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‘Death Wish’ Actor Ronnie Blevins Speaks on New ‘Badass’ Bruce Willis Film

It’s not every day an actor gets to work with Bruce Willis, but Ronnie Blevins found himself exactly there upon filming the legendary actor’s latest work, Death Wish. Blevins talked to The Hudsucker about all things Willis, Eli Roth, and even teased his upcoming work in an HBO hit series.

Actor Ronnie Blevins. Source: BRS / Gage Talent

Ronnie Blevins has quite the résumé. From The Dark Knight Rises to TV’s True Detective, Blevins has seen his fair share of action A-listers. But his latest film packs a new punch. Blevins worked alongside Die Hard actor Bruce Willis in his newest work, Death Wish. The film tells the story of a doctor-turned-vigilante when his family is attacked by the city’s worst.

Blevins worked with Willis on the project, and spoke very highly of the seasoned actor.

“Bruce is great. Very sweet, talented guy. Surreal in many regards. Here’s [the] America’s action hero, the one I grew up with at least, acting opposite me. Great moment for me,” Blevins said.

But despite Willis’ star power, it was director, Eli Roth, who really drew Blevins to the film. The 40-year-old actor instinctively knew with Roth at the wheel, it would be a film worth watching.

“I’d seen Knock Knock a few months prior and wanted to work with him. The opportunity came fortuitously, and I saw it as a sign or an exciting bit of luck,” he shared. “Eli is not only master director, but he is a film buff. He has no pretense about his love for film. I love guys like that. Kind of guys you can go deep into the work with during the day and geek out on our favorite films over a few beers after wrap.”

Blevins’ character, Joe, in the film is certainly one to watch out for. While Blevins wouldn’t reveal much, he did let us in on which side Joe aligns himself with in the movie.

“I’m a bad bad dude who’s done a bad, bad thing,” Blevins teased.

Movies with Willis often involve explosions and stunts galore. And though Blevins is open to throwing some punches himself, a love far greater keeps him from getting too involved with films, physically.

“It used to be something I was much more excited about. Now I’m older and I have a young boy. I’m much more interested in staying around for my family and leaving stunts to the professionals. Unless it’s a western and I’m riding horseback. I’ll always do my own stunts with horses…within reason.”

Blevins says Death Wish is a film that is “Pure badassery!” And he hopes it marks the real return of Willis in Hollywood.

Fans of Blevins, and HBO hit series Westworld, should keep their eyes peeled for the actor when season 2 returns to the small screen this year. He’s also set to star in the Justin Long and Donald Faizon film The Wavewhich Blevins calls “Highly original.”

Keep up with Ronnie Blevins and his upcoming work on his IMDb! You can also follow him on TwitterDeath Wish hits theaters March 2.

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