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Actress Andrea Ware Talks ‘Van Helsing’s’ Second Season

Image Credit: Jenna Berman

Andrea Ware is no stranger to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. With guest-starring turns on The CW’s iZombie as well as R.L. Stein’s The Haunting Hour mini-series, joining the cast of Syfy’s vampire drama Van Helsing for season two is a fitting move.

Van Helsing follows Vanessa, a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, who awakens after supposedly being dead for three years to find herself in a post-apocalyptic world full of vampires. She’s been kept protected by a marine and the doctor who saved her so that she can lead the resistance efforts against the vampires and, hopefully, save the world.

The Hudsucker recently had the opportunity to chat with Ware about her role on the popular Dracula lore-inspired series second season, the new character Lucky.

The Hudsucker:  What do audiences need to know about your character, Lucky?

Andrea Ware: Lucky is a woman of integrity, but you can be sure she’ll break the rules. Lucky is on a mission to bring down the Vampire empire, she’s fearless and ready for action. Although tough, she is also compassionate.

The Hudsucker:  What can we expect on Van Helsing this season?

Ware: This season everyone is on a journey. The majority of the season was shot on location, which is really exciting, as it opens up the playing field. In episode 203, Vanessa experiences a life shattering event, and her grief cry vibrates deep, through more than just her own people. This creates a drastic change in events. You’ll have to keep watching to find out how.

The Hudsucker:  What is it like working on a show with such a rich history in regards to the Dracula legend?

Ware:  When I think of Vampires, I think of garlic, black capes, and fangs drenched in blood. The history of the Dracula legend is very iconic and today it has been played with a lot. It’s a legend we are all familiar with, and we all have our own idea of what a vampire is. To then be presented with someone else’s idea of a Vampire, which is far scarier than my own, and then be asked to destroy them, well, I found that quite thrilling.

Image Credit: Jenna Berman

The Hudsucker:  How much did you know about the Dracula legend before joining Van Helsing?

Ware:  All the myths and scary stories of my childhood.

The Hudsucker:  Vampires have long been a popular subject in stories and lore as well as entertainment. Last season we saw how the Van Helsing vampire story is a bit different from some of the more glamorized versions. Do you feel like the show is creating a new niche within the vampire genre?

Ware:  Van Helsing is not glossy it is gritty; it makes the concept seem very real. I often think what would happen in a global disaster, how would people react and what would people turn into when faced with a matter of survival and can they be blamed for such atrocities? We have seen some of the characters do some tragic things in season one, Doc in particular, but when faced with death you never know how you’re going to react. Van Helsing is a game changer.

The Hudsucker:  What interested you most about Van Helsing?

Ware:  I’ve only dipped my toe into the sci-fi world before so I was keen to explore it further. Van Helsing was the perfect opportunity to dive in headfirst and I loved it.

The Hudsucker:  You have said that Cate Blanchet is your favorite actress. What was it like working with her on Robin Hood?

Ware:  I was young and bright eyed when I worked on the Robin Hood set and filled with passion. I was in awe of everyone around me and I soaked it all in, especially Cate. I just remember her being very calm and gracious and when the camera was rolling, it was on! She’s incredible. It was a wonderful experience for a young actor.

The Hudsucker:  What first got you into acting?

Ware:  I think I always had that performing gene, but it was my sister who I saw on stage for the first time, playing Aunt Polly in Tom Sawyer in the school play. She smashed it, and then of course, being the little sister, I wanted to do the same thing.

The Hudsucker:  What do you enjoy most about playing Lucky?

Ware:  I love playing a badass. Lucky is a brave lady; I need a wristband saying, “What would Lucky do!”

The Hudsucker:  What other projects do you have coming up that fans can catch you in?

Ware:  Nothing I can discuss at the moment…

The Hudsucker:  What is one thing you think fans should know about Lucky?

Ware:  She’s got your back, she’s real, she’s funny and she will kick your ass if you step on her toes! I hope they love her as much as I do.

To keep up with Andrea, follow her on Twitter. Be sure to watch Van Helsing on Syfy Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST. Check your local listings.

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