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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 17 ‘Duet’

The Flash is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in The FlashBack.

Image Credit: The CW

With both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist being Glee alumni, it’s not surprising that fans would end up with a Flash/Supergirl crossover featuring both stars singing. What is surprising is just how many other members of the so-called Arrowverse can sing and join the heroes in this special, but important, episode of The Flash. Follow the script, friends, it’s time for a recap!

We open the episode with little Barry and his mother. They’re curled up on the couch watching Singin’ in the Rain and like every time we get a special moment with Mama Allen and Little Barry I have something of a tear in my eye. It seems that Nora gave her son great life advice with musicals, though we are abruptly dragged into the present by Cisco telling Barry he’s been like this for six weeks. Six. Weeks. There’s a reason Cisco is disturbing Barry, though. HR has paged them because a breach has popped upon at STAR Labs. Who comes through it? Mon-El, J’onn, and Supergirl with Supergirl presently unconscious. Mon-El explains what happens and while he does, Cisco notices Music Meister on the security camera.

Barry and Wally suit up and go to confront this Music Meister. Unfortunately, Music Meister knocks Wally out of the way and then does to Barry what was done to Supergirl. We’re transported with Barry to some other place where Kara is singing in a nightclub with a distinctively vintage feel. Kara notices Barry and after she finishes the song the pair go to compare notes, quickly discovering they are powerless. This leads them to realize that they’re not dreaming and they try to figure out what’s going on. As they do this they encounter alternate versions of Cisco, Winn, and Malcolm Merlyn, Malcom being a mobster of some sort. Fitting. Meister shows up, though, and lets the pair know they’re trapped in a movie musical. The trick to getting out is to follow the story to the end and manage to not get killed because if they die in the musical they die for real. They all then break into “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”

So they have to play along to escape. Seems straightforward enough until they end up with Barry being knocked over the head and unconscious. When he comes to he and Kara talk about their crappy love lives and discover that Dr. Martin Stein is a mobster in this movie and Joe works with him. Joe wants Barry and Kara to find his daughter, who happens to be Iris. If they don’t, well, they don’t have much of a choice. Barry and Kara agree to help, then get Cisco to lead them to where movie Iris is. The heroes knock down the door and find movie Mon-El. Kissing movie Iris. It’s as awkward to watch as it is for Barry and Kara to witness.

So while all of this is going on inside the faux musical, in the actual real world Caitlin informs the team that it appears that Music Meister is draining Barry and Kara of their powers. Cut to Music Meister speeding around and then using Supergirl’s laser vision. This prompts Wally, Cisco, and J’onn to team up to go after the guy. Meister gets into a speed race with Wally, but the trio of heroes join forces and manage to knock Meister and take him into custody.

Back in the musical, Mon-El and Iris elaborate that they are in love but it is forbidden since their father’s are competing mobsters. Barry and Kara explain that they were sent to find Iris and bring her home, but convince them to also open up to their parents about how they feel. Because it’s that easy in the movies. Iris goes back to Joe and it’s revealed that Joe and Stein are both her dad. She tells them about Mon-El and they’re not happy. At the same time, Mon-El goes to his movie dad, Malcolm, and confesses. It goes over just as poorly. So Barry explains to Joe and Stein while Kara explains to Malcolm about love and all parties break out in song and it appears that it’s all going to be okay. Except when everyone leaves the mobsters declare war on each other.

Meanwhile, Meister’s in the pipeline where the real Mon-El and Iris demand he release Barry and Kara. Meister days he can’t, but that the two of them, if they love enough that might matter, but Barry and Kara have to get out of the musical by finishing it without dying. So it’s back to the musical. Barry and Kara sing their little duet and dance before gunfire breaks out outside the club. The two gangs are now at war. In their attempt to see what’s going on, both Barry and Kara get shot. This sends their real world vital signs crazy. The heroes are dying. Frantic to save them, Iris and Mon-El have Cisco vibe them into the musical. They find their significant others bleeding to death in the street. Both Mon-El and Iris rush to their partner’s sides, declaring love and kissing them. The kiss ends the musical and they all go back home. As they’re realizing it’s over, Meister gets out of his cell and explains that he did this all to teach them an important lesson about love then disappears.

Crisis over, Mon-El, Kara, and J’onn go home. Iris and Barry also go home to their apartment to talk. Barry queues up a song on his phone and starts to sing to Iris. As he ends the song, Barry gets on one knee and proposes to Iris again. She says yes.

Next week? It’s time for a little magic. See you then!

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