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Bernard Robichaud Talks Playing the Antagonist in Lifetime’s ‘Sea Change’

“Every good story needs to have an antagonist, and Bobby Sr. is a good example of that.”

Actor Bernard Robichaud opens up to The Hudsucker about his new role in Lifetime’s latest made-for-television movie, Sea Change. The former Trailer Park Boys actor spills all about the gritty character in the new film.

Actor Bernard Robichaud. Source: Pierre Gautreau

Sea Change, a film based on the YA novel by Aimee Friedman, follows teen Miranda as she relocates to a new town, struggles to reconnect with her mother after the death of her father, and learns there may be more to the myth of the town’s “Seawalkers.”

Robichaud, a veteran actor from shows such as Haven and Trailer Park Boys, plays Bobby Sr., whom Robichaud describes as a colorful antagonist with a whole lot more story to tell.

“Bobby Sr. is an ex-football player, a womanizer, adulterer, partier, probably still reliving the dream of his football days, club/restaurant owner who likes to have things his own way,” the actor tells us. “I hope that Sea Change becomes a series, as many of us do, so the character can really take shape.”

The Boston-born actor was born to play the role. That is, if you ask the brains behind the project. Robichaud was selected by the films’ producers, writer (Liz Sczudlo), and the writer behind the film’s novel, Aimee Friedman. Despite not seeking the role himself, Robichaud had no problem connecting with the character upon reading the script.

“I connected to the role because of years of competitive athletics, and think I’ve always wanted to have the nerve in some regards to be the bad guy.”

Source: Pierre Gautreau

While Friedman was certainly supportive of the selection of Robichaud, the actor had not had an opportunity to read the novel prior to his audition.

“The process happened so quickly I didn’t have time,” he shares.

When it comes to selecting his roles, Robichaud says it boils down to one thing: understanding the character.

“I read the script for its story, then I read it specifically with the character in mind, to understand who he is, where he’s going, what he wants or needs, and I hear his words in my head and read the lines out loud, once I have that I make my choices and mold the character.”

Sea Change brought a lot of opportunities for new memories upon production. Robichaud tells us one of his fondest memories came from working alongside the film’s director.

“Meeting old friends and new acquaintances I hope may become friends in the future or may work together again. Love the connection and the team effort of putting a project together,” he says. “Having the opportunity to work with Chris Grismer was a pleasure; he was a very giving director.”

Having so many different projects under his belt, it’s surprising that Robichaud hasn’t yet portrayed a non-fictional person on screen. But he’s got a few big names in mind, should the opportunity present itself.

“Kirk Douglas, or Marlon Brando, it’s a toss-up between those two I guess. I’ve read a lot on both actors, and can identify with their lives and struggles.”

For now, you can watch Robichaud in Sea Change on Lifetime’s network. It’s a story the actor believes will leave its viewers captivated.

“It’s full of mystery, intrigue, sex, beautiful people, a spectacular setting; with a Haven meets Vampire Diaries story line. I believe many will love and lose themselves in the 90 min. adventure.”

For more on Bernard Robichaud and his career, check out his IMDb, and follow him on TwitterSea Change is available to watch now on Lifetime.

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