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7 Delicious Summery Citrus Cocktails to Freshen up the Season

It isn’t that there are times of the year where cocktails need not apply, it’s that there are times of the year where certain cocktails are preferred over others. At least for those of us who tend to eat with the seasons or find our bodies craving different flavors and kinds of food depending on the weather. Where Winter can bring drinks like the dark and stormy or hot toddy, Summer brings along brighter cocktails, many of which contain citrus.

There’s nothing like a sweltering day to make you crave the refreshing tart flavor that many citruses bring. Here are seven of my favorite citrus cocktails to make during the hot summer months:

Tangerine Margarita {via the spruce}
Margaritas are such a crowd pleasing cocktail. You can’t go wrong with the classic but one of my favorite things about them is that they are so open to additional flavors. You can add just about anything that comes to mind, including all citrus fruits. I’m constantly trying out new versions, but my current new favorite is this recipe with tangerine juice. Tangerines don’t really get as much love as some of their other citrus brothers and sisters, I think because they can be a tad harder to find in the grocery stores, which is unfortunate. If you do happen to see them in yours it’s all the more reason to grab some and make this cocktail!

Image Credit: jez timms

Blood Orange Rosemary Fizz {via food & wine}
Don’t be put off by the idea of rosemary in a cocktail. Well — it’s okay to question it a little, but don’t let it hold you back from trying this one out. I will admit that the first time I saw rosemary included in a cocktail I was equal parts intrigued and confused, but thankfully the intrigued side of me won and I realized how delicious it is. You’ll be making a simple syrup out of the rosemary so the flavor isn’t overwhelming, just a nice hint. The Prosecco makes this fizz very refreshing, and if you can’t find blood oranges, this drink can also be made with pink grapefruit juice. The cocktail that I first tried with rosemary actually had grapefruit in it, so I can fully attest to that deliciousness.

Paloma {via saveur}
Despite the margarita’s popularity, palomas are actually just as popular of a cocktail in Mexico (or even more revverred than the margarita depending on who you ask). After having one of your own, it’s easy to see why. Like margaritas, it’s a tequila based cocktail with lime, but this time you are also adding grapefruit juice and seltzer to make it extra refreshing. Palomas are a bit on the tartier side, so if you like things sweet — or if you are finding your grapefruit to be particularly bitter today — you can add up to 1 teaspoon of sugar to balance. If you are looking to make a tequila cocktail but are bored of margaritas give this one of a try, it’s also is very easy to make in pitchers.

Basil Lemon Drop {via better homes & gardens}
Basil and lemon is such a perfect pair, that you already know this drink is going to be exactly what you need. There are so many things to love here, and truthfully even just thinking about this drink in my mind makes me want to whip it up immediately. A traditional lemon drop itself is so simple and satisfying that I do hesitate to make any changes to it, this being the one exception. If you’ve never had (or smelled) lemon and basil together I highly suggest making this now so you can fall in love with those of us that know the glory already. The addition of basil doesn’t even make it that much harder to make, all you are doing is just muddling some leaves in the bottom of the glass at the beginning.

Image Credit: jessica merchant

Clementine Vodka Sodas {via how sweet eats}
Does everyone have a love of the clementine that is carried over from childhood, or is that just me? We use to go through boxes of them in my house and I’m not sure what I loved more, the actual flavor or being able to peel them myself and feel like a real adult. I still love a clementine today but now that I’m older I like to do things like juice them, add them to vodka, and drink it like a soda. I’d say it’s worth the price of admission to adulthood. Clementine juice, lime juice, vodka, simple syrup, and seltzer water are the simple ingredients that you need for this drink, making it another one to add to the quick easy category. You’ll see in the recipe that crushed ice is used, which makes this even more of a treat for those crushed ice lovers out there.

Hibiscus Rum Cooler {via serious eats}
I first came across hibiscus when I saw Kim Kardashian West drinking a pink hued drink from Starbucks and said “I need that immediately,” so I went and got that immediately. It turns out, KKW was on to something with this drink because I truly loved it. Loved it so much that I started buying the hibiscus tea that Starbucks uses so that I could have a Passion Iced Tea any time that I wanted. It took me a little bit longer to realize I could add alcohol to it and fall even more in love, but once I did this became a favorite drink of choice in the summer. If you love that pink drink or hibiscus flavors in general, give this refreshing combination of hibiscus, mint, lemon and rum a try.

Pink Grapefruit Cocktail {via alex guarnaschelli}
Is grapefruit the MVP of the citrus cocktail world? Grapefruit is the MVP of the citrus cocktail world. It holds up so well to alcohol and you can do so many different things with it which is why you will find it in so many different drinks. A simple favorite is mixing it with just a little lemon juice, orange liqueur, vodka, and calling it a night like you are doing here. This is definitely a powerful cocktail flavor wise because both grapefruit and lemon are very strong and there’s no sweetener to tone it down, but that’s what I really love about this one. It really is the perfect cocktail to grab when you really are in need of a pick-me-up on a long, hot summer day.

What is your favorite citrus cocktail?

Featured image is from Blake Wisz.

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