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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 10 ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

Happy Tuesday, Superfans! Last night’s episode has had me singing David Bowie all day (the title invokes his song, Heroes.) In fact I might just hum it all through this recap. So if you want to join me be sure to read on! Unless you don’t want to be spoiled. If so stop here.

We open with Mon-El in hero bootcamp. He and Supergirl are training together at the DEO and Mon-El isn’t exactly doing a perfect job of it as he loses one of the cutouts he was protecting. That notwithstanding, Supergirl tells Mon-El that he is improving and it’s time he gets his own suit.

Police world. Maggie and her crew find a bunch of bad guys who have been tossed into the trash after being beat up. These bad guys also have drugs on them so Maggie notes that the Guardian had to have been working that night. Of course he was! James gets to the van where Winn is and Winn notices that our friend James has a bullet hole in his suit. Yep, James got shot which means that Winn now has to fix the Guardian suit as well as make a suit for Mon-El. Winn things James needs to tell Kara what they’ve been doing in the dark.

Back at the DEO we find M’gann and she is still in her containment space. She’s hearing voices in her head, too, a chant that she starts chanting over and over as well. She chants “death, blood, beautiful war.” J’onn races into the room and M’gann screams, breaking the glass in her containment space before passing out. J’onn gets her medical help, but according to Alex, M’gann isn’t sick. Not physically, anyway.

People sick in other ways? Livewire. She’s in prison and being spoken to by a psychologist. The psychologist asks Livewire if she wants to go back to her life before. Livewire definitely doesn’t and vows to kill Supergirl when she gets out. In fact, Livewire starts going on and on about how powerful she is and as she does, a guard and another prisoner unlock her and then shocks the psychologist.

With there being a new Livewire problem, Winn gets Mon-El ready to fight her in a chat back at the DEO. Supergirl, however, warns both of them that Livewire is really dangerous. Meanwhile, Alex lets J’onn know that while M’gann is physically okay she is also dying and Alex asks J’onn to help out by mind melding with our favorite not-green Martian. J’onn refuses. While J’onn is refusing, Livewire rolls up at the police department.

Kara opens up to James about her nemesis, but James points out that Kara doesn’t have to go up against Livewire alone. This prompts Kara to mention Mon-El, but James doesn’t trust that Mon-El is truly committed to being a hero. This chat is disrupted by news breaking about Livewire being at the police department. Supergirl and Mon-El show up to save the day, but they soon discover that Livewire is not alone in her powers. Things are more complicated now so Supergirl has Mon-El go help get the police to safety while she fights the sidekicks alone. That doesn’t go well so Mon-El ditches the police to help her as Guardian goes to help the cops. That also doesn’t go well and Guardian gets zapped and the sidekicks escape before Supergirl can finish them. When Supergirl finds Guardian lying on the ground she pulls off his helmet and now knows that the Guardian is James.

At the DEO Alex fixes James up and as she does so, Supergirl finds out that literally everyone knew about James except her. She gives James a chance to explain himself, but then tells him that the big problem with James being Guardian is that he’s human. One human mistake could end in James dying. This results in James picking out Mon-El’s faults and that results in Supergirl giving James the ultimatum to stop or else she will. James tells her she can try.

Also in the trying to convince someone to do things game is Alex. She tries again to get J’onn to help M’gann, even pointing out that M’gann saved his life. J’onn still refuses. He doesn’t want to think of any White Martian doing anything good. He needs them all to be monsters for him to hate.

Supergirl talks with Mon-El who is aware of his shortcomings in the field. This prompts her to ask him why he wants to work with her. Specifically, Kara asks Mon-El if his motivation is because he has a crush on her. Mon-El can’t answer. Supergirl says she has to find Livewire as she is the only person who seems to understand just how dangerous Livewire is. There might be a catch to that, though. Next we see of Livewire, she’s strapped to a gurney with wires hanging from her as she screams and a scientist looks on.

Winn is able to show Supergirl the footage from the prison that shows Livewire is in distress. However, Winn also claims that he can’t track her, but what Winn does instead is gives James a lead. It seems James wants to prove himself as Guardian. J’onn then takes Supergirl down to the medbay and tells her he is going to meld with M’gann after all. J’onn wants Supergirl and Alex to be there for support and then he enters M’gann’s mind. He finds her watching the White Martians gathering up the Green Martians. M’gann explains that she set a guard tower on fire because they wanted her to kill a child. M’gann apologizes to J’onn for hiding who she was and says that all she wants was to be his friend. J’onn softens and tells her that they are, in fact friends, and he rescues her from her memories.

Now it’s time to rescue Livewire. The evil scientist with her explains that he is making super soldiers and that the attack on the police was advertisement of his work. Guardian then shows up to the rescue, followed by Mon-El. Guardian takes out the sidekicks only to find out that the scientist has also given himself powers. Winn calls for help from Supergirl, telling her that both of the guys are in trouble. The scientist plans to turn Winn and Guardian into super soldiers. Fortunately, Supergirl shows up and rescues them, then has them go after the various henchmen while she saves Livewire. Somehow, Supergirl convinces Livewire not to attack her and instead go after the crazy scientist. Supergirl gives her a head start, but Livewire warns her not to bring backup next time.

With things winding up, J’onn lectures Winn about lying to the team even though J’onn can also admit that Winn and James are a good time. Kara explains to Alex that despite the bad, there is still good in Livewire. Kara also tells James and Winn that she won’t stand in their way of being Guardian, but she can’t support it. Friendship? Over. J’onn tells M’gann that she is in danger. It seems that the White Martians were psychically attacking her and now they’re coming for her. And rounding out the episode, Mon-El visits Kara at her apartment. He tells Kara that he remembers kissing her. Mon-El also admits that he saved her at the police station because he cares about her. Mon-El also says that it’s okay if Kara doesn’t feel the same way, gives her a weird high five and leaves. Confused? Kara seems to be so, too.

So how about those White Martians? Could Livewire truly have good left in her? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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