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Talking ‘Legends’ and Christmas Spirit With Actor Graeme McComb

{Image Credit: Shimon Photography}

Fans of Legends of Tomorrow were hit with a tragic loss this season after the DC Crossover “Crisis on Earth X” aired this past November.

After defending the planet from Nazi invaders inhabiting an alternate, Dystopian reality that wreaked havoc for our superheroes, beloved character, Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) made the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of mankind with his life. While his death took audiences by surprise, grieving fans were fortunately reunited with Stein the very next week — this time in the form of Young Stein, played by the talented Graeme McComb.But McComb isn’t just the perfect incarnation of a beloved DC TV character. McComb is a prolific actor currently lighting up TV screens, as well as the festive season in the soon-to-be holiday classic Tiny Christmas.

Graeme with Victor Garber on set of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. {Image Credit: Twitter / @stevenchung1968}

The Hudsucker recently caught up with McComb to chat about everything from playing Young Stein, to what it’s like to portray an elf — oh, and that time he saw a ghost.

The Hudsucker: You play the younger version of Martin Stein, Victor Garber’s character on The CW series, Legends of Tomorrow. What was it like working with Garber, who is this veteran in the field — particularly when you’re playing the same character?

Graeme McComb: It was amazing. I was very nervous before the first episode I shot in 2015. I was nervous that I’d come off as [not genuine], but I diligently studied every detail of his speech patterns and movements and I’m very happy with the results. Victor immediately made me feel comfortable from the beginning, which helped me ease the nerves and settle into the character.

The Hudsucker: The Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Earth-x” just aired and broke hearts with the death of Stein, but in an upcoming episode the Legends run into his younger self, this time trapped by Vikings. Did you know going into the episode that Stein would be recently deceased?

McComb: I had found out he was going to die when I read the script. It was melancholic because he is such a beloved character on the series, but I feel honored to have given him a good send-off.

The Hudsucker: What was it like playing young Stein, both previously and in the upcoming episode?

McComb: It has been super entertaining because the first episode was set in the ’70s, then the following [was] set in the ’80s and ’90s, [and] as an actor it gave me a variety of settings to expose myself to which is very fun to play with.

The Hudsucker: The best part about Legends is that they travel through time a lot. Do you think we might get to see you as young Stein again in future episodes?

McComb: I hope so! I’m uncertain of Young Stein’s future. Only time will tell!

The Hudsucker: Garber said in an interview last year that one of his favorite scenes was the one where he got to work with you. What was it like to receive such high praise from Garber, who is legend in the business?

McComb: It’s an absolute honor. I mean. Wow. He was so amazing throughout the whole process and that was just the cherry on top. Hashtag, “blessed.”

{Image Credit: The CW / Legends of Tomorrow}

The Hudsucker: You’ve been on the show for quite some time now. What is one thing you learned or took away from working with Garber?

McComb: I really learned about subtlety. I would watch him act and see him act out his scenes with a subtle demeanor and see how it seamlessly translated through the camera. I took note of that and implemented it in my role on Legends of Tomorrow, but also carried that onto other projects too.

The Hudsucker: Outside of working with Garber, what’s it like working on Legends of Tomorrow — especially in the viking-themed episode, “Beebo the God of War”?

McComb: It’s amazing! I love it so much. All of the writers and producers are amazing to work with. They always find ways to create memorable and exciting storylines, but also create a balance when writing in touching scenes for Young Stein.

The Hudsucker: With the holiday season here, one of our guilty pleasures is made-for-TV Christmas movies. This month, you star in the upcoming holiday movie, Tiny Christmas. What’s it about?

McComb: [The movie] is about two girls who get shrunk by an elf on Christmas Eve and their journey to try to unshrink themselves before the sun comes up on Christmas Day.

The Hudsucker: You actually play an elf named, Elfonso. What’s he like?

McComb: [He’s] is the head Tech Elf of the North Pole. He invents shrinking goggles which helps Santa carry more toys because they are all small. He then accidentally shrinks the two main girls (Lizzy Greene and Riele Downs), and then tries to help unshrink them before the sun comes up on Christmas morning.

The Hudsucker: There are so many fun Christmas movies we indulge in each year that we make a part of our traditions. What makes this one so special?

McComb: It’s funny, heart-warming and gives you that fuzzy Christmas feeling…

The Hudsucker: So, what was it like playing an elf?

McComb: It was great! I had a blast transforming myself into full costume.

The Hudsucker: The movie is airing all-month long on Nickelodeon for audiences to tune in, but we’ve got to know: which is your favorite holiday movie?

McComb:  A Christmas Story and A Child’s Christmas in Wales!

The Hudsucker: So before you were an actor you actually wanted to be in the NHL. Are you still a hockey fan?

McComb: I’m a huge hockey fan! [I love] the Vancouver Canucks. I was born and raised as a Canuck fan, which comes with a lot of heartbreak. [laughs]

Graeme at Elfonso in Tiny Christmas. {Image Credit: MarVista Entertainment}

The Hudsucker: When you are not rooting for the team, I read you can actually recite Lord of The Rings word for word. That is impressive! Novel or movie?

McComb: [laughs] Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. I was obsessed with the movies as a teenager. I still watch them. I can’t recite all the movies, but I can for sure act out a lot of the scenes too.

The Hudsucker: Fair enough! So, this was spooky: it was reported you saw a ghost once? Can you tell us the story behind that?

McComb: I lived in a haunted house when I was a kid. My step-brother and I were watching Tremors, a Kevin Bacon classic. [And] as we were watching, a tall, white energy passed in the hallway outside. It happened 23 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

The Hudsucker: What has been your favorite acting project that you’ve worked on thus far?

McComb: I did a one-man touring theater show called CRANKED. It was about addiction and toured around various high schools. It had a strong message and was received very well by the teenage audiences. It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

The Hudsucker: Do you have any dream roles that you’d love to play?

McComb: I would love to work on Game of Thrones or any of their spin-offs.

The Hudsucker: Other than Tiny Christmas, do you have any other upcoming projects fans and audiences should keep their eyes out for?

McComb: [smiles] You’ll have to stay tuned…

To keep up with Graeme McComb, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Tiny Christmas is now playing on Nickelodeon.

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