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Concert Review: Queen + Adam Lambert are the Champions of the World Tour

queen adam lambert brian may vancouver rogers arena

Adam Lambert and Brian May rock Rogers Arena during Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert in Vancouver on July 2nd, 2017.

Queen + Adam Lambert are back in action and ready to rock cities across the United States and Canada all summer long. Once again, original members Brian May and Roger Taylor are joined by American singer (of American Idol fame) Adam Lambert to perform two hours’ worth of the iconic British band’s greatest hits. I first saw Queen + Adam Lambert in Vancouver during their first summer tour together in 2014. In the three years since that show, they have been travelling the globe extensively, performing to audiences in sold-out venues worldwide. The Queen + Adam Lambert extravaganza is an epic nostalgia trip for long-time fans as well as a great experience for both newer and younger fans witnessing Queen live for the very first time, both instances of which were true for the Canadian Queen fans at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on July 2nd.

queen adam lambert brian may roger taylor vancouver

Adam Lambert, Brian May, and Roger Taylor during Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on July 2nd, 2017.

On a guitar-shaped stage, the guys kicked the show off with a bang, blazing through “Hammer to Fall,” “Stone Cold Crazy,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “Fat Bottomed Girls.” After one of many costume changes throughout the night, Lambert rose up on top of the News of the World robot for the fittingly fun and glamorous “Killer Queen.” To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of that album, a few ‘new’ tracks were added to the setlist, including “Get Down, Make Love,” “It’s Late,” and “Spread Your Wings.” The entire evening was filled with a barrage of recognizable Queen songs, including “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Bicycle Race,” “I Want It All,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” the David Bowie collaboration “Under Pressure,” “Radio Ga-Ga,” “Who Wants to Live Forever”, featuring a stunning vocal from Lambert, and the crowd-favorite, “Somebody to Love.”

queen adam lambert vancouver

Adam Lambert during Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on July 2nd, 2017.

Adam Lambert returns to this gig of a lifetime in excellent form with flaming red hair and even more swagger than before. His fearless attitude, commanding stage presence, and vocal prowess and power make him the perfect frontman, and this killer combination is enough to win over any lingering doubters out there. From auditioning with “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Idol to performing the song with Queen in concert, this full circle occurrence reads a lot like destiny. Though a veteran now since taking on his role with Queen back in 2012, Lambert’s gratitude towards working with his musical mentors still remains, as evident by the constant praise he gives to his musical heroes. Along this tour, the singer-songwriter debuted “Two Fux,” his latest single from his solo project, which he humbly dedicates to the one and only Freddie Mercury and his brazenness in unapologetically being himself. Night after night, Lambert is having the time of his life as the luckiest Queen fan of them all.

brian may queen adam lambert vancouver

Brian May during Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on July 2nd, 2017.

After many years of countless tours, the original guys are still continuing to hit their stride. Both rock legends got special moments to showcase their talents. Drummer Roger Taylor ripped through a dynamic performance of “I’m In Love With My Car” and impressed during a raging drum battle. Guitarist Brian May’s electrifying “Last Horizon” guitar solo was further amplified through the tour’s vibrant, hypnotic, and truly stellar production, and his touching acoustic rendition of “Love of My Life” was interspersed with footage of his late, great friend Freddie Mercury. There were several nods to the Queen frontman throughout the night, such as the video clips playing prominently during Mercury’s masterpiece, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” proving that his legacy lives on within the group. When it came time for the trio of May, Roger, and Lambert to close off the show with the anthemic “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions,” Mercury’s spirit was strongly felt and remembered. The most moving tribute of all is through the continuance of the music that continues to have an effect on the lives of fans from generation to generation.

Queen + Adam Lambert are currently touring North America. They will be performing in Europe and the UK this fall and in Australia in 2018. For concert dates, visit queenonline.com.

Images and videos courtesy of the writer.

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8 Comments on “Concert Review: Queen + Adam Lambert are the Champions of the World Tour”

  1. Joan Austin July 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm #

    Great and interesting review – thanks very much!

  2. Sherry (@shadylady1031) July 22, 2017 at 11:17 pm #

    Excellent review: my favorite so far. thank you.

  3. Maryanne July 29, 2017 at 3:41 pm #

    Excellent writer!! I was at this same show (in NJ) and agree, it was amazing. Unfortunately the set I saw they left out “It’s Late” and “Spread Your Wings.” But it was super cool hearing “Get Down Make Love” — that song was perfect for Adam Lambert (in fact, when I saw them in 2014 I thought to myself they should do that song!) Three days later, I’m still very high from this show.


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