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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 18 ‘Lose Yourself’

The CW

Last night’s episode saw Team Flash with their best opportunity yet to defeat The Thinker, but as you might guess considering that the season finale is weeks away, things did not go quite as planned. Spoilers for “Lose Yourself” beyond this point.

We start with Barry and Ralph checking out the bus the bus metas were made on looking for clues of how to find Edwin Gauss, the last bus meta left to find. While looking, Barry and Ralph talk about the situation and Ralph thinks they just need to kill DeVoe. Barry disagrees.

Back at STAR Labs, Harry shows the team a device he’s created that will defeat DeVoe — a Sonic Scepter. It’s a giant fancy tuning fork, but it’s amazing. What’s not amazing? Harry’s growing attachment to his thinking cap. Joe ends up calling him out on it, but Harry claims he’s fine. Meanwhile, Cisco and Caitlin chat and we discover that not only has she figured out how to switch to Killer Frost without Cisco and Harry having to torment her but that the two have become something of friends and leave each other notes to communicate.

Then, an alert goes off. The team thinks it’s DeVoe but it turns out to be Gauss, aka Folded Man. He can create pocket dimensions like DeVoe does. Barry, Ralph and Caitlin head out to a hippie commune to find him, which they do. However, as they are explaining their mission to Gauss, a samuroid shows up and stabs Caitlin. Caitlin’s injuries aren’t life threatening, but now the team knows DeVoe is hot on their trail. Gauss agrees to stay in the pipeline to stay safe.

Ralph goes to chat with Gauss and discovers that Gauss has been to DeVoe’s pocket dimension lair. Harry and Cisco have an altercation because Harry thinks Cisco took the cap. Joe reveals he took it and tells Harry he needs to reconsider his usage. Ralph and Gauss prepar to go to DeVoe’s lair, but Barry stops them. The pair fight over the Scepter with Barry knocking Ralph out.

When he comes to, Ralph tells Barry that he wants DeVoe dead because he is very worried what The Thinker will do to Team Flash. He cares less about his own fate and more about theirs and reveals that Team Flash is his family. He doesn’t want to lose them.

The team decides to use Ralph’s idea of taking the fight to DeVoe. Gauss sets it up so that Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco can go and face off. However, when they get there the Scepter doesn’t work. Turns out, DeVoe knew they were coming. He’s set up a hologram while the real DeVoe and Mechanic show up at STAR Labs. He promptly takes out all of the security systems, locks Iris, Joe, and Harry in a room. Iris, it turns out, has mini bomb earrings just in case so they escape.

Ralph guards the pipeline, but DeVoe sends the T-rex skeleton after him. Iris tries to use DeVoe’s chair to open a pocket dimension and get Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin back, but the Mechanic stops her. They fight. In the pipeline, Ralph defeats the T-rex, but DeVoe has taken Gauss, but Ralph uses the scepter to stop him and, instead of killing him, cuffs him.

Iris beats Mechanic and gets the rest of Team Flash back. Barry goes to deal with DeVoe, but discovers that DeVoe has gotten out of his cuffs and, as Barry and the rest of Team Flash is forced to watch, DeVoe takes over Ralph’s body, killing him even as Ralph tells Barry that, by making him a better man he truly saved him.

After it’s over, Barry is upset and leaves. Caitlin –who fought a bit with DeVoe — discovers that DeVoe took her powers and Killer Frost is gone, too. Iris later finds Barry packing Ralph’s things as he grieves for his friend.

And back at the lair, the DeVoes celebrate. Thinker uses Ralph’s powers to shift back into his own face and then reveals he stole more dark matter from Harry’s thinking cap.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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