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Actress Veronika London Brings The CW’s ‘iZombie’ to Life

Zombies, crime-solving, and brains, oh my! The CW’s iZombie continues in its third season, with new faces coming (and going) every week. We caught up with one of the show’s fresh faces to discuss her role in the series, life as an actress, and getting back to work post-injury.

Source: Kristine Cofsky

iZombie focuses on a medical resident who joins the world of the undead when she is attacked at a boat party. She later takes on a job at a local medical examiner’s office to sneak a few “snacks,” and realizes she takes on the memories of the dead after eating their brains. She uses her new-found powers for good and works with law enforcement to help solve crimes, claiming she’s “psychic.”

Actress Veronika London can be seen in the third season of the CW’s hit show. London, who says she’s “a huge fan of the show,” spoke to us about her role in the newest season.

“I play Taryn, the cute and ordinary neighbor and ex-girlfriend of Finn (Robert Richard),” she tells us.

The episode, which airs tonight on the CW at 9 PM ET, revolves around Liv (Rose McIver) and her new beau becoming closer after they share the brain of a former “daredevil,” and Blaine (David Anders) is “back to his old ways.”

For London, this isn’t her first go-around with sci-fi television. She also had a role on Fox’s Lucifer in 2016. London says when faced with the genre, she simply won’t back down.

“I love the challenge of making a character humanly relatable even though they are placed in unrealistic sci-fi/fantasy circumstances.”

London has been acting for more than a decade, and has learned a lot along the way. When asked about her favorite part of the acting process, the Mexican-born beauty had this to say:

“Discovering and playing around with traits about myself that are not part of my everyday life.”

When she’s not busy on set, the 29-year-old actress likes to keep busy in the gym. Unfortunately, she suffered a broken ankle which put her out of commission while she healed. Today, London is back and as active as ever!

“I’m completely back to normal. I am a huge fan of boxing, martial arts and overall just being active. Recovering from a broken ankle was quite the mental challenge but it also made me very aware of how fragile we are as humans.”

London on Fox’s ‘Lucifer’. Source: ‘Lucifer’/FOX/Warner Bros. Television

Fitness is such a huge part in London’s life, that she doesn’t rule out the possibility of making it a part of her career.

“Bringing characters to life is my first love. After my injury I made some lifestyle changes in regards to my fitness and nutrition. I would not be surprised if I somehow get involved in the fitness industry as well. This year I had my first feature in Inside Fitness Magazine.”

Finally, for those who are still getting to know the model and actress, there’s one thing she thinks you should definitely know about her…

“I am a creative layered resilient human being.”

iZombie airs on The CW tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Keep up with all things Veronika London on her Twitter, IMDb, and Instagram.

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