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Meet Sarah Davenport: Freeform’s Favorite New Actress

Season three of Freeform’s hit show, Stitchers, returned to the small screen this month, and we caught up with one of its newest stars. Actress Sarah Davenport opened up to The Hudsucker about her character, Ivy Brown, the “badass” set, and where fans can see her next.

Sarah Davenport as Ivy Brown in Freeform’s ‘Stitchers’. Source: Stitchers/Freeform

Fans of Stitchers first met Sarah Davenport as the elusive Ivy Brown, in season two of the series. Ivy is revealed as the half-sister to the show’s leading lady, Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta). As season three continues, fans are seeing the complicated, and at times strained, relationship between Ivy and Kirsten, unfold.

Unlike their characters, however, joining the cast was far from complicated for Davenport.

“Oh man, I had no idea what to expect. I have great respect for a team that has been doing this for two years, and I expected to come in, fulfill my little part, and be gone,” she confesses. “That’s not what happened. Everyone was beyond welcoming, and I felt completely integrated. They are well-oiled and professional, yet still completely approachable.”

Davenport’s portrayal of Ivy was a departure from her usual roles, she says. And while it might have been a leap of faith, she was certainly up for the challenge.

What originally caught my eye was Ivy’s mystery. I’m still not sure if she’s good or bad. And to that point, playing a character who even could be ‘bad’ isn’t something I’m used to- I’m not usually ‘the villain,'” Davenport says. “So that whole idea was really exciting. Beyond that, I love that Stitchers blends so many aspects of great television: well-developed, interesting characters; complex yet relatable story lines; a hint of mystery; adventure; humor. I also love that [the show] glorifies smart, strong women- an archetype that could always use more airtime.”

Source: Stitchers/Freeform

Upon shooting the show for the first time, Davenport’s most memorable experience can be traced back to her first time seeing the “Stitch Lab,” in person. No effects, no CGI, just impressive set design.

“Honestly my personal most memorable moment on set was walking into the Stitch Lab for the first time. There’s no tricky ‘Hollywood angles’ going on here- that place totally is as badass as it looks on the screen,” the 24-year-old actress shares. “I got a tour of set the day before I was to start filming, and I remember my jaw hitting the floor walking in. It’s so cool!”

As for the best aspect of working on the show?

“I know it’s cliché, but just getting to work as an actor is incredible. That it is with such an accomplished, tight-knit team is a very special bonus.”

Coworkers aside, the massive fan following of the show is certainly a great consequence of being involved with the show. Each week as the show airs, you can go to nearly any social media platform, and you will see #Stitchers trending, nationwide. For Davenport, the support for both her and the show is one of the greatest parts of the job.

The fans are amazing! It is by their effort that we have a season three, no exaggeration. So forever, I will love the fans. It’s been especially nice that they’re interested in me! I think a lot of them don’t trust Ivy, understandably, but I’m still thankful they’re giving both of us a chance. I know I’m a relative newcomer, and so I don’t have a large following or reputation, but building it like this is an opportunity for which I’m very thankful. I hope as Ivy’s story continues, I’ll learn to share my own alongside.”

Source: Stitchers/Freeform

Not only is Davenport continuing her involvement with Stitchers, she’s got a few feature films set to debut two feature films later this year. The first, The Shift, is what she describes as a “coming of age” film, and her first booking after relocating to Los Angeles.

“We filmed [The Shift] back in Indianapolis ,in November 2015. It was my first booking out here, and my first feature film. It was amazing as an experience. The story is of three high-school friends, now reunited after college, reconnecting during a ride-along with a cop. After a routine traffic stop with their guide, the friends realize things aren’t as they seem and the adventure takes off from there. It is a ‘find yourself’ story, if you will. This project has a lot of sentimental value to me, being my first ‘professional’ foray, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

Her second film walks a much scarier line. Alice: The Hatred, is a horror/thriller that is sure to leave audiences shaking.

“I’m notoriously a baby watching scary movies, and being that this one is pure thriller territory, I was scared to even begin filming. The story is about a group of friends, led by [my character] Regan, babysitting a family friend in her new home. The story starts fun and goofy, but quickly takes a dark turn, sprinkled with a lot of heart.”

So what was the filming process like for this role?

“I’d say filming was the same way too, without as much darkness. This project took full commitment and enrollment on everyone’s part to get done. It was a true team effort, and the bits of the finished project that I’ve seen speak to all of that heart. The moral of the story is touching and I’m excited to see what people take from it.”

Source: Stitchers/Freeform

Davenport not only has acting chops, she’s got the singing voice to match. Having a rather extensive background in musical theater, it wold be no surprise to see her return to the stage. Unfortunately, a health issue may prevent us from seeing her star in a live musical in the short term. 

“Musicals were absolutely my first love and I think about doing them often. Early on in college, I discovered I have nodes on my vocal chords, and the quality of my singing is not what it used to be. I have some healing/work to do before I’ll be confident enough to do something like that again, but I’d definitely like to. Singing is such a special way of expression, fulfilling in a totally different way than acting is. I’d like to say I’ll definitely do it again one day.”

Before we said goodbye, we asked Davenport what is the main thing she wants her growing fanbase to know about her. In short, it’s her hard work and love of the arts.

“I’m in this for the long haul! I started acting ‘professionally’ auditioning in Atlanta when I was 12. I’m about to be 24. Living life as an actor is filled with lots of uncertainty, but the one thing I have to cling to is my passion for the art. I encourage everyone to find whatever it is that makes them that passionate. Chasing your dreams will be the best pursuit of your life!”

You can see Sarah in Stitchers on Freeform on Mondays at 9/8c. Keep up with her, and her upcoming projects on Twitter and IMDb.

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