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5 Romantic Spring Date Ideas Guaranteed to Blossom Your Relationship

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After being curled up on the couch for months with Netflix and cozy blankets, we are happy to announce that spring has almost sprung. And with a new season of color and life comes ample opportunity to crawl out of our place of hibernation and soak in the beauty of a fresh new season.

Aside from shedding our sweaters, boots and scarves, the weather beckons for us to really start living again—and with that renewal of life comes time for couples to revel in warm weather. After all, flowers aren’t the only things that blossom!

Whether you two have weathered through the seasons together or are celebrating April showers and May flowers for the first time, these date ideas will add a much needed spring in your romantic step.

Stargazing out in the fields

There is nothing more romantic than laying out on a blanket with your partner and stargazing. Regarded as the epitome of romance, stargazing on cool evenings whether in your backyard or off the highway in the middle of a cornfield just screams of love. Moreover, the date can be easily set up as a picnic with a bottle of wine, music and plenty of conversation. If music isn’t readily available, take a chance on the natural ambience around you and opt for dancing together under a stream of stars and the Flower Moon. If you two get carried away and lose track of time, you might even see the sunrise.

Head to a baseball game

Baseball, beers, and ballpark franks are one of the best parts of spring. But it’s even better when you can include your partner in the fun and games! Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the sport, most of the enjoyment comes from just spending time with your loved one in the stands of a major or minor league game with foam fingers and of course, delicious food. Additionally, all the excitement paired with memorable moments of you and your partner might even turn you to gain a deeper interest in the game.

Take a hike at a national park

If you are looking for a frugal date idea, national and wilderness parks a beautiful, fun way to step up your romance game. Between hikes and camping, spring is the ideal time to check out parks together since summer is the busiest time of year. Plenty of parks across the U.S. offer visitors plenty to do and see with trails and scenic views perfect for capturing romantic moments while alone in forested settings.

Burn a sweat with each other

In case you got distracted, there is more than just one way to work up a sweat and have your heart racing. After a long, hard winter of frost and chill, there is no better time than now to get active with your partner. Whether you two head out hiking, biking, running, or hitting the weights, exercising together is the perfect spring date for couples who value their health and mental well-being. Working out together not only keeps things playful, but it has the power to strengthen a relationship.

Try something new and explore together

Coming out of hibernation to a world of color means everything is up for exploration. Between local festivals, farmer’s markets and fairs to playing tourist in your own backyard with new sights, sounds and festivals, a lot changes after winter and it’s time to explore it together. As you explore, aim to try something new. Novel shared experiences allow for tighter bonds and vibrant memories that you two can look back together on fondly. Whatever you do together, the possibilities of uncovering the unexpected as a couple are endless.

What are some ways you love to celebrate spring with your partner? Let us know in the comments below.

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