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Teething 101: How to Remedy Your Baby’s Challenging Milestone

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

It can be absolutely amazing to watch a baby grow and develop. Every month of life brings so many changes as they go from being newborns to toddlers and beyond. But for all the wonder that is watching a little one grow there are a few developments that are more trying than enjoyable for both parents and babies alike.

Teething is one of them and is an uncomfortable experience that unfortunately, continues off and on for years. Because teething can be such a challenge for all involved, we explore some tips to help deal with this trying milestone.

Drool bibs

Drooling is a thing with babies, but when a baby is teething? The drool is on a whole new level. Many teething babies drool a lot, so much so that they can cause rashes on their chins and necks. To help avoid the rash (and to keep clothes from being damp) a soft, absorbent drool bib will be your best friend. You can use any non-vinyl bib or you can make any one of the simple tutorials found on Pinterest.

Teething necklaces and chewing beads

During teething babies will want to chew on anything and everything they can. That includes when you’re holding them. To keep your little bundle from chewing on your regular jewelry or your clothes, try wearing special teething necklaces and chewing beads made for grownups! The beads are stylish enough to be jewelry, but are completely safe for little ones to pull and chew on. The best part? Many styles are dishwasher safe.


You may already know that pacifiers are an indispensable tool when wrangling a baby, but they really can do double duty while baby is teething. This goes double for special teething pacifiers. Teething pacifiers are designed to be extra useful as those pearly whites are coming in. Some varieties let you freeze them with fruit puree or breast milk inside to help soothe. Others are textured to make the chewing more comfortable. Either way you can’t go wrong. And bonus points? The pacifiers give baby’s fingers a much-needed break from being chewed upon.

Hand sanitizer and wipes

While not exactly designed for the baby to put in its mouth or help relieve pain, sanitizer and wipes are one of the best things parents can have handy while the little one is growing a smile. Everything goes into baby’s mouth while teething. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping things as clean as possible since their final destination is junior’s mouth.

Do you have any great teething remedy tips or solutions? Please let us know in the comments!

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