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7 Winter Date Ideas for Getting Cozy

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As the temperature drops, it seems like our date options dwindle. Chances are, you aren’t going to picnic in a park or go for a bike ride with your significant other until spring. Eventually, winter could mean extreme boredom.

But we imaginative readers are anything but boring! This kind of weather offers couples a great opportunity for creative and frugal ideas to keep you two warm all season long — even in the dead of winter!

Connect in the kitchen

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your local farmer’s market doesn’t have quality ingredients! After heading out to pick up some organic food, going back home for a warm and tasty meal never felt so romantic. Connect with your significant other in the kitchen — taste test food, engage in conversation over wine, designate chopping duties and simply experience what it’s like tackling a recipe together.

Date drinking

If you and your significant other enjoy drinking together, chances are you’ll enjoy visiting a local bar or distillery. If you two are visiting a bar, try out trivia tournaments or karaoke your heart out. If hitting a brewery, taste test those samples just because.

Cozy up in a cabin

There’s nothing more romantic or wintry than embracing the season by seeking comfort in a cabin in the woods or a luxurious lake house. Leave the stresses of life behind as you bundle up and leave town for fresh, country air. By heading out on a romantic hike or snuggling up by the fire, the joy of this date is exploring a new place together. Sometimes a change of scenery can do a lot for your relationship.

Hit the spa

We’ve all had that one boyfriend who secretly loves your scented candles and pampering himself à la Chandler Bing — so for your Chandler who enjoys a little indulgence, try a spa date! Not only can it help both of you to de-stress, but facials, a couples massage and a mani pedi can be the perfect break away from work, family and friends. While hitting a spa might be expensive if you’re on a budget, try creating one at home. It can be sexy and sensual, provided you have a large enough bathtub and the kids are with grandparents.

Give back

Volunteering together at a food bank or kitchen is not only beneficial for others, but a great way to strengthen your relationship and keep you both grounded. Shared activities are the best types of dates as they allow you to create fascinating memories and relieve some of those first date anxieties. By taking time out together to volunteer, you’re finding a common interest while enjoying time together around others.

Get outside

If ice skating might seem like something too much out of a rom-com for you, try something new and unfamiliar for your winter date. Between sledding, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, or building snowmen amid a winter wonderland, engaging in alfresco entertainment is a great preamble for cuddling up. Think of the hot chocolate and kissing sessions by candlelight!

Game night

If the two of you love watching sports together, head out to a live game and tailgate. With wintry items like chili and hot cocktails keeping you stuffed and warm, this date is sure to be exciting. But if you’re snowed in, why not whip out some board games or cards? While simple and elementary, a board game between lovers and first dates can make for a ton of conversation, laughs and memories.

What are some ways you love to amp up the romance during the winter? Share with us in the comments below.

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One Comment on “7 Winter Date Ideas for Getting Cozy”

  1. TwoBrits January 2, 2018 at 3:07 pm #

    Awww love all these ideas, especially game night!

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