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Jessica is a contributing writer for The Hudsucker. You can usually find her dissecting the latest season of 'Game of Thrones', or singing along to Taylor Swift's '1989' in the car at stop lights. Feel free to say hi. Personal motto: Live every day like you're Glen Coco.

Top 5 for 5: Jessica Lists Her Favorite Entertainers

Ever since Senior Contributor Jessica Fritz joined The Hudsucker two years ago, her love of popular culture has been apparent in her monthly entertainment roundups. For her Top 5 for 5, she shares who her favorite entertainers are and why. 

One of my favorite things in life is entertainment. Whether it be albums, movies, television, what-have-you. But for me, one of the best parts about the entertainment industry is getting to know and falling in love with the creators behind it all. From 2015, I’ve been covering trending entertainment news with The Hudsucker and interviewed a fair share of future industry favorites! Without further ado, here are my top five entertainers. Who are some of your favorites?

{Image Credit: Twitter / @theaffinitymagazine}

Taylor Swift

Taylor is amazing. That’s not to say the woman is without her faults. I know “All Too Well” that she makes mistakes from time to time. Controversies (read: feuds) aside, I admire her ability to seemingly remain humble in the face of success.

She is not only one of the greatest songwriters of this generation, she is relatable, and unapologetically herself, even when the world tries to shame her for it. And she puts on one hell of a show. As tabloids continue to comment on her relationships, T just continues to live her life, and shake it off.

{Image Credit: Twitter / @teenchoicedata}

Harry Styles

I first fell in love with One Direction when I was a freshman in college. It didn’t take long for me to peg a certain curly-haired lad as my favorite, either. Not only is Harry devilishly handsome, he is as kind as anyone could be. He’s supportive of women’s rights, equality in all forms, and even his exes (looking at you, Ms. Swift).

In interviews, he manages to remain mysterious while opening up about his life, sings like an angel, and has the stage presence of a young Jagger. If you haven’t already, give his debut album a spin, and see why so many people think he’s just “Perfect.”

Selena Gomez

{Image Credit: Twitter / @etnow}

Selena is admirable for many reasons: she’s been an ambassador for UNICEF, has a close relationship with her fans, and is an advocate for mental health. But my favorite aspect of SelGo is her ability to remain kind and fierce in the same setting.

She’s a take-no-nonsense woman, and she serves it up with a genuine smile. When it comes to her health or her love life, she’s as open as she could be, but shows her protective nature of her happiness and well-being.

Selena is the epitome of strength, and I can’t think of a better role model than her.

{Image Credit: Twitter / @hottietaylor1}

Karlie Kloss

What’s not to love about this woman? Karlie has such a bubbly personality, is incredibly beautiful, and has a mind to match. She not only takes business classes at Harvard in her spare time, but she also started a coding program for young women called “Kode with Klossy.”

She offers scholarships to young women who dream of being in the tech industry, and offers as much assistance as she can along the way. She’s also very charitable. She started “Karlie’s Kookies” with chef Christina Tosi for Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City. The duo sold cookies at Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, with the proceeds going to feed children in the city, as well as elsewhere in the world, thanks to the FEEDS Projects.  It’s easy to see Karlie is gorgeous, kind, and smart as a cookie.

Chelsea Handler

{Image Credit: Twitter / @foxnewslive}

There are many things you can say about Chelsea. She’s talkative and brash, sharp as a whip and more kindhearted than you would imagine. Chelsea has a reputation for being too opinionated, but when I watch her show or see her stand-up, I hear a woman who is strong.

She’s an equal-opportunity comic, and it shows in all forms. She’ll make fun of you whether you’re her friend or her enemy. She’ll also defend your right to call her any name you want. Chelsea speaks her mind, makes you laugh, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Who are some of your favorite entertainers? Let us know in the comments below.

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