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Ways to Unplug and Recharge for a Productive Work Week With Game-Changing Strategies

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When it comes to the weekend, there is nothing like laying out on the couch and relaxing from an exhausting week. But while we imagine we’re handling our downtime effectively or binge-watching everything imaginable, we end up checking our work emails every time a notification goes off or worry about those projects looming for the week ahead.

According to a study from the Pew Research Center, 84 percent of cell phone users claim they cannot go a day without their devices, while 67 percent claim they check their phones for messages, alerts or even calls when their device isn’t going off.

Sure, we’re a bit addicted, but we can only do so much until lethargy kicks in hinder productivity. With summer hitting a high, integrate steps for unplugging to ensure you have off and are able to recharge for a productive week ahead. 

Make a plan for yourself

A great way to implement a strategy for unplugging is to create an offline routine for the weekend full of “me time,” outlining everything you want to do to relax. It could be anything that brings you joy and gets happy hormones running, such as checking out a music festival, a trip to the farmers market, the spa, salon or even just shopping at Target. If spending time with others like family or friends is something you miss and brings you a tranquility, do that. Make it fun and most importantly, be mindful of yourself.

Lay ground rules

When you decide to disconnect, set some clear ground rules for both yourself and coworkers. With us always being connected, it’s hard to break the habit of checking in regularly. But if it means physically leaving behind devices like Richard Branson does when he heads out on “inspiration vacations,” make it known that you plan to be out of touch for a designated amount of time so that others know you are not their only source of aid if things pop up in the eleventh hour. While it might be a tad extreme, your downtime is your own and is essential in making you more productive in the days ahead. Moreover, turn off notifications on your smartphone. By putting it all away and shutting off notifications, you can reduce stress and amplify creativity as mental space and clarity begins to open up at the forefront of your mind.

Spend some time with your thoughts

One of the best ways to unplug is to turn off your device. That’s it. All it takes is a swipe or click, and a bit of willpower. For ease of mind and mental health, shut down the noise and be on your own. Whether it is a nature walk or even a getaway with your loved ones, spending time away from the routines grants fresh perspective and energy. A relaxed mind also brings about more creativity than consumption, while helping you stay connected to yourself. Solitude has a way of grounding our core and providing stillness to reflect and evaluate our lives. Spend that time meditating, doing yoga or even hitting the gym helps.

What are some tips you implement in your lifestyle for a relaxing before heading back to work?

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2 Comments on “Ways to Unplug and Recharge for a Productive Work Week With Game-Changing Strategies”

  1. ktwritings August 3, 2017 at 12:05 pm #

    I purposefully keep my phone on the lowest charge possible, so that discourages me from constantly checking up on how the world is enjoying their weekend. :P
    Great tips!

    – Kathy

  2. Chantel Keona August 3, 2017 at 12:57 pm #

    Awesome tips. Thanks so much for sharing.

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