a bigger issue. Alex and Supergirl go to take Rudy in, but Rudy grabs Supergirl. He drains some power from her which then makes him impervious to Alex’s bullets before he is able to escape.

Alex is worried about Kara and runs some tests on her back at the DEO, but J’onn suggests that Kara just go home to rest. Before she does, James shows up to check on her. He also tells Winn that he wants his hero suit, but Winn tells James it isn’t ready. He tells James that if he goes into the field at this point, James will die and be of no use to anyone. Especially Kara. Meanwhile at Kara’s apartment, Alex shows up. She accuses Kara of acting weird since Alex came out, but Kara says that she is actually fine with Alex being gay. What’s eating at Kara is that she never created a space for Alex to share her true self before. The girls bond and hug it out, but are interrupted with an alert that an alien is beating someone up on an alley.

That beat down in the alley? When Supergirl arrives she finds Mon-El roughing up a blue alien. It turns out that Mon-El has taken a job as an enforcer for a bookie. This really upsets Supergirl. She tells Mon-El that he’s being selfish and that he should be using his powers for good. Mon-El counters that Supergirl is only a hero because she likes the praise and attention. This causes Supergirl to officially give up on Mon-El and she leaves to go back to the DEO. Once back at the DEO Supergirl is sent to stop the rogue scientist from killing a lobbyist who is against climate change. Or course it’s not really the lobbyist that Rudy confronts. It’s J’onn in disguise, but when J’onn and Supergirl try to stop Rudy it backfires. Rudy drains them both of their energy and power, transforming himself into a giant purple monster before he leaves both heroes for dead.

Their bodies withered and corpse-like, Alex gets J’onn and Kara back to the DEO. The pair are in bad shape, but Kara will slowly pull through. J’onn, however, is dying unless he can get a blood transfusion. Alex goes to get M’gann for help while James convinces Winn that it’s time to get in the field. Winn, after a brief chat, gives James his hero suit. When Alex gets to the bar to get M’gann, Alex finds Mon-El moping and drinking to which Alex says that Mon-El is a coward. She also tells Mon-El that Kara is the one who believes in him.

Back at the DEO with M’gann, Alex explains that the only way J’onn will survive is a blood transfusion. M’gann tries to protest, but Alex implores her and says there is no other choice. M’gann ultimately agrees and asks J’onn to forgive her as the transfusion begins.

While the heroes get the saving they need Rudy, now that giant Parasite monster, attacks the keynote speaker of a climate conference. Mon-El actually shows up and stops Parasite from killing the speaker, but then Parasite goes after Mon-El. James, now the hero Guardian in his suit from Winn, shows up to save him. Winn provides backup from a van as Guardian fights Parasite and Mon-El rescues civilians caught in the battle. Supergirl wakes up and flies to a nearby nuclear power plant. Turns out that there is such a thing as too much power. Supergirl uses the plutonium from the power plant to overload Parasite’s system and make him explode. The monster is defeated. Supergirl thanks Mon-El for stepping up and then thanks Guardian. Of course, thanks the a lead-lined suit, Supergirl has no idea who it is.

The next day, Winn visits James at CatCo. The two agree to keep working as heroes and take up the name Superfirends. J’onn wakes up with M’gann at his side and he thanks her. M’gann, however, notices J’onn’s hand shaking and looks worried. Alex then goes to the alien bar and tells Maggie to buy her a drink. However, before Maggie can do so Alex impulsively kisses her. Sadly for Alex, Maggie gently rejects her because she is too new into her new journey and wants to be there for Alex, but as a friend. Hurt, Alex pulls an Alex and abruptly leaves. Alex misses work, which results in a concerned Kara showing up at Alex’s apartment. Alex won’t let her in so Kara comes in a window. Hurting, Alex breaks down to her sister and tells her about Maggie’s rejection.

And what about Mon-El? The Daxamite seems to be having a change of heart about his purpose. He stops to help a homeless man as he is walking down the street. Sadly, Mon-El stopped for the wrong man. The man uses a massive taser type device to disable Mon-El and then he is thrown into a van. By Cadmus.

Next week Mon-El is in Cadmus’ clutches, but things look bad for J’onn. Might we be seeing the J’onn’s “Fernus” personality that has appeared in the comic books? Will we finally find out about M’gann being a non-green Martian? Let me know your best theories about next week in the comments!

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