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Elizabeth is a Vancouver-based writer, editor, and author. Her first book “Beyond Black and White” is available now. She is an old soul who's young at heart, a human jukebox, and a corgi lady in training. Follow Elizabeth on Twitter at @ElizabethThe.

Top 5 for 5: Elizabeth Lists Her Favorite Live Musicians

Elizabeth The, Senior Social Media and Creative Director has been with The Hudsucker since day one, and has written about a variety of subjects for the site. Her passion for music shines through her writing, so for her Top 5 for 5 she chose to write about her favorite musicians she’s seen live. 

Concerts are my happy place. Nowhere else do I feel more at home than when I am in a room full of people singing along together to songs performed by my favorite artists. Over the years, I’ve written concert reviews for the purpose of sharing my love of live music with readers.

Since we launched The Hudsucker in 2012, I’ve been introduced to some incredible new artists, and it’s been remarkable to see their careers skyrocket to great heights in such a short amount of time. In no particular order, here are five of my favorite musicians that I’ve discovered and seen live in concert over the last five years.

Ed Sheeran

It’s hard to believe it was only five summers ago when an up-and-coming British singer-songwriter by the very English name of Ed Sheeran experienced his big breakout moment while performing “The A Team” at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert. Since then, the talented and tender-hearted troubadour has grown to be one of the most successful international pop stars of our time, topping the charts, playing sold-out shows worldwide, and recording a love song that is guaranteed to be played at weddings for all of eternity. I was fortunate enough to see Ed twice during his Multiply tour, and I will be seeing his revelatory one-man show a third time for his Divide tour this July.

Alabama Shakes

I remember listening to their first single “Hold On” on the radio and being immediately hooked by their sound of ‘bluesy rock with a southern rock edge’. Lead singer Brittany Howard is an absolute beast of a guitarist and vocalist — I would kill to be able to sing with such grit and gusto like she does so effortlessly. I got to witness Alabama Shakes in concert at an outdoor setting in the summer of 2016, and it was one of the most electrifying live music experiences I’ve ever had. It was raining but it made no difference because Brittany and the band commanded everyone’s attention from the start to the bitter end.

Kacey Musgraves

Country music has faced criticism for being too traditional and non-progressive in its themes, so when I heard there was a new country girl in town causing a scene with her traditional sounding music that promoted lifestyles and ideals considered alternative and/or taboo, I was curious. After listening to her debut album Same Trailer, Different Park, I was sold on Kacey’s honest and unapologetic manner of storytelling. I saw Kacey live last August on her Rhinestone Revue tour and fell in love with her sweet sound, chill vibe, and affinity for sparkly things. Recently, it was announced that she’ll be touring with another new favorite solo artist of mine, Harry Styles, next summer, so I’m kinda freaking out about that just a little bit.

Tove Lo

I heard of Swedish sensation Tove Lo by way of a jazzed-up Postmodern Jukebox cover of her song, “Habits (Stay High).” Though I cannot personally relate to the hardcore party lifestyle depicted in her songs, there’s something about the imperfections, heartache, and numbness Tove speaks of that really resonates with me enough for me to listen to her albums over and over again. Raw, provocative, and fearless, Tove has become my favorite electro-pop artist today. I saw her in the fall of 2015 for her Queen of the Clouds tour and I’m looking forward to seeing her perform songs from her latest album, Lady Wood this September during her biggest opportunity yet—opening for one of Britain’s biggest bands, Coldplay.

Tori Kelly

People turned away from American Idol have gone on to have amazing careers, such as Colbie Caillat, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, and Amber Riley from Glee. Tori Kelly, a soulful singer with vocal prowess on par with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, also belongs on that list. After being unceremoniously cut in Season 9, she hustled her way to a recording deal with Capitol Records by the age of 20. Released in 2015, Unbreakable Smile is a cohesive debut album that stayed true to Tori’s artistic identity. I saw her perform twice and not only is she remarkable live, but she’s also a down-to-earth sweetheart on- and off-stage. This is only the beginning of what’s sure to be a phenomenal future in music for Ms. Kelly!

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What are your favorite new music discoveries from the last five years? Let us know in the comments!

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