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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 14 ‘Schott Through the Heart’

The CW

Supergirl returned tonight with an episode focused largely on characters not the series. That might sound a little strange considering the nine-week hiatus, but trust us — it made for a great episode. Spoilers beyond this point.

We open with Kara giving Team Supergirl some sort of pep talk, but it turns out that instead of battle they’re just getting amped up for karaoke night. It’s actually really hilarious, particularly when My’rnn does his best Elvis. Meanwhile at the bar, James chats with Mon-El. Mon-El asks if James is dating anyone, but James sort of brushes it off even as he’s obsessively trying to reach Lena.

Winn, who is really enjoying karaoke night, goes up for his turn only to be distracted by the news that his father, Toyman, was found dead in his jail cell. Winn struggles with his emotions about this, something we see even further at the funeral where Winn doesn’t really have anything say. However, Winn’s estranged mom shows up and that doesn’t go over well. The fight between mother and son is temporarily stopped, though, when Kara hears a sound coming from the casket and realizes its a bomb. Supergirl swoops in and saves the day.

Back at the DEO, Kara is concered Toyman isn’t really dead but Winn says he triple checked Toyman is dead. J’onn then orders analysis of the bomb residue to see if maybe someone is helping Toyman beyond the grave while Winn’s mom tries to talk with her son. She tells him that she didn’t abandon him, but that his father threatened to kill him if she spoke to him. Winn doesn’t believe her. Also, Mon-El tells Kara that Imra and Brainy lied to him.

All of these chats are interrupted by flying monkeys. Yep. Flying monkeys. They’re spelling out a message that reads “surrender Mary” before busting into the DEO. Kara saves the day. Not dealing with monkeys? Alex and J’onn. They’re having dinner with My’rnn and it’s lovely, but it becomes apparent something isn’t right with Space Grandad.

James has a chat with Winn about his mom. Kara talks to Winn’s mom. She just wants her son to know how proud of him she is.

Back to My’rnn. Turns out he has dementia or a form of Martian Alzheimer’s and won’t tell J’onn. Alex says she can’t hide this from J’onn. My’rnn kicks her out.

Winn works on one of the monkeys and his mom comes to help. It’s then he begins to understand that his mother was really trying to protect him from his abusive father. Understanding the whole story, Winn apologizes. However, Winn’s mom notices something about the monkey. She tells her son she has to use the bathroom and then leaves for a warehouse where she finds a woman working on something. This woman? Says she’s there to carry out Toyman’s wishes and traps Winn’s mom with a crazy toy.

J’onn tries to find out why Alex left and Alex says he really needs to talk to My’rnn. Then? The lady from the warehouse hacks in and reveals she has Winn’s mom. The whole team heads off to help and we find out more about this apprentice who got close to Toyman in prison and now has to kill Winn and his mom. Hilariously, the supers aren’t helpful here. They’re attacked by toys and Kara gets stuck in an action figure case while Mon-El has to free her after battling a t-rex toy. He also uses cape tricks. It’s cool. This leaves Winn to rescue his mom, though, and he manages to do it by reusing some of his father’s tricks.

Day saved, the gang goes back to karaoke night. Mon-El and Kara chat and Kara says she can’t help him with his relationship issue, but he reveals that the real reason the Legion is there is to stop Petilence as she later becomes Blight. My’rnn opens up to J’onn about his illness. Winn and his mom sing together and an upset J’onn comes to Alex for support.

And James? Finally hears back from Lena, who is holed up somewher Sam.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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