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8 Fun and Adorable Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas for Halloween

If you’re still decorating your home in anticipation of all the kids ringing your doorbell, it’s time to take a break, put down those beautifully designed pumpkins because “trunk-or-treat” is picking up steam across the country as a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Typically held in large parking lots, neighborhood cul-de-sacs and churches, trunk-or-treat provides families with the opportunity to go from car trunk to car trunk where participants pass out candy. With a carnival-type atmosphere that’s exciting for everyone and involves less walking for the littles, this car-hopping alternative is a safe way for kids and parents to enjoy the evening without the worry.

However, the best part of this exciting novel tradition is decorating your car’s trunk to match a specific theme. Some keep it simple and others go all out, but the tricky part is finding something you can feel inspired by and display it in your trunk as creatively and gorgeously as possible.

Harry Potter

Every kid — and maybe even, big kid — on the planet loves Harry Potter, so this trunk-or-treat will have everyone excited. Create a brick wall that looks like the famous Platform 9 ¾ using red cardboard, and then grab books, candlesticks and house pennants to tie the look together.

Hawaiian Halloween

With the temperatures getting chillier, it is impossible to head to the beach with the kids for Halloween. Instead, bring the beach to them and consider a Hawaiian-inspired trunk or treat that celebrates the very best of carefree, tropical living complete with surfboards, island art, hula skirts, floral patterns and tiki totems.

Black Cat

Easily created with foam insulating tubes from the hardware store and duct tape from the auto shop, this adorable and sleek black cat is a cute way to celebrate Halloween. For the green eyes, get closet push lights, create slits with tape and spray paint green.

Hungry Car

If you’re looking for an idea that is super easy, this is the one for you. Simple and quick, just grab some felt, scissors and a bit of paint for this hilarious idea that will loosen everyone’s tongue.

The Zoo

Make use of your children’s favorite stuffed animals this Halloween and place them in a makeshift zoo in the back of your trunk. Collect trimmed down tree branches and tall perennial grasses, then tie them together for a look reminiscent of a jungle or safari adventure. Additionally, grab dowel rods and spray paint them to look like a cage to keep them all in.

{Image Credit: Project Little Mo}


Recreate those traditional Halloween trick-or-treat vibes with this adorable and fancy trunk. Designed with pumpkins sitting atop urns, a welcoming chalkboard with festive banners and tulle, this beauty is a fun one to put together.

{Image Credit: Pinterest}

Country Chic

Add some rustic charm to your Halloween festivities with decorative scarecrows, your gorgeously carved or painted pumpkins, some wooden planks and hay. Not only is it adorable and simple, but it adds a sweet country flair to the night.

The Black Hat Bake Shoppe

Who says a trunk-or-treat has to be basic? Inspired by a bake shop, this whimsical and charming display is basically the Martha Stewart of all trunk ideas with Halloween props, a full cart of desserts and a classy chalkboard menu reminiscent of a real bakery.

{Image Credit: Porch.com}

The Great Pumpkin

No Halloween is complete without paying homage to Snoopy and the Gang. With the help of faux leaves, fabric place-mats and pumpkin bins, recreate the patch with Linus as he awaits the Great Pumpkin. If you’re looking to create the gang in their ghostly sheets, opt for white felt fabric and chicken wire to hold up the silhouettes.

{Image Credit: Lynn Lees}

What are some of your favorite trunk or treat ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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