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The Best DIY Wall Art Tutorials to Brighten up Your Home

{Image Credit: The Girls With Glasses / Priscilla Chang}

If you’ve ever felt the need to spruce up your home with beautiful, vibrant artwork that exemplifies your style, skip professional decorators and get creative with your own homemade decor instead. Those blank, windowless walls surrounding everything you cherish are the perfect canvas for unique, sincere décor ideas.

Sure, buying artwork and hanging up family portraits is a fun way to make a house a home, but creating your own pieces of wall art can better complement your crib’s distinctive styles, allowing you to explore endless opportunities for every room. From colors to texture, to sparkles and depth, DIY wall art is the easiest way to add interest to walls that beams of personality and displays unique flair every season. And the best part is it won’t cost much or take a lot of time either.

Glitter Heart Art

While it might seem like a DIY perfect for Valentine’s Day, this project is bound to sweeten up your walls every day of the year. This easy tutorial from our friends at The Girls With Glasses is one that will certainly add some warmth to your home. Simply made with a canvas, some modge podge glue and heaps of glitter, this super easy to make piece of art is a lovely addition to any bedroom or office space.

Mirrored Geometric Mosaic Art

Inspired by the works of French-Hungarian interior designer, Mathias Kiss, this ultra-affordable DIY replicates his crumpled mirror art collection, known as “Miroir Froissé.” But instead of investing in mirrors and risking injury, this DIY has you taking a scalpel to inexpensive mirror poster paper. Yeah, who knew, right? But in terms of difficulty, this one is pretty high and might take more than a few hours to a day to complete, so have some patience too.

Fish Scale Wall Art

In case you didn’t realize, 2017 is the year of mythical creatures like, unicorns and dragons, taking over everything we love and this one definitely plays to that of the mermaid trend. If you’re looking to create texture and depth on your walls, this DIY fish scale project will add a hint of that seaside love to your space. With a clean, crisp white frame that contrasts perfectly to the five similar shades of blue scrapbook paper intricately glued on a cardboard sheet, this project is both fun to make and unbelievably pretty when completed.

Minimal Pinterest Wall Art

Literally anyone can do this one, especially those are who not too confident in drawing or painting. The minimalist look is always in and one that adds a demure touch to a small space. As a Pinterest-inspired DIY that treads the trend with lines and less color, learn how to make your own illustrative floating glass frame and style up your room in a light, creative way. Not to mention, it’s clean, concise and adds a sense of maturity to a space.

3D Wall Flower Art

Add a pop of color and depth to your walls with this 3D wallflower that is bound to be the talk of every party. Not only is it super cool, but it’s so fabulously pretty that you never would have guessed it was a DIY. Created simply with plastic spoons — yes, you read right! — paint, glue and cardboard, this project is fun to make and totally customizable to however you’d want your flowers to look.

Rustic Wall Art

Add a touch of warmth to your home by creating your own rustic piece of wood paneling wall art for under $20. Both pretty and simplistic for any space in a home, this cottage-inspired DIY only requires 11 materials, including printed out text of your choice. Since you need to stain the wood to achieve that warm wood tone and texture, this might take you about two days to complete but it’s worth it! Especially if you want to give off that cozy, warm look to a living space.

Watermelon Art

If you’re still missing that warm, sunny weather, brighten up your kitchen with this sweet take on our favorite fruit. Ideal for covering up large, empty wall spaces, this watermelon project made of plywood is not only easy and inexpensive to make, but will take a bite out of summer to freshen up your space.

Chevron, Glitter and Graphic Prints + Ribbons

Can’t seem to make up your mind between the type of wall art you want gracing your blank walls? This two-in-one DIY tutorial will help brighten up your rooms by offering variety. In the first tutorial, create depth with slices of color and glitter thanks to taping off sections of a canvas. In the second project, create a fancy reminder board that’s perfect for a busy room or office with just three things: a canvas, some ribbon and a glue gun.

Geometric Wall Paint

This DIY kicks the traditional wall art you hang up a notch by utilizing your actual wall as a giant canvas for your creative juices. The design itself might look super complicated, but it’s incredibly simple and will make your room really pop in a MoMA sort of way. All you need is tape and paints of your choice, but beware that the taping might take a few hours.

Flag Art

This gem from The Girls With Glasses is another beloved favorite. Nothing says summer all year round than adding a piece of Americana to your home without going over the top. This American Flag art is not just easy to make, but incredibly affordable too as it adds a rustic, country flair to your home. All you need is wood, paint, a few hours to spare and voila — you have your own flag that beams of pride and elegance. As one of our absolute favorite ways to decorate our room, it’s always best to just #PutAFlagOnIt.

What are some of your favorites? Share with us in the comments below.

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