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‘Baby Driver’ Actor R. Marcos Taylor Talks Summer’s New Hit Film

Summer is back, and so are hot blockbuster movies. One film you’re sure to hear about this season is Edgar Wright’s newest flick, Baby Driver. The film, which boasts heavy hitters like Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, focuses on a young driver blackmailed into helping mastermind criminals pull off an impossible heist.

We got the opportunity to speak with one of its stars, R. Marcos Taylor, on his role in the film, working with A-listers, and that time he brought Suge Knight to the silver screen under Ice Cube’s direction.

Actor R. Marcos Taylor. Source: Wes Klain

Baby Driver stars big name actors, and brings new faces to the forefront. R. Marcos Taylor opened up about working with some of the biggest names in the business, citing them as reasons he was first drawn to the role.

“To be honest, having the chance to work with Edgar Wright, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey was what drew me to the project.”

In fact, working with the A-list actors on the project helped Taylor feel completely at ease with the project.

“Working with Jamie, and Edgar. The whole experience was completely stress free,” the 6’3″ actor tells us. “Kevin [Spacey] was just very straightforward, and I was able to take direction from him. Jamie [Foxx] wouldn’t let me take the work too seriously. He let me have fun. Remember, what we’re there to do is have fun.”

Taylor is not only an actor, but has an extensive background in stunt work (he’s previously done stunts for shows such as Luke CageK.C. Undercover, and Sons of Anarchy). Taylor put that experience to the test in Baby Driver, delivering plenty of his own stunts for the job.

“I was able to perform all my own stunts, and had fun doing it. I did ratchet work, gun work, and was thrown around quite a bit.”

With such a long résumé on his hands, we were curious to find out what made this project particularly special, and why audiences should race to theaters for a first-hand look.

“I’ve never seen, or worked on anything like this film. The action, characters, story, stunts, and soundtrack are all incredible. It’s so original.”

Source: Wes Klain

In addition to working stunts for previous films and shows, movie-goers might recognize Taylor from the critically acclaimed Straight Outta Compton. The seasoned actor portrayed music mogul Suge Knight, with music legends Ice Cube and Dr. Dre producing the project.

“It was a brotherhood. Guys, from all walks of life, became brothers. Became a family.”

In fact, working on the should-have-been Oscar nominated film, and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver hold somewhat of a special place in the actor’s heart; He names them as the projects he considers to be his greatest accomplishments.

Despite switching between stunt work and acting, don’t expect to see Taylor doing much work elsewhere. He’s certain he’s found his niche.

“I’m happy where I am.”

Baby Driver hits theaters this Wednesday, June 28. Follow R. Marcos Taylor’s upcoming projects with his IMDb!

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