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Syfy Rising Star Donald Heng Confronts the Supernatural in ‘Ghost Wars’

We’ve all been there. You found a new show on our favorite streaming service, fell in love, and 40 hours later, you’ve binged the whole series. Enter, Netflix. Syfy’s gripping series Ghost Wars is now available to watch on the streaming service, and promises some thrilling content.

We spoke with one of the show’s new faces, Donald Heng, on the supernatural series, his upcoming film Fatal Visit, and which action star he would love to play in a film.

Actor Donald Heng. Source: Karolina Turek

Ghost Wars focuses on Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia), and outcast in an Alaskan town haunted by paranormal forces. Heng portrays Deputy Larry Foon, a local officer who has a past with the show’s lead.

“[He] is one of the few cops in the town but he also antagonizes Roman, particularly because his mom dies from a paranormal incident, something which he blames Roman for,” Heng says.

The show, which promises supernatural surprises, also offers more than what viewers might expect.

“A lot of themes in the first episode are not immediately expressed. In hindsight, there were clear set ups but you wouldn’t have guessed the direction of the show from reading the pilot episode. Like Simon Barry said, he really tries to create a world within a small town where all aspects of life are reflected in the script.” Heng shares.

“People from all walks of life; Religion, Science, Spiritual, and just the common folk too have a perspective on how they deal with the paranormal activity that occurs. The familiarity of the character in that he is going through a heightened sense of reality, and that is largely the kind of roles I gravitate towards and where I have the most fun acting. It’s mainly because it’s in those times you get to play something that differs from your life the most but in a safe environment.”

One of Heng’s favorite aspects of the show? The killer cast! Although the full cast had not been announced upon his initial reading, Heng was pleasantly surprised to learn the names of his castmates.

Heng on Syfy’s Ghost Wars. Source: Syfy/’Ghost Wars’

“I auditioned for it before the series had begun. I didn’t know much about the series and even the main cast wasn’t announced a while after I had joined the project. But it was extremely exciting for me to see the people who were involved. I had probably just finished watching both seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil when I auditioned for this and to see Vincent D’Onofrio was surreal….plus Avan Jogia, Kim Coates and Meatloaf? It was crazy to see that.”

Heng, who has previously starred in shows such as Supernatural and Van Helsing, there was something special about Ghost Wars and the unexpected approach the writers took on the protagonist.

“I’ve been given characters who are going through a heightened sense of reality. But the difference was that this character expressed it from a subtle standpoint because while he is traumatized by the death of his mother, he is still a police officer who has to keep his composure. This was a very exciting role for me particularly because I’d wanted to be a police officer for years when I was a kid, so I was all smiles every time I put on the uniform.”

Heng with actress Sammi Cheng on the set of Fatal Visit. Source: Donald Heng

In a departure of his usual roles, Heng recently finished a a film titled Fatal Visit that focuses on a seemingly-perfect couple keeping more troubling secrets behind closed doors.

“This was truly a large departure from my recent roles and something I haven’t experienced. This was the first role that I performed entirely in Chinese; speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, and a bit of Taiwanese as well,” the actor tells us.

“The film is about Yanny (Charlene Choi) visiting her friend, Ling (Sammi Cheng) in San Jose and uncovering that the seemingly perfect relationship between Ling and her husband Tang (Tong Dawei) is but a facade. I play a character named Ming, who is an old friend of Ling’s as she introduces Ming to Yanny after she goes through a break up. Similar to working in Ghost Wars, this project allowed me to work with some people who’s work I’ve watched and admired for so long. It was nothing but a blessing and a great experience altogether.”

Moving forward, Heng plans on focusing on his acting chops, although that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried his hand at other roles in the industry.

“Acting is definitely my passion. The absolute dream role would be to play Bruce Lee as he was such a hero of mine and my father’s for as long as I can remember,” he says.

Source: Mira Landry

“They’re working on an early-life biopic of Bruce Lee and I’ve auditioned for it, a couple [of] times. It’s entitled Little Dragon and was supposed to be helmed by Shekhar Kapur, and produced by Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon. I read an interview that Shekhar did recently and it seems he might be handing directing duties to an unnamed Chinese director. From what I gather, the biopic will explore themes that haven’t been explored before. It is a very interesting take on this historical icon that speaks as much to an actor or a philosopher as it does a martial artist, and I’m excited to see what they do with it.”

“I am also writing my first short film ever and that is a large departure from what I’m used to and so far I gotta say, I don’t think I’m very good at it,” he laughs.

While we wait to see if Heng will visit our screens as Bruce Lee, fans can catch him on Ghost Wars on Netflix (Canada), or iTunes and Syfy on demand (USA).

Fatal Visit is set to release later this year. For more of Donald Heng and his upcoming roles, check out his IMDb, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

Featured image: Mira Landry

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