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9 Spooky (and Delicious) Cocktails to Celebrate Halloween

{Image Credit: Pineapple and Coconut}

Halloween is just days away and we’re super excited! From the costume planning for you and your kids, to home decorating with mantels and pumpkins — the spooky holiday is certainly one of the most creative and beloved times of the year. But historically, it is known as a night of debauchery, hazy memories and some really creative costumes that involves drinking. At least if you ask an adult.

As the day fast approaches, it’s time to simmer down and focus on you and that party you hope to have with your friends. And that means quite literally, let the babies have their candy, while we’ve got you covered with devilishly delicious and creepy concoctions.

Whether you’re hosting a monster bash or watching some of your favorite Halloween movies on the couch, these cocktails made with the best “boos” will raise your spirits for a memorable evening. Just be careful though heading back into work on Wednesday, because the hangover can be a monster…

{Image Credit: Pineapple and Coconut}

Bride of Frankenstein {via pineapple and coconut}

We’re all about girl power, so when we discover a cocktail that honors Mrs. Frankenstein, you can bet we are all over it. With a rich color and flavor, this vanilla blackberry champagne drink topped with tarty blackberries is both elegant and very Halloween.

Candy Corn Jell-O Shots {via a beautiful mess}

No grown-up party is complete without Jell-O shots! Though the layers take time to set, these shooters made with condensed milk and vanilla or cake flavored vodka — mix them both if you want stronger flavors! — take your party to the next level.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch {via honestly yum}

There is absolutely no better way to entertain guests and amp up the creepiness than by serving up pumpkin-flavored libations in a giant steaming pumpkin filled with dry ice. That said, the smoky effect will last depending on the amount of dry ice used.

Poison Apple {via tokyo terrace}

{Image Credit: Tokyo Terrace}

Easy to whip up with just four ingredients, this wickedly fantastic cocktail adds a warm and comforting touch to the season. Not to mention, it’s incredibly gorgeous in its simplicity and big on flavor with its blend of tequila, apple cider and pomegranate juice.

The Weeping Woman {via muy bueno cookbook}

Inspired by the ancient Mexican folklore, “La Llorena” of a woman who lost her mind after her children died and lover left, this intoxicating cocktail of brandy and bitters features an eerie trail of wispy smoke made from dry ice that resembles her long, flowing gown.

Bloody Brain Shooters {via ministry of alcohol}

If you’re into gross, this cocktail that resembles a bloody brain will unleash your inner mad scientist. Made with vodka, grenadine, Bailey’s Irish Cream and lime juice, the trick in amplifying the yuck is in the acidic lime juice that causes the Irish cream to curdle, creating those brain-like strands.

Vampire Cocktail {via self-proclaimed foodie}

It might look gory and morbid with its fabulous use of plastic syringes a la Dexter, but this spooky vampire inspired cocktail tastes amazing and an interesting mix of raspberries, vodka, amaretto, orange juice and club soda.

{Image Credit: Boulder Locovore}

Candy Corn Martinis {via boulder locavore}

Go all out with this recipe that calls for intensely fusing candy corn with your favorite brand of vanilla vodka. Best prepared a week ahead, this festive martini with its buttery flavors will be a monster smash at your party.

Creepy Blood Orange Eyeball Martini {via pineapple and coconut}

This fabulous martini made of blood orange liqueur, green tea and vodka is the epitome of Halloween cocktails — especially with its creatively creepy lychee-blueberry garnish that looks like an eyeball.

Witch’s Heart Cocktail {via the flavor blender]

This dark magical potion of vodka, grenadine and purple liqueur is the perfect easy-to-make whimsical cocktail for you and your guests. To excite the festivities and honor the creepiness of the evening, have guests add red grenadine with a syringe.

What are some of your favorite Halloween cocktails? Let us know in the comments below.

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