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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 15 ‘Enter Flashtime’

Image Credit: The Flash

Last night’s episode of The Flash saw Barry needing the help of not just Team Flash, but the Flashes of other worlds as he tried to save Central City from a nuclear blast. How? Well, they had to enter a little thing called Flashtime. As always spoilers beyond this point.

The episode starts with a sweaty, out-of-breath Barry who then dashes off to tell Iris that he can’t save the day this time. The scene then flashes back to eight minutes prior, when Cisco and Iris are training Barry to run faster — fast enough to get through DeVoe’s weird pocket dimension breaches. Cisco takes a break and forces Barry to as well. Iris tells Barry that they need to take some time for their marriage and Barry promises to make a romantic dinner reservation. Harry then pages them. He’s figured out quite a bit about DeVoe, including that he’s been working this plan for over three years. It’s a shocking revelation, and then Jesse, Harry’s daughter, shows up from Earth-2.

Jesse wants Harry to talk about the death of her mother, specifically how Harry hasn’t dealt with it. She feels like Harry’s issues are why their relationship is strained, but Harry isn’t having it. However, they get interrupted by an alert of gunfire at a warehouse. Joe, the police, and ARGUS agents have all been pinned down by the masked assailants, though one woman who is unmasked opens the shipping container to reveal a nuclear bomb. Barry, Jesse, Cisco, and Caitlin all head there and take out the assailants, but the leader? She hits the button to detonate the nuke and Flashtime begins as Barry and Jesse race around to try to figure out what’s next.

Barry suggests that they need the help of Jay Garrick (guest star John Wesley Shipp) so Jesse runs off to Earth-3 to get him. Barry then brings Cisco into Flashtime and Cisco attempts to breach the nuke to a dead Earth like they did with Fallout. However, Cisco’s powers don’t work in Flashtime and Cisco’s body can’t handle the speed either. Barry returns Cisco to real time then goes to talk to Harry. Harry suggests they should send the nuke to the Speed Force, but Barry soon has to return Harry to normal time as well.

Jesse and Jay arrive and hear Barry’s plan to send the nuke to the Speed Force and don’t like it. Jay explains that the blast could destroy the Speed Force and not only take away their power but mess with other things in the multiverse. So, they decide to try to stop the bomb another way, by cooling it down. They bring Killer Frost into Flashtime, but her powers don’t work and she also can’t take the heat. Jesse then suggests they counteract it with power by throwing lightning bolts at it which sounds like a great plan, but Jay can’t keep up and has to remove himself from Flashtime. Without Jay, they don’t have the power, so things aren’t going well. Add to that, both Jesse and Barry are starting to slow down and run out of speed as the nuke starts to grow. Barry tells Jesse to go home to Earth-2. Instead, she goes to the lab to get Harry, but doesn’t have the energy to go any further or take him with her.

We then see the scene from the opening where he goes to Iris, but that turns out to be a great idea because it’s Iris who saves the day. She points out that the quark sphere Cisco and Caitlin used to get Barry out of the Speed Force might be able to stop the nuke. Barry uses all the energy he has to get into the Speed Force, find the sphere, and uses it and the energy of the Speed Force to stop the blast. An exhausted Barry collapses but is fine.

Back at the lab, Joe shows a video that the terrorist ringleader, Veronica Dale of the Eden Corps eco-terrorist group had left to broadcast once she had successfully destroyed Central City. Jay heads off to Earth-3, but not before revealing he’s training a female speedster to replace him so he can retire. Jesse and Harry use his modified cerebral inhibitors so that Harry can explain why he can’t talk about the death of his wife and it’s one of the most emotional and touching moments in the Arrowverse ever.

Then, with everything over, Caitlin and Harry go to Jitters, but while they are enjoying their coffee the Mystery Girl shows up and this time, as Caitlin and Harry walk away her expression seems darker. Who is this girl?

Next week? Iris is a speedster! We can’t wait!

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