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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 12 ‘Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash’

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back! This week Cisco gets tiny, Cecile gets powers, and Barry does something awesome that gets him into trouble, per the usual. Are you ready to find out what happened on last night’s “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”? Then read on, but there are spoilers below!

We kick off with Joe and Cecile putting together a crib for the baby and Cecile is upset that she is starting to noticebly be pregnant already. As she’s musing about her changing body, she realizes that she can hear Joe’s thoughts. This is a totallly new thing so, concerned the baby is a meta, the go see Caitlin. Caitlin runs some tests and comes to the conclusion that Cecile might be experiencing gestational metahuman-ness, but the baby appears to be fine. Oh, and the baby is also a girl! We also find out that while Cecile has filed an appeal in Barry’s case, the’ve more or less hit a brick wall.

Speaking of brick walls, we see Barry in prison and he’s playing poker with Big Sir and some other inmates including the former mayor, Bellows. We also see Barry cheat at poker, but he does it so Big Sir can win a hand. Of course, Bellows gets upset that he didn’t win and after Big Sir calls him out for being dumb, Bellows snaps back that Big Sir killed an unarmed man. This is where we find out that Big Sir is innocent and that Big Sir was framed for the killing of the unarmed security guard. Barry decides to ask Team Flash to help.

Outside, the new mayor is dedicating a new Kord Industries building and praising it for being metahuman proof. Turns out, it’s not. The building is suddenly shrunk to tiny size before being carried away by a guy. Joe shows up on the scene with Cisco arriving soon after, Cecile in tow. Cecile thinks she can help with her new powers and tells Joe what everyone there is thinking. None of it is helpful and so Cecile has to leave. Cisco discovers security video of a bald guy driving off in a Chevelle that appeared out of nowhere.

At STAR, Joe gets a plate alert on the Chevelle and it’s registered to Sylbert Rundine. Joe, Cisco, and Ralph go to question him and turns out this guy has tons of cool miniature figurines. Joe notices a photo of Rundine on the wall and he looks like Big Sir. Joe starts to put two and two together and Rundine runs, shrinking Cisco and Ralph in the process.

Joe takes the pair to STAR. Caitlin contacts Felicity who explains that the leftover dwarf star alloy that Ray Palmer used to make things shrink was stolen, by Rundine most likely, and that’s how he’s a meta. Oh and Ray isn’t available to help. Iris realizes that Joe and Cecile are having some issues so she sends them to therapy while Iris puts Cisco and Raph in the LEGO set they built while trying to figure out how to defeat Savitar. Harry has come up with tech to fix them, but it doesn’t work and it turns out that its actually destabilizing them. They only have ten hours before the will completely explode.

In prison, the warden makes an ominous threat to Barry about trying to help Big Sir. Iris tells Cecile to find out what Joe is feeling, not thinking. Cisco finds out about the destabilization. Things are bleak.

Then, Rundine pops up at the Central City weather agency where he plans to steal a new aircraft. The team tracks him down and try to not only stop him, but get him to un-shrink Cisco and Ralph. Rundine realizes their plan and refuses, but Harry manages to trick him by putting them into his pocket and taunting Rundine to shoot him. It works! Cisco and Ralph are restored, Rundine is arrested, and while it’s obvious it was he who framed Big Sir, Rundine refues to confess.

In Iron Heights, Barry has to tell Big Sir the sad news. This is painful because Big Sir had begun to hope again and shared his dream of moving to a village in China. Though disappointed, Big Sir isn’t too upset. He tells Barry that he had restored his hope and that is a good thing. Later that night, Barry waits until the cameras aren’t looking and speeds Big Sir out of prison and away to China with a note left in his hand about getting the “movie ending” they had talked about.

Joe and Cecile come together, having revealed their insecurities to one another.

And, back at Iron Heights, the warden approaches Barry and reveals that he installed a different camera that Barry couldn’t see. He now knows he’s the Flash, drugs him, and takes him to a secret place before calling Amunet. He plans to sell Barry to her.

Next week? Things do NOT look good for Barry. See you then!

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